It's been 3 years…

Since we all leveled up.

Moving on to another section in our lives.

We moved on together.

Facing the hardships of whatever was thrown to our sides.

We stood by each other.

We moved on together.

It's been 2 years…

Since the tie between us grew very strong.

We were like one.

We faced the hardships.

We moved on together.

Until it broke apart.

It's been a year…

Since the rift began to grow.

We moved to another section in our lives again.

But this time I was alone.

It's been a year…

Since we all came together.

I became part of crew again.

We became one.

It's been a year…

Since I fell off the ride.

I was drowning.

I couldn't be saved anymore.

It was hopeless as I fell through the ice.

No one picked me up.

I was alone.

But we were still one.

It's been months…

Since one was to come lost.

For once, that one wasn't me.

But that one became two.

And now…

I am alone again.

With someone beside me.

But still alone.

My greatest fear.

I am lost again, living on the promises I hope to keep.

But even then I wonder.

When will this be all over…

Venty venty venty