Ash Planet

Falling leaves, brown and crackling fill the air. They fill the air will the smell of rot.

The skeletons of plants litter the dry, cracked ground. Like a brown shroud for mother earth; made from the bodies of her children.

The skeletons of dead animals are a ghostly reminder of what our world once was. Now though, there is no green except for that of the florescent signs on the crumbling buildings.

No life other then the sick wasted away husks that walk the streets. Breathing in the toxic fumes from the factories that cover the earth in smog.

Only the humans managed to grasp a hold on the thin string of life and maintain a tenuous hold upon it.

The trees are suffocating, the animals starved and the humans rotted away to the living corpses that they are now. Women can no longer bear children; soon the humans will be gone too. Despite the efforts of the scientists in their laboratories trying to find the cure to death.

The earth is nothing but a dead husk. Choking in the stench of rotting flesh. Soon there will be nothing breathing on the face of the earth at all. It will become a ball of ash and molten metal, rotating around the sun till it to slowly dies like a fire with no oxygen.


The End