To Whoever This May Concern or to the Curious Wanderer Who Happened to Find This,

Since the beginning of time, higher powers have fought relentlessly for control and dominion. Light against dark. Evil against good. The infinitive against the definite. The unknown against speculation. The endless conflicts have ravaged our world since the very first tribal war broke out, splitting out population's unification and uniting those who believe in the same cause.

Peace brought by violent justifications. Misuse turned to good by twisted reasoning. We have learned or heard of at least one war in our lives as tragic as it may seem...

But I am sure you did not see this expecting to be here to hear our world's long history of wars but rather to focus on one progressing one mixed in with today's modern times. The one I will proceed to start in a moment.

Speculation of the existence of the supernatural and the properties of magic continue to be subjected to debate day after day, but no matter what the skeptical view points are, I will tell you from my own beliefs and knowledge that magic and the like do indeed exist.

Now of course I am probably receiving various reactions now aren't I? Some still remaining skeptical wondering, "Who is this guy? Telling me that I should believe in the stuff of fairy tales?" Or perhaps there are those of you who are rejoicing, somehow believing the word of a mere story teller. Or maybe there are those of you who have become transfixed, going back to childish thoughts of noble dragons and great wizards and wondering once again if those things may be real after all. Whatever it may be, it still comes down to the matter of your own opinion, but again we are not here to listen to my ramblings, but of my telling of a simple story about one war in particular. A recent progressing war set in today's modern times. The conflicting sides? The mortals who have been possessed with a power-hungry drug from within and the said unknown who just want equality with society.

We will start the story from the point of view of one young man... He lives using hidden tactics because he has to, wanting to avoid as much conflict as possible. Having already endured many hardships, he wishes for nothing more than the conflict to end, not wanting others to share experiences similar to his, even though he knows it will not come to an end anytime soon..

Remember, whether you believe in the supernatural or not is up to your own personal opinion, but keep in mind as you read this that these are indeed true events.