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Chapter 3

Sarah's POV

Flying never felt so exhilarating! The wind brushed against my checks and tousled my hair. I breathed deep; savoring the moment. We soared through the air and banked left. I tighten my grip and I could feel the softness of the feathers in between my fingers.

I saw the sunrise and I knew then that we had been flying for hours. How far have we gone and where were we going I thought? What was this strange creature that could turn into a girl and a "griffin" as she said? Not what, but who?

Why was this happening to me? I didn't know anything that was going on. I started to shift around as the anxiety built up in me and my foot hit the griffin's right wing. She let out a screech of pain and shacked her body. I almost fell off her.

I then realized that she must have been injured during the fight with the dragon. I said "Sorry, but how long are we going to take and where are you taking me?"

She or Tess I should say just let out another screech. Maybe Tess can not talk in this form so I guess that I will just have to wait and see what happens next.

It felt like a long time had past and I could feel the hot sun on my head and thought it was probably 12:00 p.m. Finally we started to descend and soon enough we were landing on the ground. I took in my surroundings and saw a big warehouse and nothing else around it as far as I could see.

I looked over my shoulder and saw Tess transform back into a human girl. I was stunned I knew I saw this before but I kinda thought that my eyes were playing tricks on my, but I guess they were not. I said "How did you do that?"

She looked at me and smiled. "It takes practice but it is natural for me because I was born this way. You ordinary humans can't do it hahaha." She laughed.

"Ok then, where are we and what is going on?" I questioned. She then explained how dragons and griffins had been at war for centuries. "So that thing that was trying to kill me back there was a dragon?" I exclaimed.

"Yes." Was her blunt answer. "I saved your butt, but I have no idea why that dragon wanted to kill you. All I was ordered was to watch the building that you happened to be in. For all I know this all could be some big miss understanding. But I couldn't just let some dragon kill an innocent now." She explained.

I look at her surprised and asked her "You were ordered to watch my building by who?"

She motioned towards the warehouse and said "Let's get inside first. We shouldn't be out in the open like this."

I nodded my head and we walked in. I could tell that when ever she moved her right arm she winced a little, but it didn't seem to bother her much. Inside the warehouse there was nothing. It was completely empty.

"My orders were to watch your building because there was a supposed dragon attack. Most times it turns out to be nothing, but I guess this time it wasn't. If something does happen I am suppose to come here and wait for the commander. If not then I just go back to base."

I look at her dumb founded and say "Who is the commander and why did you bring me along?"

"Because if I had left you there the dragon could have came back and then you wouldn't be safe. As for the Commander I am not at liberty to say. All you need to know that she is important and that you should do whatever she says when she gets here. Ok? So enough with the questions. Shut up, be quiet, and go sit on the ground and wait." She scalded me.

I nodded my head and sat on the ground not knowing what else to so besides that. I must be dreaming I thought, but this felt too real. Tess then turned her back and looked at her wound on her shoulder and arm. It looked painful, but I didn't say anything.

All of a sudden I felt this weight of drowsiness hit me and soon enough I was fast asleep.