Child of the Sea

The sea lapped lazily at the shores of Athens. Its gently rising foam settled on the sandy rocks with a slight, melancholy sigh, as if it was somehow tired of clinging unceasingly to the bumpy coast. The ethereal blue color of the curving waves contrasted deeply with the light shade of the sky. The only movement was the rhythmic sloshing of the waves, and a few bubbles that seemed to come from the bottom of the sea. But the bubbles were not stopping. They burbled just under the surface, more and more appearing seemingly out of nowhere, steadily going faster and faster, until there was a torrent of miniscule bubbles, whooshing from within the cloudy depths.

There was a roar of salty air, thick with excitement and anticipation, and the bubbles exploded upwards, a tall blue column that seemingly reached to the sky. Within the column there could be seen a pocket of glorious golden light, with the faint silhouette of something inside. The silhouette was turning and shifting, so quickly that it could barely be distinguished from the light itself, much less identified.

The column burst open in a tangle of sea and foam, and the golden light bloomed like the flower of a honeysuckle, spreading an aroma of light sweetness throughout the air. The shadowy outline floated in the air for an instant before dropping into the water with a small splash. The sea kept moving back and forth, back and forth, as if nothing whatsoever had happened. Yet as the waves curved upwards and swooped back down, the shadow was still visible in the midst of the teal waters.

The shadow started to move, slowly at first, then quickly and with purpose. From within the waves, a young woman stepped out. She wore a dress of soft, light green seaweed. Her dazzling green eyes sparkled like emeralds, with intelligence and cunning gleaming inside. Her luscious, long golden hair swayed gently in the sea breeze. Her skin was ivory white and soft, like silk. Her smile was gentle and kind. She was elegant and graceful, and as she walked out from the sea, her dress changed into a long, flowing red gown. As she looked around, she laughed, a tinkling laugh like thousands of tiny bells.

A townsperson walked by and saw the beautiful woman.

"What is your name?" the man inquired, gazing curiously at the young woman.

The woman smiled again, and the intelligence crackled in her eyes once more.

"My name? My name is Aphrodite."