Back to school- the girls start their first year at Techno College for bionic humans alongside with the guys. The girls struggle between classes due to not being able to control their powers.

Previously on Technagers

Heather's: it's the first day of summer vaca and me and the girls wanted to start the summer off with a bang.

Mandy: The Amazing Spider-man, The Avengers. Hmmmm pretty silly ancient stuff Alana

Alana: mom superheroes aren't silly stuff

Heather: omg omg omg! You girls have got to see this

Layla: please don't tell me it's another cute guy

Layla: (she then does the same thing like Heather and tries to defend herself. A splash of water came out of her hands and the robot starts to have a tiny short circuit.) Wait how did I do that (suddenly in a speed of light someone grabs her and the she is further away from the robot)

Claire: What do you mean not from Earth aren't you guys not from here

Josh: no we are from Galix

Josh: by the way I'm Josh, and that's Derrick, Ron, and Leon

Professor Koda: there is a school in Galix that I am the head master of. You girls should come; it can help you girls with your powers

Leon: pretty cool right

Heather: this place might work

Josh: there it is, Techno college

Present time:

Claire: its so big

Leon: that's Techno for ya

Claire: this bigger than high school

Josh: well the school is divided from boys and girls

Alana: why

Derrick: I think there was some issues last year with the senior class. At least we eat together

Ron: can we go now we don't want to waste time

They all walk on campus

Layla: its so many people

Heather: so all of them have powers

Josh: at this school yeah but in the whole Galix no

Alana: im confused

Leon: Galix is full of different people

Derrick: yeah we have superheroes, super villains, geniuses, assassins, agents, technicians

Claire: sounds dangerous

Leon: yeah but we have the professional heroes on the street to stop them

Mr. William: hello boys

Leon: hey Will

Mr. William: Leonardo I thought I told you not to call me that

Leon: whoa whoa whoa its Leon and I thought we are buddies

Mr. William: I'm glad that I am finally your teacher for the next 4 years.

Ron: oh goodie

Mr. William: and these girls are

Leon: there new uhhhhh exchange students

Mr. William: from where

Heather: oh we're from eart...

Derrick: the western side of Galix. You know Poniya

Mr. William: wow Poniya, that's a very exotic place (he leaves)

Layla: Poniya really?

Claire: why didn't you say we are from earth

Leon: well because that would be pretty weird. Trying to keep a low profile

Heather: so we are lying

Ron: I wouldn't call it lying

Derrick: just a cover up

Claire: I don't like lying

Leon: its only temporary and besides boys would crave for an earth girl. Im trying to keep them away from sweet little Layla (he puts his arm around her)

Layla: ugh (she elbows him in the gut)

Josh: Tony!

Tony: hey guys

Derrick: whats going on

Tony: nothing much. So now its official, you now attend Techno college

Ron: yeah its about time

Tony: well big news. Im going to mentor your squad this year

All guys: yeah sweet

Tony: who are they

Leon: exchange students

The girls do an awkward wave

Tony: I'm Tony

Alana: I'm Alana that's Heather, Claire, and Layla

Claire: we're from Paramont

Heather: Poniya

Claire: Poniya

Tony: wow interesting that's very far out. How's the weather

Layla: uhhhh its fair

Alana: yeah its ok it treats us well

Announcer: Students please report to the stadium

Ron: oh great not this again

Heather: whats happen

Josh: its like a presentation of what the school year is going to be like

Ron: just follow us

They girls follow them and they sit down together

Professor Koda: Hello students of Techno college. I am your Headmaster Professor Koda

Ms. Fiona: and I'm your Headmistress Ms. Fiona. We are very delighted to see some new faces here. I am very confident that this will be an amazing school year

Professor: this is a college not a high school. So your power may roam free in the place but only for good purposes. Also anyone was has more that 2 hands or have elasticity needs to keep their hands to themselves

Ms. Fiona: Also for the last 3 years we have had some problems with other schools like Oblivan


Heather: whats Oblivan

Josh: the college for androids to become professional heroes

Leon: this school had been battling out lately

Alana: why

Ron: we just don't get along just your typical college rivalry


Ms. Fiona: you might want to take caution away from them. A lot of violence has happened

Professor Koda: ok you guys are dismissed to go find your dorm rooms

Everyone leaves

Layla: how are we going to get dorm rooms and we didn't sign up or anything

Derrick: that's why we are going to see Professor Koda he'll get you guys a room

Heather: where are you guys staying

Leon: meh the same room from summer

Alana: you guys took summer courses

Derrick: yeah it gave us a better chance to getting in the school and we are all on scholarships

Claire: can we um see your um rooms?

Ron: sure but its probably a mess they are a bunch of slobs

At Oblivion

Mr. Monti: Welcome Andriods to a new spectacular school year. I'm your headmaster Mr. Monti. I wanna to introduce you guys to 3 of our returning students who are seniors, Marcusand Tyler

The 2 driods wave and smiles and smile at each other.

Mr. Monti: last year at the Circuitron we had a victorious win against the schools especially Techno

All cheer

Mr. Monti: and for this year we are going to do it again

Marcus: we wont let you down

Back to techno

Derrick: well this is our room

Heather: you're right Ron it is messy

Josh: we were just getting ready for the new semester

Leon: yeah and we had to find our uniforms for classes

Layla: ugh we have to wear uniforms

Derrick: just the guys

Leon: its suppose to make us look heroic. But whatever

Professor Koda: I knew I will find you girls here, with them

Alana: there just showing us the school

Heather: well just their room

Professor Koda: don't worry I already arrange for someone to do that and also we have a room set up for you. Ms. Fiona will take you there

Ms. Fiona: come girls (she takes the girls)

The guys tries to follow but Professor Koda stops them

Professor Koda: you guys already have a bond with them and I don't want anything to escalate.

Leon: we are just being friendly and they don't know anyone here

Professor Koda: those girls are here for their protection. They don't need you to be their friends, they need you to protect them and only for that. Is that clear

All: yes sir

Professor Koda: oh yeah, your punishment starts in 4 hours (he leaves)

All: aw man

With the girls

Ms. Fiona: this will be your room girls

All: oh my gosh

Heather: I love it

Claire: very spacious

Layla: this will be our room for the next 4 years

Ms. Fiona: yes and maybe even more

Alana: what do you mean more

Ms. Fiona: well discuss this later. Unpack and get yourself situated I'll leave you with a well trusted student of mine. This is Cara, power of super scream

Cara: hi

All: hi

Ms Fiona leaves

Cara: we are going to have a fun time for the next 2 years together

Layla: 2 years?

Cara: I'm a junior so well will only spend 2 years together. Imma let you girls unpack and then ill show you the school

After unpacking

Cara: this is the cafeteria we serve 3 meals a day you can come at 8:30 pm to pick up desert.

Claire: oh how nice

Cara: this is the computer room, this is the flight test room

Heather: flight test we can't fly

Cara: all females do unless you have speed powers

Claire: oh no, I hate flying

Cara: don't worry, learning will be easy

Alana: I hope so

Cara: and here is the famous patio

They all see outside

Heather: so many cute boys

They see boys fighting each other

Layla: um isn't someone going to break up that fight

Cara: they're just training, but wave at them. They like it when we do that

They all waved at the one of the guys waved and then he gets hit because he wasn't paying attention

Cara: ugh seniors, you think they will know everything. Well girls im supposed to bring you back to Ms. Fiona, she needed to talk to you (she brings them to Ms. Fiona)

Ms. Fiona: girls I understand you are confused and a lot of things has happened fat for you guys

Alana: yeah it all came so fast

Heather: how do we have powers

Layla: and if we are supposed to be on Galix why were we on earth

Ms. Fiona: you girls possess very rare ciruits. Fire, water, nature, electricity. No other person here has those. The closest they have become with that is ice powers and earth. Maybe since your powers are so rare they sent you to earth to be hidden

Layla: well we are all adopted that's explains something

Claire: could are parents really be here

Ms. Fiona: maybe or maybe not. The important thing is that you girls stay here and learn from us.

Alana: thank you headmistress

Ms. Fiona: you girls can go now

They leave

Layla: (she walking about she bumps into Leon)

Leon: ow

Layla: ohh sorry

Derrick: we wanted to take you girls to the city of Galix

Heather: are we still going to be Poniya girls

Ron: maybe

Alana: come on lets go

They all go to the city of Galix

Josh: here, crime happens all the time, so you might to be careful

Leon: hey look its Tigress after Cobra again

Derrick: look at her go

Alana: wow

Layla: a real life female hero

Leon: wanna meet her

Alana: um she looks busy

Derrick: don't worry the fight shoud be over in 3.2.1. (the fights over) now

Tigress: hey boys

Ron: you always kick butt

Tigress: well its my job boys. So now school is session, I should be seeing less of you 4 in the streets

Josh: just showing some new girls around

Leon: this is Layla, Alana, Heather, and Claire

Tigress: nice to meet you girls. Well guys imma take this guy to jail (she takes the criminal and flies away)

Layla: it sounds like a lot of money to fix damages

Josh: nah, we have device that can restore things to its original state

Leon: lets get some pizza

They go to a pizza place

Alana: so how does an android look like

Derrick: look over at them. They are androids (he shows her Marcus, Tyler, and Adam)

Heather: they look like normal humans, I would have thought that was one of you guys

Derrick: but they have a white streak in their hair, it symbolizes emptiness or they lack so something they can't change

Pizza man: pizza ready

Leon: yes (he tries to grab the pizza but an android grabs it first) hey! That's our pizza

Tyler: no human its mine

Leon: well we were here first

Tyler: no you weren't

Pizza man: next pizza isn't until another 20 minutes

Tyler: he wouldn't mind waiting

Leon would pick a fight with him but he knew that androids don't come alone. So he just decides to wait

Layla: wait happened to the pizza

Leon: they got it

Josh: whoa do you know who those guys are? That's one of Oblivions seniors Marcus and Tyler

Leon: didn't know don't care

Heather: I don't care who they are, I'm getting our pizza back

Josh: Heather no! sit down

Heather: excuse me guys

Adam: well hey there beautiful

Heather: you have something that belongs to me

Derrick: oh no can someone stop her

Josh: hey Heather lets go back and wait for the pizza

Heather: im not leaving till I get my pizza back

Marcus: well well well congrats Josh for finally attending Techno. So this girl belong to you

Josh: come on Heather

Tyler: hey! You didn't answer his question (he pushes Josh)

Heather: don't push him (she grabs a smoothie and pours it on Tyler's head)

Tyler: you'll pay for that you little brat (his hand starts to glow)

Layla: (she uses her powers and splashes Tyler) don't touch my friend

Tyler: ugh (he tries to hurt her but Leon stops him)

Leon: touch her and I'll blind you

Marcus: whoa watch it Kennedy you know you don't want to do that. Aren't you afraid of the consequences?

Derrick: hey guys why don't we just get out here

Josh: yeah lets go. Come on Heather

Heather: you guys messed with the wrong girl

Marcus: hmmm you got some fire to you

Heather: well isn't that so happens to be my super powers

Alana: Heather now

They leave

Claire: wow all of this for a pizza

Heather: they started it

Ron: and we were about to end it

Derrick: you never pick a fight with those guys they are really powerful

Heather: they don't scare me

Derrick: they should

With the droids

Marcus: did you see what those girls can do

Tyler: yeah, I never saw anyone control water.

Marcus: and then that girl said she has fire powers

Tyler: freshmans, they always like to boast on their powers

Back with the group

Heather: thanks for defending me Josh

Josh: its okay

Alana: we make a great team

Derrick: yeah we do

Josh: we should be a team

Claire: like a super hero teams

Leon: yeah there are many super heroes teams out here, why not us. We don't have to be solo acts

Ron: not really good with teams

Leon: come on we are already on the same squad. This could be fun

Ron: alright I'm in

Layla: oh wait we have to call our parents (she tries to call but its not working) my cell isn't working

Derrick: let me see. Well that's because this model is really old

Layla: no way its like the lastest

Leon: yeah on Earth. There's a phone booth not too long. Here you take my card

Layla: thanks, come on girls

They leave to go make the call

Leon: (dreamy) did you see the way she said thanks. She's the one, she's the girl of my dreams

Josh: whatever man, you heard Koda, we can't get close with them, remember

Derrick: he never expressed what getting close meant. Sooooooo. We can just be friends

Josh: friends and thats it, I heard earth girls are dangerous.

The next day 7:00 am

The alarm rings

Layla: ah (she falls out of bed)

Heather: ugh (she covers her face with a pillow)

Cara: come on girls get up you have to go to breakfast and you don't want to be late for your first day of school

Alana: oh governess

Cara: come one come one come on, get up

Claire: 5 more minutes

Cara: (she uses her super scream)

Alana: ahhhhhh ok ok ok we're up

With the boys

Tony: time to get up guys

Leon: ughhh so bright

Tony: come on guys

Ron: ugh, those stupid seniors we partying all night

Derrick: I cant even think

Leon: I can't feel my face

Tony; (Tony grabs the covers off Derrick)

Derrick: its cold

Josh: (yawns) come on guys, he's right we have to get up (he walks to the bathroom)

Leon: this day is going to suck

The first class for girls

Mr. Giz: welcome to my Focusing class I'm your teaching Mr. Giz and I will teach you girls how to focus on your powers. A tradition I do with my class if have my students introduce their powers. I'll do it by tables

A girl gets up who has red hair had the power to multiply herself, another one has the power of invincibility and force field, others had heat vision, strength, starbolts, plasma, and telekinesis. Then the teacher calls on Heather

Heather: stand back (she uses her power and tiny flame sparks out her hand)

Layla: (she water splashing upward from her hand in control)

Claire: (she grows a flower on the deask)

Alana: (she shows static everywhere)

Mr. Giz: amazing never seen powers like that before…Now that all of you girls have displayed your powers, it will be a long journey, to fully have control over it.

Amber: what if we do have control over it

Mr. Giz: (he chuckles) you may think you have control over it…..but there will be surprises when you realize you don't

On the boy side

Mr. William: welcome to your physical training class. We learn everything in here. We learn about your strengths, weakness, who you are, and who you are trying to be…can I have a volunteer

No one steps up but Leon looks around and he decides to raise his hand

Mr. William: come on up Leonardo

Leon steps up

Leon: its Leon remember

Mr. William: after this activity we will see who you are…..Strike me

Leon: shouldn't I use this in combat training

Mr. William: no you can do it right here

Leon: will I get detention

Mr. William: no,

Leon throws a punch and Mr. William catches his fist

Mr. William: if you really want to counter an attack. You have to have the strength for it…..Leon try a leg sweep

Leon tries but the teachers leg wouldn't budge

Mr. William: you will learn to tighten up your leg muscles and build a better calf….Thank you…Leon

Leon goes back with the other class

Mr. William: follow my training, and the pain wouldn't be so bad on the field.

After school

Cara: so how was classes

Heather: we didn't do much

Cara: yeah for now. They basically run tests, and see where you are in the beginning. Trust me, it will only get harder. This is just the beginning