The past seemed so distant now. So far away.

I could not even dwell into the past anymore. Strangely, I had let go on the end of the past few months ago. I never thought I will move on in that cycle of reminiscence. That one wish I wanted to be granted.

Why did I let go? I knew my past self will be mad at me for letting her go, along with the rest of the memories that somehow made me smile. Heh... Just thinking about it... It was my small, significant hope to continue living. Along with my wishful thinking about the men I admired before. I still do now, but not on the same level of admiration I had before.

The wish to go back in time so I can be happy again. The wish to be a little five year old girl, only caring about being happy and nothing else. To be ignorant to the world... to be accepted... to be loved... to be remembered...

That was my wish.

My former wish.

I let that go too. It was a stupid decision, right? To let go of your happiness while you move on with your life.

Time is cruel indeed.

Also is Life.

But Time and Life cannot top the kindest of them all: God.

I found out the reason why I keep living. His silence was a sign for me to keep moving and not give up my life away to fall in despair and loneliness. He indirectly wanted me to wait for His gift He was going to give to me.

And that was him.

We build up and forge a relationship that not even the toughest obstacle can tarnish the wall of our love to each other. There were times that we were close to give up, but our love is too strong to even go to that point.

So I am grateful to Him for giving me someone in my dream.

Not just a dream.

My only genuine wish... for myself... to be truly happy...

My past in on the distant years... I could never go back to it again.

But I can cling to something new.

And that is him, my wish that came true.

A/N: Just a short drabble inspired by the soundtrack Distant Years from Clannad.