A/N Just found this when clearing out my Documents. Not my best work, don;t even remember writing it, but thought I'd put it up anyway.


Not for you.


It's not about forgetting her,

Or hating her,

Ignoring her.

It's not about not wanting her.


It's not about being rude

To her or about her,

It's about finding to accept

That she's not yours.


It's not about the lying,

The crying,

The betrayal.

It's not about your little broken soul.


It's not about how many girls

You go through to get over her,

Or how it "doesn't matter" 'cause

They're "just not her".


It's about accepting that

It's always gonna hurt,

She's never coming back

And being okay with that.


You learn to be okay with

Feeling breathless when she talks

Even though you know

You've no right to say so.


You learn to be okay with

Her not sparing a second glance,

'Cause that way she cannot tell

How your heart is pounding fast.


You learn to be okay with

Wanting but not getting

And hating every soul

That she allows to touch her.


It's not about not wanting her,

Or your broken little soul

It's all about accepting that

She's never going to be yours.