Welcome to the new learning environment, new friend,
and new experiences in the UNS,
especially in English Department of Sebelas Maret University.

[TEXT]A brief story of student's life

The routinities, noises, even the sleepy students, students playing games, or some folks who are busy updating their facebook statuses, are common when we are having classes in English Department.

[recalling, interested]
One fun activity in campus is when we are having a presentation. The students are required to be able to replace the rule of the lecturer to deliver the materials.
Learning in groups becomes a necessity in apprehending the materials easier. But it does not guarantee you to become a prominent student.

[advising but underestimating]
Do not be surprised, you must prepare yourself to receive a lot of assignments, exams, or presentation which have very tight deadlines. Complaining these things won't hasten your studying process. In fact, these will build you to be a more competitive student. Just enjoy the process, and make sure you finish all of the assignments because it is a part of your student's life.

[TEXT]Let's take a look at the studying activities...

Smiles, laughs, jokes, accompany us through the easiest and hardest parts of our academic life. Sometimes we excel in one subject but fail at the other. Confusions, emptiness, doubts often make us not feel like study and do our homeworks. However, friends always redeem us from our miserable feelings...

[TEXT]english department productions presents a new way of life blablabla

[plain, uninterested]
Jojo is now a 7th semester student of English Department. He came from Sukoharjo and lives in a boarding house behind the university. He is stylish and easy going. He is a type of person who enjoys his life very much. Jojo is a representation of the common college students. He prefers having fun to studying hard. What he does in his boarding house are just browsing facebook, playing video games, and doing nothing. His favourite activity is playing games... [signaling]
until he met his princess charming...

[read slowly with long pauses]
Anggun is the name of the young lady whom he fell in love to. They made a good couple. They always go together. Day by day, the sentiment became a feeling of love and affection.

[usual narration]
Jojo won't be the same person as he used to be. He is now more active in class. he contributes a lot more in developing a fruitful discussion. If love brings you to be a better person, why not "pick up" it gracefully?

Unlike Jojo who is a portrayal of a plain student, Ikke Verlita, can be categorized as an ideal college student.
She attends the lectures, joins organizations, and becomes an announcer in MettaFM radio. She helps her parents' finance by independently pays her own needs. Although she is an active student, she never forgets her duty as the child of her family. This shows us that we can do everything, achieve everything we want by understanding priority and managing time wisely.

His name is Edwi Mardiyoko. He came from Matesih, Karanganyar. Edwi is not an ordinary student. He has a tight schedule because he attends a lot of activities that he believes it will not only useful for him but also for the society. He self-proclaimed himself... the campus activist.

In the English Department Community, EDCOM, he once be the most important position. Yes, he is the former EDCOM president. He is also appointed as the Advocation Staff of Internal Affair Department in Student Excecutive Board in FSSR.

He can manage his time. Attending both lectures and organizations actiivities, he is a good example of a successful campus activist. Edwi has a motto "Do not be a successful person, be a precious person."

There are so many new experiences in college life. A lot of possibilities of what you will be, what you wanna be, what you want to achieve, etc. So many friends for being a role model of an ideal student. Just stick to your personality and find what kind of a college student is appropriate for you. Be diligent, active, and extraordinary!