Okay, so all of the characters in this are people I know, and Helena Lucht is me. I wanted some writing practice, and writing a story where I already know the characters is much easier for me. So... Enjoy!

Helena Braddock, was by no means, a social person. She tried to talk to people or go to events, she just often got bored or left out. Her nerdy t-shirts and messy, dandruff-filled brown hair weren't exactly the trend of the year.

It's not like she cared, though. Helena was quite pleased with her appearance. A section of hair that Helena had assigned as her "bangs" covered one of her large brown eyes, much unlike the popular bang style, which was, basically, no bangs at all. Other girls wore tight, short-sleeved shirts with thin jackets over it, while Helena wore loose, long-sleeved T-shirts with a zipped up Harry Potter hoodie over it. Helena's hair wasn't as long as the other girls at her school. That was one of the only things she envied about them. Her chocolate-colored hair reached about an inch over her collarbone, messily poking around her shoulders every which way, while most other girls had hair reaching down to the middle of their back, neatly resting in one place. She wanted long hair. Like, Hatsune Miku type hair. Hatsune Miku was a Vocaloid character who had long, turquoise pigtails that flowed down to her feet. She wanted long hair like that. But, of course, she couldn't pull off turquoise-colored hair. Helena had a dark, olive-toned complexion, which complemented her brown hair and eyes, but the problem was, she couldn't cosplay. Cosplay was dressing up as fictional characters, and when it came to the ones Helena could afford to dress up as, her complexion got in the way. So, disappointed, the nerdy girl would settle for just drawing them.

Helena loved art. She loved it to the point of obsession. Every day she would sit down with her art supplies and paper, drawing what was familiar to her: anime. Anime wasn't just a TV genre to Helena. Helena wrote anime fanfiction, drew anime fanart, sang anime openings, and wore anime t-shirts. So, with her unkempt brown hair, dark complexion, short stature, plain, grey, Harry Potter hoodie, loose jeans, and unnecessary anime knowledge, Helena Grace Lucht wasn't exactly the most popular person in the school.

Helena had no problem with this, though. She was actually quite satisfied with her life and look. She was contempt with her appearance and had no plans to change it. She was her own person with her own desires; she couldn't care less about satisfying a crowd. But she did have friends.

There were her friends, the people who she frequently talked with and cared about, and her acquaintances, the people she didn't hate. Most people at her school she either hated, or were her acquaintances. The people who were actually her friends were Cara, a petite, kind girl in the orchestra who kept her flaming orange hair cut short, Cecilia, a short, brunette girl who could sometimes be quite mean, Braxton, a pretty brunette girl who had the ends of her long hair dyed light-pink, Emma, a nice brunette who had her curly hair cut short, framing her face, Elly, a girl with glasses and long, turquoise hair, Liv, a very evil with freckles and long blonde hair who pretty much owned Helena, Mackenzie, a pretty girl with short pink hair, Maddie, a pretty brunette girl who liked anime and the 80's, and Rachel, a nice, pretty girl with long hair and glasses who also liked anime.

Helena was very happy with her circle of friends. But her best friend in the world didn't go to her school.

Her best friend was Madi, an extremely short, skinny girl who had her short, pixie-cut brown hair highlighted with red and blonde. Madi would always put others before herself and could see the good in anyone. That still didn't make up for the fact that Madison Gillespie was possibly the most evil person on Earth and could destroy the universe within the blink of an eye. Helena was also the same way, but slightly less than Madi. No one aside from her friends could tell of course, as most of the time Helena was either rambling on about something considered "weird" in the middle school society, or being bored and emotionless.

This was the daily life of Helena Braddock. And she wouldn't trade it for the world.

Well… Her life at school, at least. Her personal life was a whole other thing….

Thanks for reading! Please tune in for the first chapter!