Hi, my name is Denise Dunbar. As weird as this nickname sounds, I like to be called Denny. I'm a normal person, just like you, though I have a few flaws. Okay, maybe more than a few flaws, other than being a very unfortunate soul. It wasn't bad enough that we had to move a lot when I was a kid, but get this, I'm now starting my first year of college. My brothers and sisters before me had gone to college, often mentioning it can be tough, but sometimes life can be hard and you can take it on best if you try your best.

I'm a little nervous and excited about going to college for my first year, but I felt very lucky once I found out my best friend since middle school, Kerri Watson is going with me. I could always count on Kerri, she was like my sister and I was one to her too since she had a wicked older sister in her childhood who always taunted her and I often stepped in to be a better sister figure.

Kerri and I have been through a lot together since we became friends in middle school. She's often encouraging of me no matter what I wanna do and is like the shoulder I can cry on. We always have this saying that when she cries, I cry, when I laugh, she laughs, when I fall down, she laughs, she jumps off a bridge and I scream; "Can I have your laptop?". Kerri can be very disturbing and humorous at times, kind of like a girl version of Tim Burton, Kerri is such a tomboy she often wants me to refer to her as my brother and not her sister since she thinks of me as her sister. Kerri and I are both tomboys, but I'm a bit more feminine than her in some degrees.

I've had little bits of friends before Kerri, but none were like her since they didn't last as long. Some people often wanted to be my friend because they felt sorry for me, but Kerri wanted to be my friend because she felt just as lonely as me. We had a lot in common with the social skills department, she even mentioned to me how she would easily befriend the quiet kids which was good news for me. But, enough about Kerri, there are other people to look out for in my adventures in college.

Such as Benny Wainwright. Gosh, is this guy a total pain in the bum. Benny was a bit of a child prodigy when he was in school. His parents often bragged about him being their best accomplishment as they are successful. Benny's mother is a famed theater actress and Benny's father is a pediatrician, also Benny is a very skilled writer. When I knew him in school too, he often showed me up in Creative Writing classes. This boy is always torturing me psychologically and emotionally, making me feel like I'm indeed the weaker sex. I haven't seen Benny since middle school graduation, but I can tell you, I bet he's making a living being an egotistical jerk novelist.

There's also Maggie Quinn. Maggie had changed in some ways since middle school as well, she used to bully me all the time. She still considers me to be her punching bag, but it's not as extreme as it used to be. Sometimes I felt like my bad luck increased whenever she would come into my previously innocent, once peaceful day, and then she'd jump in and I'd be her chew toy, as it were. Maggie bullied everybody, but she would force me to be her punching bag for eight years. Maggie then revealed that she did it because she had to think of me differently, and she would only beat me up in public, but when we were alone we'd be real friends. This though, turned to more than friends as when we were nearing our last year of high school, Maggie realized she was a lesbian and I was her prey, so she would often greet me in the hallways with a pounce, worthy of pinning me down on the floor with no escape.

Kiara Hojen was one of Maggie's mooks. Before Maggie went her own separate way, she had two girls on her side and Kiara was one of them. Kiara was a transfer student from Japan and immediately befriended Maggie when Maggie discovered that Kiara was indeed skilled at kick boxing, martial arts, and any kind of method that could scare the crap out of our peers. Kiara was very, very close with Maggie, I could swear that Kiara was gay for Maggie as she is to me... I didn't like Kiara much, I guess because I didn't really know her well enough other than that she was Maggie's pet.

Nelly Cooke was once a perky popular girl, but she was also on Maggie's side. I hadn't seen Nelly since she got expelled for nearly killing a student with an atomic wedgie in seventh grade. Nelly was basically like Kiara, but closer with Maggie. Nelly and Maggie had been classified as best friends since elementary school and Nelly sometimes spied on me with Maggie that she thought that Maggie was replacing her with me as her new best friend. Nelly is also a lot tougher than she looks, she looks fragile as a flower, but she actually body slammed me for braiding Maggie's hair.

I'll tell you more later once I start this college adventure. But I'm on my way to graduate high school, wish me luck!

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