I glanced at the full moon as we jumped through the night in the woods. I love watching the moon slowly descend behind the trees and hills. It seemed to give off a beautiful radiance. I loved the feeling of the wind gliding through my brownish auburn hair and the way the wind gave a rushing feeling to my skin.

It was about twelve in the morning and hardly anyone was out. My brother Charles leaps beside me to make sure nothing happens. I appreciate his concerns as a brother but I'm a big girl and can look after myself. He is not a large and hulking being, but has an average physique. His hair is curly blonde, almost as white as snow. He crawls spider-like in my direction until he reaches me.

"Annie," my brother addressed me. "Did you remember the mail for dad?"

"Yes dear brother," I said irritably trying to enjoy the night. "I delivered it to him before we left." He doesn't respond but only cups his hands loudly as he smiled. My name is Annette Ashford. I'm a senior attending Seneca High School and also, I'm a Vampire. Vampires have existed alongside Human beings for a long time.

You are obviously well aware of the stories about us. At the touch of the sun, some of us turn to ash. Some of us can walk during the day and some of us lose our strength in the sunlight. I, sadly, am one of those whose strength is lost during daylight, although this is not immediate.

My family had immigrated to the States from England sometime before the colonial times. My coven has lived in the country for several hundred years now. My coven was not as big as it is now. We were not rich but we were not poor. Father currently works as a doctor for the Oconee Memorial Hospital while mother tends to things at home. She delights in growing vegetables and herbs in the gardens in our backyard. Once she acquires a great many vegetables, she sells them and adds to the wealth we have. Father brings home the blood that we need to sustain ourselves. Not the blood that is needed mind you, but blood that is not wanted nor needed. Because diseases that affect humans will not affect us, we freely drink upon the blood ridden with disease. We landed inside of a group of trees and peered down at the deer running below. I caught the bright glow in his eye as we watched the deer stop to feed.

"Look at them," he said looking in my direction. "In the mood?"

"Not for deer, no," I answered.

"Aw man you're no fun. I was hoping for some deer blood tonight."

"You've had deer the other day, it is time for something else."

I ignored my brother's moping as we left the deer. My brother and I are close but I tend to have the final say in certain things, like what we drink. In fact I tend to have the final say in most things although I'm younger.

As Charles and I went back to the car, a thirsty feeling attacked my demonic senses. I began to purr like a cat at the thought of fresh blood inside of my mouth and began to regret declining on feeding upon the deer that we had seen. Yes it would have sedated my thirst but I desired something more satisfying. Tonight we were going to have a feast of the most delicate food we could find. Charles looked over at me knowing what I wanted. He wanted the same thing I gathered.

"Skinny, average, or fat?" he said to me. This required no thought on my part and my answer was immediate.

"To me it matters not," I replied. In my opinion, humans hold the same amount of blood, no more and no less. Charles huffed annoyingly as he did not receive the answer he desired.

"Then let's go before day breaks."

"Charles it's only twelve in the morning."

He shrugs his shoulders.

"Yeah but still. I like to get an early start. Where shall we hunt?"

I decided that we would go and hunt in the city of Greenville. My brother's car, a green Lexus, was parked on the other side of the road. Greenville was about forty-five minutes to an hour away from where we lived. The city was a nice place to live if you were looking for peace and quite I suppose. We walked out of the woods. Charles opened the door for me and his hand reached for the glove compartment before I began the motion to sit inside the car. Inside the glove compartment was a small blood pack filled with a crimson liquid. Upon the blood pack was a type description, type O. I stare at Charles in disbelief as he opens the pack and indulges himself.

"That hit the spot," he says to me and offers the remaining blood to me. I decline his offer and now my features hold a seriousness that makes him wonder what the matter might be, even though he is fully aware of my dislike for him feeding needlessly. Besides, keeping a blood pack inside a glove compartment was irresponsible on his part. Suppose he were pulled over and the officer saw it within the compartment? I would fear for the officer's safety and then where would we be? It isn't as if we don't have Vampire Hunters and other loathsome beings to worry about already.

"Charles honestly!" I shout at him. "A blood pack inside the glove compartment! Are you mad?!"

"Hey come on Annie this was just for when the need arose. And just now it did."

For moment I say nothing to him. Finally; "Very well Charles, very well."

He glances at me for a moment then shrugs his shoulders and in that moment, I let the matter drop without uttering another word. I get inside the car as Charles shuts the door after me and soon we're driving away towards our destination. I try to shut out my brother's choice in music as we speed down the road. He taps his hand on the driver's door to the rhythm of the music he has blaring loudly. Groaning to myself, I wonder if we will indeed be pulled over for loud music and fast driving. He fancies the alternative music genre and one of his favorites are the group Nickleback or so he claims. When the song reaches its end he lowers the volume and addresses the matter of our trip.

"Since it's been almost two months since we last had a human, I'll let you pick the victim."

He seems to forget that I usually have the final say, but I indulge him in these moments for they are not few and far between.

"You are indeed greedy Charles. Did you not just have a blood pack?"

"Yeah I did but it'll be good for me to quench my thirst a bit more, so now about that victim?"

I thought for a while, not knowing exactly where I could find one. I am not like Charles. I could not simply waltz inside of a place and claim someone, it had to be someone undeserving of life, someone such as a murderer or a rapist. Those are the kind that bring to me a feeling of fullness after I drink. I recalled one occasion in which I had ended the life of a serial murderer who had manipulated the justice system and had thus secured his freedom. This occurred in the year of 1970. The family of the woman he had murdered rejoiced upon learning of his death shortly after his acquittal and I rejoiced upon having satisfied yet another urge.

"Search one of the bars. I'm certain we could find some stupid drunkard there."

"You sure know how to pick'em sis. Not too sure you'll get in though but anyways, to a bar we go."

My brother sped towards the freeway and got onto Route 123. It would be a straight shot to Greenville on this route.

"So tell me how you plan to do this," Charles said as he rolled down the window. "You're still physically a teen and there's no doubt they'll card you as soon as we get there. That's what happens when you don't bring your ID."

I ignored those last few words. I never bring my ID because I don't think that it's important.

"I was hoping you could bring him out for me. Don't just bring out anybody. Make sure it's someone unimportant."

"Sis you know how Humans are," Charles said. "They consider the life of another Human being precious."

"Not all Humans think that way. Their main priorities in life are money and fame. I'm not at all interested in what they'll think once they find our leftovers. They won't find us anyways, they never do."

Charles didn't say a word as he got off the exit leading into Greenville. Looking both ways Charles drove out into the designated lane. He was going to downtown Greenville. The town was you could say, asleep, but the bars would still be filled with the usual filth the world tends to adore. Charles drove slowly down the street looking at people walking about. Some with their significant others, some of them in drunken stupors, and others walking with their buddies or by themselves. Charles parked the car in front of a jewelry store and we got out of the car. I shut the door behind me and followed Charles who now had his hands in his pockets looking down at the sidewalk at as he walked. I suppose he didn't want the people to see the red in his eyes. I nudged my brother.

"Stay under control," I say to Charles sternly. He only waves a hand at me as we walk down the street. The street lights lit the street and gave a beautiful look to the place. I noticed that the street's name was Coffee Street. I have visited Greenville but only three times and with each visit I admired how beautiful it was a night. Charles looked at the men who horse played, the women who walked past us and others who did not care about how others perceived them whilst experiencing what was known as 'a buzz'. He looked at everyone up and down so that he could get a feel of how they are going to taste. They're all the same to me but to each his own I suppose.

We push past several people as Charles directs me to a bar called Corner Pocket Taproom. The hours inform us that it was open everyday from 11am to 2am. It was only 1am, fortunate for us. We approached the entrance of the bar and the bouncer asked for IDs. As I didn't have mine I was asked to remain outside whilst my brother entered the place. I can recall a time where there were no such thing as ID cards.

"It'll only take a minute sis. Be careful."

"I shall do so," I said. He suspected my desire for a walk which was why he told me to be careful. I left the placed and walked for a bit a few blocks down the street. The succulent smell of Human blood began to fill me with a thirst so strong that it threatened to see me have my fill on anyone at random. This was not the first time that my urges grew strong. Although it had taken me years of practice I had been able to master most, if not all of my urges. As I have mentioned previously I only feed upon people who clearly do not deserve life which I is why I tightly ball a single fist and pat the top of it with my free hand.

"Control yourself Annette," I instruct myself. Pat and instruct, pat and instruct, I repeat this method until I feel the urge slowly subside. Pleased that I have overcome my urges once again, I inhale deeply and let myself smile a tiny smile. For now, I would simply walk around the city and hopefully come across someone undeserving, although that was highly unlikely. I purposed that if I had not found someone by the time Charles had finished inside the tavern, I would abandon my search without protest. After all, tomorrow was another day.

As I walked several blocks away from the tavern I had gotten a few stares from a pair of men as I past them by. I could see why, considering that I wore a green and black checkered skirt, white socks, a pair of black shoes, and a sleeveless shirt revealing my slender arms. I also wore a navy watch my father had gotten for me off of some power hungry army buffoon after he had fed. I ignored their pathetic wooing or 'pickup lines' as I walked past. The men in this era are worse then the ones from way back when. There was a thing called respect at that time. I couldn't be surprised as to why I heard one of them whisper to each other. I decided to walk faster to make believe I was trying to get away from these men. I didn't need to look behind me to know that they were following me.

"Hey baby where're you going?" one of them asked. "Come back and chat with us, we'll have a good time."

I ignored them and turned left. I found myself walking down an alleyway, littered with paper, plastic bottles and beer cans. I had wanted to lead these jokers to an alley, to a place seldom traversed and where no one could help them. I knew that they had vile intentions by the way they followed me and by the way they had looked me over. I walked slowly for a bit so that they could catch up.

"Hey slow down for a minute honey, how can we get to know each other if you keep moving that body of yours?"

I jerked away from him as he placed a hand on my shoulder. I did not bother to scream. I ran and the men gave chase. I let my fangs take over as I as we went deeper into the alleyway. It was now time to satisfy my thirst.

The two men chased after her in the alley. The woman had darted left and found herself at a dead-end. Not that it mattered. When the men reached the place where she ran to, she was gone. Vanished. Before them was a solid wall and a large green dumpster on the right hand side of where she had ran to. Aside from that there was nowhere for her to hide. Bearing that in mind they looked in the obvious place, disgusting though it was. Upon lifting the black lid and peering inside for her they turned up nothing. The lid was closed and confusion made itself known to them. They had hoped to satisfy their lustful need for a woman tonight, willing or no. Now that she had gone, there was little to no hope of that happening. The shorter of the two looked at his friend with confused features.

"She came down this way, I saw her."

"Who cares about that man," said his friend. He now had second thoughts about what the two of them had planned on doing. He was a man of whom women threw themselves at and had no trouble bedding the women he wanted, until college. He knew about the stories of dorm room parties and the wild side of women and had hoped to have his part in the fun when he arrived at Columbia University, however upon arrival he found himself the single man. The women he encountered were not as easy as he was led to believe. Beautiful and alluring yes, but behind their looks was intellect. They seemed to have an acute understanding of the men they needed to watch for and it was this understanding that saw him alone. He had joined his friend here tonight because he felt that with him, he would get his mojo back. The thought of rape had never crossed his mind until tonight.

"Look maybe we should call it quits," he said running his hands through his brown hair. The taller man scoffed at him, angered that he picked now to have cold feet.

"Oh what so now you don't want a girlfriend?"

"Dude I had no trouble getting a girl until I got into college! Besides if Samantha found out you'd be in a world of trouble."

"Who cares about her," he said bitterly. "Ever since she got into basketball I hadn't been getting any. A guy has needs to."

"As do I," came a voice from behind. Startled, the men turned to find the girl they had lusted for. Their fears evaporated upon the sight of the beautiful woman. "You stated before that you wanted to get to know me yes?"

He examined her figure before he approached her. Underneath her clothing, her body gave the shape of an hourglass, slender and athletic. He never took his eyes off of her as he neared her.

"Yes ma'am. Why'd you run off like that?"

"Because," she said. "I wanted you both for myself."

He smiled.

"Well you can have us honey," he said as he leaned in for a kiss. His next feeling told him that he was now on the ground. The girl had merely pushed him and he found himself on the cold, stony pavement. His friend charged her with knife in hand but a strong hand had clasped itself around his neck, cutting off oxygen. He was then lifted up by the throat and there was small clank as the knife fell from his hand and onto the ground below his feet. He choked as he struggled to free himself and kicked wildly but found that he could not match the strength of this woman! Seeing that the man in her grasp was no threat, she looked at the man still on the ground, dazed and shocked at the event occurring before his eyes. She glared at him like an animal, a stalking and cunning animal ready to pounce.

"I'm quite thirsty," she said in a whisper as she revealed her fangs.

The one on the ground could only watch in stark silence, too horrified to even scream. He stared wide eyed as she bit into the neck of his friend. He saw the blood, the dark red blood flow from his neck and into her small mouth. When he saw her drop the limp body of his friend, he found the strength to move again. He got quickly to his feet and ran, leaving the horrid, gurgled moans of his friend behind him.

He could not believe what he had witnessed. She had bit into the neck of his friend. Bit into his neck then had leered at him with those cold eyes of red and at that moment he knew what he was facing.

A Vampire.

He knew that Vampires only existed in stories. They were legends.



There was no way that Vampires existed now. He told himself that she was only Human and that it was possible for another Human being to bite into the neck of another but he saw it in her eyes. They were red. Red! As he ran he looked behind him to see if she was following him but no one was about. He wanted to scream for help but he was too frightened. That would come later. For now he wanted to get away from the area as quick as possible and then…He ran smack into something hard, causing him to fall to the ground.

"Boo!" came the voice from above. "Now just where did you think you were headed?"

Now it was his turn to scream. He clambered to his feet to run in the opposite direction but the woman was in front of him, seeming to appear out of nowhere. Now he was backing up slowly and he could feel the fear written on his face. And he could feel the cold hand grasp his throat and he could feel the demonic strength of the woman before him. He could feel himself gasping for air, could feel himself jerked towards her face. Soon, he felt the sharp teeth pierce the flesh of his neck, followed by the feeling of his strength departing slowly from his body. He struggled to get the woman off of him but she was like a vice, strong and firm. Shortly after, he felt no more.


My alarm clock buzzed loudly. With a bolt I shot up and surveyed my surroundings. I saw my football posters, my television which was resting by the window, my dresser on the left side of my room. The top of it was a complete mess. Wrappings, change, and other stuff were scattered everywhere. And finally I saw that my closet door was still open. I was inside my room. I was having a good dream but I failed to remember what it was about.

Looking at the clock I saw that it was 7am. Football practice started in an hour. Slowly I got out of bed as I yawned. Today was Wednesday and I was looking forward to getting football practice done. I'm a quarterback at Seneca High School. Go Bobcats!

I walked to the bathroom, turned on the faucet and washed my face and hands. After that I walked into the kitchen where my sister was watching a show for teens. I don't know what it was. I don't keep up with that stuff. My sister, Ashley, is fifteen. Her long blonde hair is the main thing I like to poke fun at. I always get berated or have something thrown at me every time I do it but what can I say I'm her big brother, I'm supposed to pick at her. If she were my big sister she'd beat me up.

I poured myself a glass of OJ to go with my bowl of cereal. My sister and I love Reese's cereal and this time I was fortunate to get the last of it.

"Did you save some for me?" she asked from the other room.

"Sorry, got the last of it."

"Connor!" My name is Connor Hacking. I live in the beautiful city of Seneca, South Carolina. I moved here with my parents from Mentor-on-the-Lake, Ohio when I was about six years old. My dad got a job as a real estate agent here in South Carolina working in Clemson. My parents had wanted to get away from the cold weather so we moved here.

"Connor you know I eat that cereal too!" she whined loudly.

"We have Waffle Crisp Ashley. Eat that."

"I don't like that nasty stuff!"

"Too bad then," I said as I took a bite of my cereal. After that was said I heard the words escape her lips. Mom came downstairs drying her face with a towel.

"Connor I told you a thousand times not to eat all of the cereal from your sister," Mom said.

"She eats nothing but cereal all the time mom and saves none for me!"

Mom raised a hand not wanting to argue about the matter. Mom always takes Ashley's side in these kinds of matters and I find it aggravating. Can't she see that if she doesn't get her share she gets nothing at all? I do leave some for her most of the time and if I see she doesn't get her portion I just finish the box. Oh well no use dwelling on it. After she finished drying her face she threw the towel downstairs in the dirty clothes basket then walked over to the oven to prepare breakfast. Without even looking at me she said; "I'm not going to buy anymore cereal if the two of you can't share Connor. I mean it."

I didn't respond to that. It irritates me to know that she could get away with just about anything but oh well. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door behind me and locked it. I've had a few instances where people walked in when I was using the restroom so now I make it a point to lock the door so that nobody comes in. I turned on the shower after taking off my clothes and stepped in. The water was a bit cool but that was the way I liked my water whenever I take a shower. I took ten minutes to take my shower and dry myself off. I put on my jersey and pants then I was in the kitchen again.

"Are you ready to go?" my mom asked me. I nodded to her as I downed another glass of OJ. "Then let's go. I have to be at work early. Ashley, clean the house while I'm gone."

"Ok mom," came her voice from the den. Mom and I walked outside and got in the car. She drives a blue Saturn and my dad drives an old Chevy. He's really into old cars. An old Model-T sits in the garage. Ashley and I sometimes go in there just to sit and pretend it takes us back to the 1920s. We're glad about the fact that dad turned down every offer for the Model T. Mom turned on the AC as soon as she cranked the engines. It was about 85 degrees outside. I remember the weather in Ohio being about 60 degrees.

"Your father's coming to pick you up from practice today. He's going to take the day off."

"OK. We get out of practice at eleven today."

"I'll tell him."

My parents have been married for nearly thirty years now. They met at a bookstore one day while my dad was stationed in England. They were in their early twenties at the time. Upon getting married dad brought mom back to the states a year after and soon there was a Connor in her belly. He still serves the armed forces today but mostly does National Guard duty. I myself am eighteen going on nineteen and as I said Ashley is fifteen.

Mom stopped at the convenient store named Plez-U which is also a gas station. When she walked in I felt my phone vibrate so I checked my inbox. I had one text message. I opened the message and saw that the message was from my friend Brad.

"I'm going to bring you some Gatorade today. My dad bought two weeks worth. Tell me what flavor you want."

I told him that I wanted Strawberry in reply. My mom came out the store and as she did so I got out the car to pump the gas. The pump stopped at twenty. I put the pump back on the hanger and got back in the car, deciding that I should get a little shut eye before practice. Mom turned on the radio to a country station and turned the volume up a bit. I don't like country music all that much but this particular song was relaxing. The song was titled, "Don't Blink". At about half way through the song we arrived at the high school.

"Connor we're here," mom said shaking me. I got up, grabbed my football and told mom goodbye before going to the football field. When I arrived there I saw Derrick Fisher, Adam Eastman, and Percy Hughly. Adam downed some of the drink contained in his sports bottle. After that he poured water on his head and put on his football helmet. Coach Hilton came from the locker room exit and blew his whistle. At the same moment Brad came onto the field with the bottle of Gatorade he promised me. After he handed me the Gatorade we slapped hands and embraced each other in a short greeting.

"Don't drink all of that or you'll owe me a hundred," Brad said jokingly. I gave him a light push. He fired back with his own and laughed.

"You're going to break me one of these days Brad," I said unable to hold back my laugh. Coach Hilton walked onto the field and began talking as everyone gathered in a line from left to right to listen. His voice was hard and clear.

"Well gang as ya'll know next week is our first week back at school. During our first week we'll be playing against West Oak so I want all of you to play hard and cool."

"You can expect no less from me coach!" said one of the boys with enthusiasm evident in his voice.

"I don't doubt that for a second," Hilton said. "Okay boys you know the drill. Start off with running then we'll get to the big parts!"

He blew the whistle and we started the day's practice.

After practice was over we headed toward the locker room to change into our evening clothes. Brad's locker was across from mine. He removed his jersey and placed it into his locker. Brad was bigger than me and weighed in at about two hundred. I myself weighed one hundred eighty. As he closed his locker he turned to me and asked; "Did you hear about what happened last night in Greenville?"

"No why?"

"Apparently there were two men found in an alley. Both of whom had bites on their necks. Pretty sick people out there."

I cringed at the thought of such an act.

"You're telling me."

"Another thing is that the police have no clues as to who might have done it."

"I know who did it. A Vampire!" Adam said making a face. One of the boys threw a shirt at him which Adam caught and threw back as he laughed. A few of us joined in the laughter save for Brad, who held a serious face as the laughter died down.

"They're going to catch the animal that did this," I said.

"Not without a trace they won't," Brad said doubtfully. "Anyways I'll be over the house after work today."

Brad works at Wendy's which was located a few blocks away from the Captain D's place that I work at. He says that it is not the place he'd like to work at due to the fast paced work that's required of him, but it puts money in his pocket until he leaves for college. Brad was going to get off at four today so while I waited I would hang out with my friend Sean for awhile. Whenever I hung out with him we would play Madden Football on the Xbox 360 for hours. Sean Loving and I were evenly matched. Last year he took first at a Madden tournament at the GameStop in Clemson and won a hundred dollar gift card. Brad finished putting on his evening clothes and headed for the door.

"I'll see you at four Brad," I called after him.

"Four it is," he said as he disappeared from view. I took out my cellphone from my left jean pocket and checked for messages. There were two text messages. One was from Sean. It read; "Panthers vs. Redskins!" to which I replied; "Redskins FTW!" (For The Win). One thing he and I have in common is that we are both fans of the Washington Redskins. The other was from a girl named Cleo Perkins, or Cleopatra. She answered to both but everyone called her Cleo, the same as everyone else did. Her text message read; "You got some nice shoes there buddy. When we go out this Friday, make sure you wear them."

It was no secret that she was into me. I was into her as well. I liked the way her red hair was curled into a smooth ponytail. Freckles adorned her face and she had the most gorgeous hazel eyes. When I spoke to her last week, we talked about dating. This Friday coming up would be the first date we agreed upon. I was really looking forward to it. We were going to see the remake of the 80s classic, Robocop. Cleo was big into action movies. She could recite a whole movie in one sitting. She had been given the nickname critic, because after each movie she saw she would do a movie review on it in front of her group of friends. I thought that Cleo was also witty and had intelligence to go with her beautiful face. I replied; "Whatever you say. And I'm looking forward to the movie." I closed my phone and walked out of the locker room. As my mom had said my dad was waiting for me at the entrance of the school. I got in the car as I waved goodbye to my teammates. Then my dad drove off.

"How was practice today Connor?"

My dad's voice was smooth and deep. He was going in his fifties with my mom already there. Mom was a few years older than dad. Three years older to be exact. Dad was getting gray while mom, being in her fifties, didn't seem to age a bit.

"Practice wasn't bad at all," I told him. "We lost which sucks but oh well."

"You and Bradley?"

"Nah it was me and Adam this time. Brad was on the other team."

"He's got a strong arm that one," dad said. Dad had seen Brad and I play several times in our backyard. If dad had one regret, it's passing up the opportunity to play in the NFL when he was young. He had played for the Mount Union Raiders as quarterback, linebacker, and a receiver when he attended his four year term. It was from my dad that I got my 'sports genes' as mom would say. So did Ashley I gather. Ashley is currently involved with Basketball, Track, and Cheerleading. When school starts up again next week she'll be cheering us on along with the other Bobcat cheerleaders.

"What time do you work today?"

"I'm off today. I'm going over to Sean's house if I can have the car."

"Make sure you put gas in it."

"I will."

We arrived home shortly after twelve. Dad unlocked the door for me before getting back into the car.

"I'll be back before it's time for you to go," he said. I merely gave him a wave as he left. He was probably going to the store to pick up something to eat not wanting to wait for mom to get home. Ashley wasn't at home either. I gathered she was over at her friend Becky's house or something. I headed upstairs to my room and shut the door. Pulling off my shirt and becoming dressed in shorts, I turned on the AC in my room before I called my potential girlfriend Cleo. The phone rang twice before she answered it.

"What's up Connor," she said happily.

"Sitting wondering when you were going to call," I said laughing. I threw myself onto my bed as we began talking. She admitted to how she had wanted to date me for quite some time but had been afraid to. After all, she knew that I was good looking and could have my pick of women, hence her fear of asking. Although it had been rumored throughout the school, it was good to hear it from her first. Her confession made me feel good and she heard my feint laughter over the phone.

"Don't tell me that you didn't take a gander at me," she said.

"I did maybe a few times," I said. We talked for half an hour. About Friday's date, about our senior year. Well, my senior year at least. Cleo is a grade lower than me, having been held back a year. My stomach then growls, reminding me that it's time for yet another feeding.

"Well I'm going to fetch me something to eat," I tell her.

"Aw but I wanted to talk to you some more," she pouts mockingly. "I'll see you on Friday then."

"See you Friday," I say, then she is gone. I run downstairs and into the kitchen. I open the fridge, peer inside and spot the thing that I was hoping would still be inside. Greedily I take the pulled pork still inside a small red Tupperware container. Upon removing the lid I was bombarded by the smell of the food, opening the saliva gates within my mouth. After I had warmed it in the microwave, I began to eat it. After I had my fill, I put the dish into the sink and headed upstairs. Now I was feeling tired and my body began to complain about the sores on my shoulders and my right arm. Thankful that I had the day off, I threw myself onto my bed and drifted off to sleep.