Chloe grabs a book and walks over Lily who is reading in the corner of the library. She whispers "Lily what's going on between you and Charlie?"


"You know you can tell me. Charlie ain't telling me because everytime I ask she threatens me"

"She's an idiot"

"Sorta I guess but what did she do?"

Lily slams the book shut and stands up "Let's just say I am reconsidering our relationship" Chloe, completely stunned by her response follows Lily out the door. She shows a face of concern looking at Lily's saddened eyes. The girls exit the building and head outdoors.

Playing God by Paramore plays in the background of Charlie's room. Charlie starts combing her hair looking into the mirror whispering the lyrics "I know you don't believe me but the way I way I see it. Next time you point a finger I might have to bend it back and break it break it off..." She sighs deeply turning her attention to the bedroom door noticing her mother peer through. "Charlotte honey, I know you're having relationship troubles and if there's anything-"

"It's okay. Don't worry about it"

"But Charlotte-"

"It's okay mom. Don't worry about me when you have relationship troubles of your own. I suggest you look at yourself before anyone else" With that harsh comment, her mother quietly closes the door and leaves the house. The song changes and Charlie throw the comb across the room in complete frustration. "I'm such an idiot. I do everything wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!" she fires punches at the wall.

"What do you mean she responded wrong?" Chloe asks in a puzzled tone of voice. Lily takes a deep breath and glances over in the direction of Charlie's house. She clenches her fists "I said I loved her and she-She just said "Oh okay" and just acted like nothing happened" tears roll down Lily's cheeks as she loses the strength to hold it back. Chloe hugs her tightly and softly speaks "Charlie isn't like your average person. She locks up her affectionate feelings. Listen, I'll talk to her and you just go home okay?" Lily slowly nods and walks away.

Charlie slams the door behind her leaving the house. She fixs her collar walking towards the gate when she suddenly hears Chloe yelling in the distance "Charlie you biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch!" she throws a punch at Charlie making her fall to the ground. Charlie growls in anger sitting up "What the hell?!" Her arm wraps around her stomach from the damage caused by the forceful punch. Chloe glares at her angry friend in the eyes "What doing you think you're playing at?! Your girlfriend finally admitting that she loves you and you drop it! Are you actually stupid?!" Charlie stands up and moves her face a centimeter apart from Chloe's. Chloe studders blushing hard as she looks down trying to calm herself down "You were never good at confrontation despite acting so tough..." Charlie flicks Chloe's forehead "...I know I was wrong so calm yourself" Chloe turns around and mutters to herself making Charlie laugh.

Later that evening it begins to pour down with rain but that doesn't stop Charlie from banging on Lily's door at 9:45PM. "For the eighth time go home!" Lily yells from her window.

"No!" Charlie yells back "I want you to forgive me. The guilt is eating away at me and I miss you so much that I can't take it anymore"

Lily huffs and looks down at Charlie "It's only been three days"

"It feels like forever"

"Well that's your fault isn't it? "

"Lily I-"

"Charlie. Just go home before the weather gets any worse"

" No. I can't"

"Yes you can. Leave"

"Not I can't! I can't leave you alone"

"You can't even wait until morning when we're at school? "


Lily closes her window and sneaks downstairs with her housecoat on. Slowly opening the front door, she sees Charlie patiently waiting absolutely drenched from the rain. "Charlie you're an idiot"

"I know"

"You do realise that I wanted to break up with you on the spot?"

"Y-Yeah" a tear rolls down Charlie's cheek which blends with the raindrops. Charlie cares about Lily more than anyone she's ever known. She's not a fan of the girly lovey-dovey things but she felt it was absolutely necessary to e to know that Lily will forgive her. You will soon realise that Charlie can be soft inside. She just has alot of layers like a big gobstopper. But the only one that can crack it open is the people she cares about the most.

"But I won't" Lily holds her girlfriend close and softly whispers " I just love you too much to do that"

Charlie starts to shake not only because of the freezing weather she started crying on Lily's shoulder uncontrollably. Surprised, Lily looks at her girlfriend smiling reassuringly "Aw sweetie you're crying. You have emotions"

Charlie rolls her eyes "S-Shut up" she mutters and lies her head against Lily.

"Aw I'm sorry Charlotte"

"Shh" she looks up to kiss Lily but she turns away.

"Nope. You're drenched and I'm half way from forgiving you"

"But I-"

"It's okay. I'll see you tomorrow" She releases her and opens her door "Please go home"

Charlie quietly nods and wipes her eyes with her sleeve. She turns around and walks home through the soaking wet rain.