First day of school, the day I was waiting for. Sounds strange, right? I know most of you hate school and only attended it simply because to see your friends and crushes, it was your parents' decisions, and to move on to your life because you really need to attend school. For me, school was my territory. I was a leader to everyone. I ruled people to do good shits and avoid the bad things. Everyone treated me in a high regard, often asking for my honest advice. Yeah, that were the reasons why I love school. I was well-known.

I was musing as I ate Mom's homemade chicken sandwich at the decent-sized kitchen. I said decent because it was not that small, but it was not that huge either. The kitchen was also connected to our relatively large living room, which consisted of moderately expensive sofas and couches aligned on each sides, a small, rectangle table on the center, with a vase of various flowers I did not bother to know. The fourteen inches, flat LCD TV was mounted high on the wall, with a cabinet for various appliances like a bunch of DVDs, a DVD player, speaker, and a gaming console, properly arranged to make it presentable. For the kitchen, there was a well-designed sink with every cooking utensils a hand away to get. It was easy to maneuver too.


I looked up to see my mom genuinely smiling at me. My mouth was still full with chewed sandwich, so I could only nod in response, signaling her that she got my attention.

She cocked her head to the right and closed her eyes, a proud smile was formed on her pinkish lips. "Good luck in your senior year."

I swallowed the remaining content of my sandwich and wiped my mouth with a clean napkin. I rolled my eyes and gave her a scolding yet playful look. "Geez, mom. You always said that to me every start of school!"

Mom only innocently giggled at me. Mom, sometimes... "You need to hurry up if you want to be the first one in class."

Oh shit! I almost forgot! "Thanks, mom! And your hair looks great today, like it always does!"

Yes, I did not flatter my mom. Everyone described me as an outspoken person. I may be rude, but they knew I was being honest.

Mom stood up from her sit and cleaned up the mess on the table. She was very helpful and responsible. I looked up at my mom as a hero, someone who I could always count on when I could not move forward.

She gazed at me with her rich, gentle looking hazel eyes with a proud smile that I could never forget in my whole life. "Always do the things you think will do good for everyone, my daughter, Amethie Freimutige"

I gave my mother a tight hug for a few seconds then pulled away. I planted a soft kiss on her warm cheek. "Mom, you know I'll always do my best to be the best leader for everyone."

She rubbed my short, spiky black hair as a sign of her farewell. "Be good now, my dear."

I stepped back and waved in front of her. "Thank you, Mom. I'll always think of you!"

With that said, I ran out from our home and headed to my new school.

This was going to be smooth-sailing for me.

After a while, I walked the long path to the direction of where the school was located.

I already saw my new school. It was not that bad looking, and was pretty average compare to the schools I had attended. But I was not picky when it comes to school. I came here to study, not to brag about how good my school was.

Anyway, the staffs were helpful and pretty nice to interact with. They were not those typical snobby bitches who only worked so they could earn money for their lives. I even got along with my advisory teacher. Her name was Melodia Aleicy. This teacher was a very sarcastic person, which really interested me. She was also outspoken, yet she was also a caring and thoughtful woman. Note that these were my impressions of her when I hang out with her to get used to the school. And she was the only person who I got along well.

Now back to the school. If I said the school was below average, I'm being a huge dick. Sure, the school was definitely horrible when it comes to facilities and such, but the staffs and faculties managed to compensate it. It was not huge, but also not that small. It was easy to maneuver and remember, too.

Just in time that I stopped musing when I arrived at the front gate. Damn, that was long too, and there were few turns here and there that almost got me lost for the first time.

The gate pretty much had the same height as the wall had. It was painted in maroon, and the design was normal for my eyes. There was nothing unique on it, and I had seen it many times before.

The gate was open for everyone to enter, and I did not went overboard when I said everyone. There were various kinds of people: parents, teachers, visitors, students, annoying kids, snobby freaks, and other things I cannot think of. They were few of them, and I did not bother to interact with any on them, nor bother to scan my surroundings. I just went on to my designated room.

And before you ask, yes, I had everything jotted down on my handy pocket notepad. As a future class representative, I should had everything noted down so I would not miss a tiny thing about what's going on in class.

As I arrived on the last room on the third floor, the room was slightly better than I expected. The chairs were properly arranged with five wooden armchairs on both columns and rows. The walls were painted yellow on the top and green on the bottom. Not the best combination especially for a room, and it looked absolutely horrible. There were educational stuff hanged on the wall, which I took no interest.

What extremely irritated me was that there was already a small, plain red backpack on the far right armchair. Whoever that guy was, he beat my record on being the first one in class. I scowled at the idea of the Most Punctual award will be passed down on this guy, and not me. I noticed that the presence of the owner was missing, which I did not bother to search.

I placed my plain black backpack on the center armchair on the front. This should help the teachers remember me better. I looked at the brown, circular clock above the wide and huge whiteboard. It read five fifty-nine in the morning. Hm, not bad for my record.

I turned around to the direction of the noise to see a slender and tall, slightly tanned female looking curiously at me.

"P-pardon me, I will just sit down on my chair and do my business..." Her soft yet high-pitched voice was barely audible.

I nodded in response. As she headed to the occupied seat, my gaze never broke on her. The girl had dark brown eyes, black medium length hair, clad in a fitted red tee, gray male short pants, and white with red stripes running shoes. Interesting.

She sat down on her seat and took out a notebook and a red pen. Curiosity got the best of me, as I slowly approached the newcomer with rising interest.

The girl did not noticed my presence until I cleared my throat to grab her attention. She gasped while jumping from her seat by surprise, which made me shook my head. I had an impression that this girl is an introvert.

"Hey, my name's Amethie Freimutige. What's yours?" I extended my hand toward her.

She reluctantly gazed at me, then looked down on my hand. The girl slowly took my hand and shook it gently. "Name's Jaypee Kaplan. Nice to meet you, new classmate."

I pulled my hand away and placed it on my waist. "Jaypee Kaplan, huh? Isn't that a guy's name?"

Jaypee's cheek flushed from embarrassment. I sighed in slight annoyance. This was my first time encountering a female like her, and I just hope I will get along with her.

"It's what... my father and my mother gave me. Really don't mind about that." She nervously chuckled at the idea.

I raised my free hand in the air. "Well, at least you are fine with that."

I turned around and wave a hand toward her. "I will be off exploring. I will talk to you later."


I left the classroom and headed to the stairs. There was basically nothing to do right now, since it was still early. I checked the ground to see almost nobody on the floor. Gee, no one bothered to arrive early at the school. Not that I'm complaining or anything.

I sat down on the floor and sighed. The new girl seemed nice, but I don't think I can talk to her right now, considering how nervous she acted toward me.

Well, this was a good start for my first day. Let's just hope the others are good enough to get along.