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*clears throat* Without further a do, I present: Awake - The Finale

Chapter 1: Then

Beep-beep-beep-beepwent my alarm clock, telling me it was time to get my ass out of bed. I opened my eyes half way, looking at the red digits built in the annoying device. I closed my eyes for a brief second and hit the snooze button. It was 6:30, the usual time I got up for school. I swung the blankets off of me, sliding my legs on the side of the bed, yawning as I stretched. It was Monday, not a good day of the week.

I stood up, throwing my shirt in the laundry basket at the end of my messy room. I walked towards my bathroom, scratching the back of my head. I walked to the edge of the bathtub and began to turn the knob, letting a few drops of warm water touch my head. I looked up at the mirror hanging above the sink. My long, dark brown hair was a mess from the hard pillow I usually slept on. I shook my head and stripped out of my shorts, heading towards the bathtub to take a nice, relaxing bath.

About fifteen minutes later, I hopped on out of the tub with the draining water. I walked out of the bathroom, drying my hair and brushing my teeth. This was my normal school day routine: wake up, take a shower/bath, get dressed, eat and leave for school. I know what you're thinking, a boring life. And it is.

I walked on downstairs to catch some breakfast. My little brother, Richard, sat at the dining room table, munching away on some Cheerios. He looked up at me and sighed, unpleased at my presence.

"It's time for school!" screeched my younger brother Max.

Richard groaned and let his head dive into his bowl of milk and cereal. Max scrambled onto the table and stood on the wooden structure, holding a banana in his left hand, pretending to sing. I laughed and picked him off of the table, setting him on the ground.

Max was a normal little kid, energetic and always happy. He turned six last month and stated that he was officially a big kid. Richard on the other hand, was a grumpy pre-teen. He was going to turn thirteen in about four months. Richard used to be like Max when he was younger, but he decided to grow up and turn into an asshole.

"Max and Richard did you have everything?" asked my older sister, coming down the old stairway. Teal was a seventeen year old teenager. She had good grades, was awesome at sports and everyone's favorite highschooler. I however was a disorganized moron, a hopeless romantic and a total slacker. When I have free time I like to find a good couch and fall asleep.

"Yes sir! Everything is packed and ready to go!" said Max, saluting Teal while stuffing his face full of Cheerios.

Richard nodded and stood to put his empty dishes in the sink. He ran to his room to retrieve his textbooks and backpack. I watched him go and sat down to eat, spitting the leftover tooth paste in the sink and put my toothbrush next to my bowl.

Teal told Max to hurry and get his stuff. She looked over at me. Uh oh, trouble was about.

Teal pulled a seat up and sat down in it, glaring at me with a look of disappointment. I continued eating, pretending not to notice.

"What's this about you flunking history?" she questioned.

I looked down, not answering her.

"Justin if you don't get into gear, you're going to fail the tenth grade." she warned.

I still didn't answer. I've had this lecture many times with my mother. It was always the same, fail and you won't be able to live a proper life-style blah blah blah blah.

Teal sighed and stood up, pushing in her chair and swinging her backpack over her shoulder. She walked to the doorway, rushing the boys to hurry. Max ran past holding a dozen crayons in one hand and a notebook in the other, Richard walked by with his hands in his pockets, headphones over his ears. He was probably listening to something like Rob Zombie or Iron Maiden.

Teal was about to head out but stopped to look at me. She looked up with concern in her eyes. "Justin, please try your best." With that she left, closing the door behind her.

I walked down the old sidewalk, thinking of the events that happened this morning. I didn't want to fail either but I was really just lazy to do anything. Teal always has acted more of a mother to me than a sister.

I saw some 10th graders waiting at the bus stop. I put my headphones in my ears and turned on my iPod. I began listening to Reveille, only to end up picking a different song in my custom playlist.

I looked in front of me. It was mid-November and it was freezing. My old hoodie was all I was wearing. I didn't particularly like having too much bulk on me. Some kids who were in front of me at the bus stop, looked over their shoulders, smirking.

Oh shit.

Last week I had made the mistake of getting into fight with some smart-ass, rich kids who lived at the end of town. Rumor was going around school that they wanted a second match. I wasn't much of a fighter because I didn't have the physical structure to with stand a punch. Lemme tell ya, I'm a scrawny kid.

The teenagers slammed me against the fence that I was standing in front of. My head phones were ripped out of my ears by some prick that was twice my size. I looked at the faces of my attackers. Two of the four were twins with blonde hair and greyish bluish eyes. Their jaw bone was a little tilted. Another one was the tall one with lots of muscle on his arms and dark green eyes. The fourth was a guy who seemed to be their boss. He was a short, doughy little thing with dirty blonde hair and unleveled eyes.

I tried to push them back only for them to push me further back. The short one smiled. This douchebag's name was Walter Heliming. His father owned the bank and his mother was a fashion designer for a famous magazine.

"Well if it isn't the cocky fucker from last week." said Walter, crossing his arms.

One of the twins kneed me in the ribcage, causing me to fall to the ground. I looked up at Walter, grinning with a mischievous smile. "Well if it isn't the tiny toothfairy. Where's your tutu princess?"

Walter's eyes widened and ordered big and stupid dude to punch me in the gut, making all the air in my chest to leave. I held my stomach, beginning to stand up.

One of twins attempted to throw a punch. I managed to duck in time, causing the giant to take a hit to the face. The other twin swung his fist at me, only to hit Walter. I quickly scrambled to my feet and began to run but Walter grabbed my ankle, making me trip and smack my face into the concrete. The four began kicking and stomping on me.

After five minutes of beating the shit out of me, the four walked away, laughing like the douchebags they are.

I slowly rolled on my side, getting on my hands and knees, spitting blood. I would have to get them back the next time I saw them. I began to stand up, wiping the blood from my lips.

"Justin," said a voice. "Are you alright?"

I looked over to see Sierra staring at me with widened eyes. Sierra was a childhood friend of mine. She was the one who helped me pass my 5th-10th grade years. Sierra was a fourteen year old who loved running and reading. She was 5" 8", two inches shorter than I was. She had long brown hair that was often tied back in a braid or ponytail. She almost always wore jeans and a purple hoodie. When I was eight I had declared I was going to marry her, but I doubt that was going to happen.

Sierra ran over to me, grabbing me by the arm and helped me up. She sat me down on a bench, looking at my busted lip that was still spewing little drops of blood. She dabbed at it with a cloth she always had with her for this occasions. I winced when she touched the open wound.

Sierra noticed this and grunted. "This is what you get for getting into fights Justin." she said.

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah I know, I've heard it all before."

` Sierra looked at me and sighed. I looked away, mumbling to myself how I can take care of myself. I felt a cold hand placed on my left cheek and turned to see Sierra looking at me from a little-too-close distance.

I stared at her, looking into her eyes. I leaned in to steal a kiss only to have her slap the side of my face.

"What do you think you're doing!?" she yelled.

I rubbed the side of my face, feeling the burn of her slap.

"I w-was just….uh…." I stuttered.

Sierra sighed and stared at me. I shut my eyes tightly, fearing she might slap me a thousand more times. Instead she gently wrapped her arms around my neck.

I was surprised and felt the side of her head on my cheek. I was either dreaming or fantasizing because Sierra NEVER hugs anyone.

"Please be careful Justin," Sierra spoke softly into my ear, about to burst into tears. "I don't want to lose anyone else."

Sierra lost her mother due to a car accident last winter. Sierra was in the back seat when the crash happened and couldn't go to school from her being traumatized. Her mother was loved by the whole community and everyone attended her funeral. I didn't though. I stayed at Sierra's house letting her cry into my arms as she was doing once again.

Sierra sniffled as a tear ran down her cheek. I hugged her and put the palm of my hand on the back of her head. Sierra suddenly busted into tears. I sat there while she wept of the death of her mother.

That's how it was Then but After, that's a different story.

Well I hoped ya guys enjoyed this story. I will upload chapter 2 as soon as possible. Just a heads up though, this story will get sorta lovey dovey in the next chapter so be prepared and the real stuff won't happen either until chapter 2 or chapter 3, I dont know :P