The Cruelty of a Chance

Written by: Amber Holguin

I'm thrown into a deep and dark place.

I am buried alive by the people who are supposed to nurture me.

They judge me before they try to see both sides of the story.

They don't think about how the words that they say will hurt me.

They feel like I could do better and I am.

I have discovered this.

I try my best.

If only they could listen.

If only they discovered what I have about myself.

I have learned from my past mistakes.

I try to keep from making more.

If only they saw things from my perspective.

If only.

Instead I am being buried alive by the people who are supposed to help me grow.

Help shape me into a good individual.

Help me learn.

In this dark place I lay.

I don't let this dense dirt that is being piled on me with my life away.

I don't let it rip my future away.

I fight back.

Every minute of each day.

Sure mess up to make a mistake.

But I get back up and learn from it.

I rise from the place of despair.

I make sure I don't fall into the same place again.

It is evident because I have learned.

I have grown as a person.