The young teenage girl stared out of her bedroom window, looking over the scenery of the city. Rosa was 14 years old with light smooth skin and red hair. Her eyes were an unusual red, her iris was claimed by a doctor to be mutated after the incident she suffered 4 years ago maybe. Her red hair was short, a bit messy, and went just halfway down her neck. She was going to start at school tomorrow in the first year, having moved to New Leaf City just a week ago. She had a blank, almost distant look in her eyes as she peered at the blue sky then closed her eyes as she basked in the summer sun.

'It's pretty here, moving here wasn't that bad I guess... Maybe I should phone up Kari and ask if I can come over later?' She sighed as a knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Maybe not...

"Rosa, can I come in?" A young childish voice asked from behind the door.

" 'Kay then..." The door opened, revealing a girl with blue eyes. Lily was Rosa's sister and she was pretty girly for an 11 year old. She had straight brown hair that went down her back and light skin and was already in her day clothes, a pink dress with a purple ribbon. She grinned at Rosa. Along with being girly she was also very childish.

"Rosa, can I ask you something?" The younger girl asked.

"Yeah?" Rosa replied.

"Please can we go to the theme park today? Mum and Dad are busy but said maybe you can take me." Lily asked her with shining blue eyes.

Lily and Rosa weren't really sisters. Rosa woke up approximately 4 years ago one day with no memory and no idea who she was. Her first memory was waking up near a destroyed warehouse with bruises and cuts seeping with blood while peering at some doctors who were staring at her. The feeling was uneasy, she felt scared but still safe. Then two adults, a male and a female helped her and offered to take her in. Although they had no idea what or who she was, they adopted her, claiming to have met a relative of hers who revealed her forename and told them not to force her memories in or it could potentially kill her. Lily was the couple's child, being 7 at that time. And she was like a real sister to her.

"Okay, but it's only 9am. We'll set off at 10 if we're both ready." Rosa felt strange though. She felt like something bad was going to happen...

At the Theme Park (11:00am)
Rosa was wandering around (Lily had ran off to go on a rollercoaster) and looking around when she heard a blood-curdling scream. Then she heard frantic footsteps and saw her sister sprint towards her, panic clearly showing on her now pale face.

"Rosa! We have to get out of here! T-There's a... people are dying!" She shrieked, hanging onto her arm. Rosa looked at her in shock. What? People were DYING?!

"What happened?" Rosa enquired as Lily tugged her away and they started to run.

"I-I don't know! Suddenly someone screamed and blood was all over the place! Then something started attacking everyone! All I could see was a blur it was so fast!" Lily exclaimed. Then Rosa saw a flash and saw blood and her sister fall to the ground, clinging onto her now bleeding arm.

"Lily!" She looked frantically around for the attacker. Then she saw it. A large terrifying beast stood before her, a little faint but there. It was snarling, it's huge fangs glistening. It looked somewhat like a lion with a black mane and long claws.
"D-Demon?" She didn't know what exactly that thing was. But demon described it perfectly. How it got there was unknown but judging by the amount of blood on it's fangs and claws, it had come to kill. The beast pounced and Rosa and Lily squeezed their eyes shut in anticipation of a quick death.

It never came, instead they heard the horrifying howl of the beast. Rosa dared to peek and saw blood dripping from the monster's shoulder, it's own black blood. She turned around quickly to see two males, both teenagers.
Both of them looked older, maybe 15 or 16. One of them had an angellic appearance and was tall and slender and had gentle pale blue eyes and shoulder-length light blue hair (that made him look just a tad feminine) with pale skin. The other was not as pale and was a little shorter than him but with a more toned built, from what she could see, with intense red eyes the colour of blood (one of the only other people she's ever seen with red eyes) and messy pitch black hair. He also looked strangely familiar, though she shook this feeling off as there was still a deadly creature around.

"...We've found you finally. You gave us the slip back then but we're not letting you get away this time! Not after all the people you've murdered!" The blue eyed teen shouted.

"Stupid pest..." The red eyed boy muttered under his breath, looking slightly bored as well as annoyed. He pulled out a silver object from his jacket pocket.

"You will pay for your sins!" The angellic boy stared down the beast. A white light appeared in one of his palms. "Holy Blast!"

The luminous beam hit the weakened creature dead on and caused it to reel back with pain. The black haired boy threw the item, now revealed to be a dagger and it dug into the thing's slitted black eye. The demon screeched and fell back with a dead thud before slowly disintegrating into dust.

"Finally... Annoying thing..." The shorter teen sighed as he retrieved his weapon and polished it before placing it back in his pocket.

The blue eyed boy turned to Rosa.
"Are you okay?" He asked with concern.

Rosa helped Lily to her feet before replying.

"I-I think so. Thanks for saving us."

"Just part of the job..." The black haired boy then looked at her and then froze, red eyes looking at her with curiousity and disbelief. Those blood coloured eyes were very familiar. They seemed almost paranormal to her, inhuman.

"What's wrong?" At the sound of his companion's voice he shook his head.

"Nothing... The little girl's injured. The demon got her."He then said, looking at Lily's bleeding arm.

"Oh dear... How many people were injured today? Can't believe we let that thing attack everyone..." The taller male beckoned Lily over before examining her wound. When she flinched at the contact he loosened his grip.
"Sorry about that... I'll get that healed." A glowing ball appeared in his other hand and hovered over the wound. The gash disappeared like it was never there.

"W-Who are you?" Lily gasped. She was at a loss for words. She and her sister got attacked by a monster, these two boys saved them and now her injury was recovered like it wasn't there in the first place. It was like something out of a movie. Was this a dream?

Meanwhile things were still being awkward between the black haired boy and Rosa. Rosa couldn't shake the feeling out of her head. She knew him somehow. Maybe from her lost memory?

"Rosa? Hey! Snap out of it!" Lily shouted at her, having noticed her adoptive sister had gone in a trance. Rosa abruptly broke her train of thought and shook her head.
"Rosa, you ok?" Lily asked, feeling confused. "Geez what was that? You in love with him or something?" This completely shocked Rosa. Lily was acting strange now, so unlike her.

"What Lily, seriously? I've only just met him! ...I think..." She whispered the last bit under her breath.

"Um... Excuse me but we're still here..." The blue eyed teen interrupted.

"Oh sorry. Rosa has a habit of zooming out. I think. Sorry about that." Lily could sure act mature when she wanted it.

"It's okay." He looked at Rosa and smiled. "I feel that we could be friends, don't you think?"

The black haired boy sighed, trying to avoid looking at Rosa. Lily noticed this, he seemed to try stay out of conversations, maybe he was shy? "Light, you just met her..."

"So what?... Hey you must be one of Kari's friends she was telling me about. Nice to meet you Rosa." Light smiled again.

"You know Kari?" Rosa enquired. Kari had lived around here for a couple of years but it was a big city. Maybe they went to the same school?

"Yep that's right. We're friends and we go to the same school." Light replied. Wow, Rosa was right for a change. Then he gasped. "Oh yes, I haven't properly introduced myself yet! Please forgive me. My name is Light and I'm 16 years old. I can use a variety of magic spells, like the Holy Blast and recovery spell you've just seen." He bowed respectfully. "Once again, I am pleased to meet you." Magic? At his age? Magic was rather rare now, people were capable of using some types but never had the need to use it. So it normally faded from society. So how was someone as young as him able to harness this power?

"Light, you are too polite for your own good..." The other boy mumbled.

"I'm Rosa and I'm 14. I've recently moved here with my sister Lily." Rosa grinned, gesturing to Lily.

"Yeah it's nice to meet you. And the other boy is...?" Lily said.

The black haired boy looked away and sighed. "Light we should get going now. We'll be late again."

"Oh is it that time already?" Light looked at his watch. "You're right." He turned to the two girls. "Sorry we better go. If you see Kari please can you not tell her about the demon attack? I've kept these little 'adventures' a secret. Just say we met earlier today. See you later." The two left.

"Not tell Kari... I'll have to remember that." Rosa noted.

"We better go too. I think this may be on the news." Lily stated.
Rosa nodded and they walked off. Rosa couldn't help but wonder, who was that boy?