It only took a second for the cup to tip. In two seconds the hot liquid was slipping out, reaching the edge of the table. Within another two seconds of it reaching the edge it had fallen, hitting the foot that was resting so innocently underneath. For five seconds there was a scream; a high-pitched one that may have almost, had it been just that pitch higher, woken the dog two doors down. It only took a second after the scream fell silent into a quiver that a person ran in the room.

"What's happened?" It came out so fast it was just a second in length.

"I spilt-"

Another second before the mother cut the girl off.

"Don't move." One more second.

"I need an ice pack." She stumbled it through the pain, taking two seconds to get it out as she struggled with her helpless foot.

"No you don't, you need cold water." After two seconds of speaking the woman began to rumble through the cupboards. Ten seconds later she pulled out a bucket.

"Go sit down." A second used.

Whilst the girl took fifteen seconds to struggle to a chair the mother took just three seconds more to fill the bucket with water.

With four seconds and seven sloshes of water the bucket was placed before the hot foot.

"Put your foot in it."

After the second of speech the girl delicately took six seconds to submerse her foot in the water.

"Opps." The girl said in the first second of her foot being fully wet.

And for the next two seconds she laughed sheepishly at the accident, whilst her mother only shakes her head in chide, to round off the minute, but not the pain that they both know will last for many more minutes to come.