Chapter 1: Lucian

Slow breathes. In... Out... In... Out... I close my eyes and sigh softly as the sound of my pounding heart slams against my ear drums and I feel my wolf ears perk up before drooping again in my groggy state. Slowly I regain my senses before I slowly sit up from my bed and crack open my eyes. Slowly, slowly... Take it one step at a time. The moonlight streams in from my window illuminating my small bedroom of my apartment. In... Out... Don't rush the thoughts. I can't lose control again.

I close my eyes again, feeling the sweat on my body stick my clothes to my skin and the air cold as it brushes by. In... Out... I- My thoughts are interrupted as I hear shuffling come from the living room and my ears perk up again. "Lucian?" her sleep-slurred voice whispers breaking the silence. I give no answer. I keep my eyes closed and sit still. I've calmed down by now, but I still don't feel keen to go back to sleep. Back to whatever horrific apparitions had awoken me from my slumber in the first place. "Lucian?" her voice comes again. She's in front of my door.

A soft sigh escapes my lips. I know she won't stop bothering me until she's sure I'm fine. "Yes?" I call back.

For a moment I hear nothing and then the door to my room opens and her head pokes in. She looks over me for a moment, assessing my slightly wet snow white hair, drooping ears, dull sky blue eyes, tense and sweaty frame. I merely look back at her. Alert pink eyes, long flowing pitch black hair, unnaturally pale white skin, but what sticks out to me was the fact that her needle-like fangs were presently peeking out from under her upper lip. She must be hungry. But of course, before I can make something of it, she speaks first. "What is it Lucian? Was it another nightmare?"

A give her a tight smile which sadly I know that she knows it is a sign that I'm about to lie or not tell her what she needs to hear. "I'm fine-"

"Lucian, was it another nightmare?"

"No, it wa-"

"Don't lie to me."

"I'm no-"

"Yes, you are."

I sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose before looking up at her. "If you already know I'm lying, then why bother asking in the first place?"

"Because- on the off chance my mind reading abilities don't work, I just wanna make sure," she replies with that same stubborn look on her face.

I roll my eyes before lying back in bed, another sigh escaping my lips. "What should matter is that I'm fine now, Mackie."

"Wha-? Bu-"

"I said I'm fine."

"I know. You've said that like three times already bu-"

I cut her off as I sit up again with a hard look. Her fangs still peek out from under her upper lip… "Mackie, did you not feed lately?"

The girl before me furrows her brows before shaking her head. "Of course, I have. Don't be ridicu-"

"Don't lie to me," I reply easily, a grin working its way onto my face as I watch her fluster for an answer. A moment passes and she keeps struggling before she finally gives in throwing her hands up into the air.

"Okay, fine. I haven't fed yet, but what does that matter to you?"

I arch a brow as the skepticism begins to work its way into my eyes. 'What does that matter to me?' I muse. 'Well that's just bloody amusing for you to say considering last time you almost killed someone..' But of course, I keep this thought hidden as I instead get up and run a hand down my face. I can feel sleep's hands still trying to pull me back as I walk past her, out the door, and to the fridge. I open it, take a glance, take a quick whiff, then close the door again and I run a hand through my bedhead. "Huh… We did run out," I mumble to myself before I hear Mackie's voice come from right behind me and I whip around to face her.

"Well no duh. If we had any, don't you think I wouldn't be starving right now?" she retorts with an unamused look and I just roll my eyes before shrugging.

"Well, I don't feel like going to the store at this time of night… Why don't you just take a little from me right now so you'll be good til morning, hm?"

Mack's eyes widen as I guessed they would and she quickly steps back, shaking her head. "Oh no, I'll be fine Lucian. You don't have to worry about m-"

"But I do, don't I? We're in this together and no matter what, we still gotta look out for each other.. especially during these god forsaken times," I note grumbling the last bit as I turn away and look out the window. Forestry can be seen outside the apartment window considering the building is built after all on the outskirts of the small Russian town, though I still wonder why Mack had decided to move to Russia of all places. It's the winter time right about now and if the endless snow all around couldn't tell ya that, then the freezing cold definitely would.

Mack's soft sigh breaks me from my thoughts and I look back at her as she walks up. She looks up at me tentatively for a moment, lifting her hands to gently fix my blue bandanna in place, making sure it fits snugly around my head before letting it rest comfortably over my right eye. I know she's only stalling, but I also know her hunger will get the best of her in three… two… one… She clasps my arms to hold me in place as if to make sure I won't run, but she's done this enough times. I'm used to it by now, but even then as she leans in close and seems to smell the blood in my veins, it unsettles me to watch as her light pink eyes twist to a dark red then she bites. I wince a little as her fangs sink into my shoulder and feel the blood seep out as if reacting to her hunger. One minute passes.. Then two, three… I close my eyes for a second before I slowly nudge her shoulder away and as if being snapped back, Mack abruptly pulls away from me, wiping the back of her hand over her mouth. "Oh, I'm sorry," she apologizes but I quickly shake my head.

"It's fine. I've handled worse," I reply easily, shrugging it off and pushing past her. "I'll get the blood tomorrow."

"Huh? Bu- don't you need help with your shoulder?"

"I can take care of it myself," I call back before closing the door before she can interrupt me again. Man, my sleepiness just worsened… I clench my jaw before stumbling over to my bed and I sit back onto the edge of it. I reach over to my nightstand and pull out the drawer to grab out the antiseptic wipes and roll of bandages before tending to myself. I sigh softly as I slowly go over my situation again bit by bit as I work on my shirt.

'I have always thought it a bit odd… Our species are known to be sworn enemies yet here we are, friends and partners til the end during this conflict..' Look at the door, get up to lock it before I unbutton my shirt and slip it off. 'This conflict… A petty goose chase begun by mortal humans, unbelieving of the supernatural.. Hmph, how naïve and pathetic.'I grimace slightly as I move my shoulder experimentally and feel it sting slightly in pain. 'Not accepting what they do not know and then waging war on what shouldn't even exist according to their sense of logic… How does that make sense?' Slowly reach up and press the antiseptic wipe onto my shoulder and fight back a growl as the stinging begins. 'Sense… She a vampire while I a werewolf.. Hmph, I still wonder if our meeting was created by chance or fate.' Toss the wipes away into the trash bin in the corner of his room, store away the rest. 'Found me when I had forgotten everything… Everything but my name, my age, my abilities… Practically everything that I knew was about only myself but not the memories of having a life before I woke up in that lone forest…' Pick up the bandages and hurry to wrap a couple layers firmly around my shoulder. Have to staunch the bleeding if it still happens to be and so I don't end up bloody staining my bed again.. 'That forest… I wonder what Mack was doing there anyways? Hm… She never would tell me whenever I asked..' Pull experimentally on the bandages and tighten them a little more. A small ache can be felt but I'm sure it'll hold. I put away the bandages. 'But still… I guess I owe her my life. She practically retaught me everything about society and here I am. She's the only person I know for sure I can rely on, but even then she can have her moments…'

I sigh softly as I flop back against my bed and stare up at the ceiling. I can hear the subtle tick tock of the clock in the kitchen and slowly begin to close my eyes. My ears sway from left to right but only faintly, barely, to the constant ticking of the clock. In… Out… In… Out… I'm ready to fall asleep right when I snap my eyes open, fighting away the grogginess again remembering one last thing. "G'night Mackie! Make sure to wake me up in time for my shift tomorrow morning!"

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure!" I hear the vampire call back before she goes back to whatever she was doing before.

'Probably listening to music… or watching anime… That strange girl,' I muse to myself in mild amusement as I let my eyes close again. In… Out… In… Out…