The constant sound of my alarm clock was rivaled only by the voice of my mother. Of course in an attempt to ignore them both I promptly turned over and hid my head beneath my pillow. Sadly my refuge was quickly stolen away as my mother lifted my pillow and discarded somewhere across the room.

"Jin, you need to get up." she informed me. I sat up and used the back of my hand to rub the sleep gunk from my eyes. "I am not letting you miss another day of school due to oversleep." With that final statement she left the room to return tending to breakfast.

I turned over once more, slapping blindly at my alarm clock until I connected with something and the sound stopped filling my room. Once I could think again, I located my glasses laying on the bedside table and put them on so I was able to see things much clearer once more.

Early mornings were not my strong suit. I don't see why I need to go to school anyways. My class consisted of maybe four other kids by now. The rest having discovered their Scribe Ink many years ago. So now all these people were trying to do was instill some hope into us that we may still hold the Ink. However, I and the rest of these people in my class were doubtful, and angry the teachers beat it into our heads that we still could possibly grow up to be a Scribe.

That aside I grabbed my newly washed clothing and changed before running down the stairs. My mother was down there, as expected, making me a healthy helping of some porridge.

"Look at your hair" She tsked as she slid the porcelain bowl across the table. "If you are going to wear it long, stop letting it be wild like this." As I just ignored her and started to eat she was taking a brush to my hair, and eventually started to braid it. She did this sort of thing often, fussing with my appearance and all.

"Jin, don't let the talk at school get you down. I know you will make a great man even if you don't turn out to be a Scribe" she tugged my hair gently so I was looking up into her face. "Just like your father."

I grunted, pushing my head down once more to get what was left in my bowl. She would always compare me to my father, a man I never knew. I knew the truth, I was a bastard son. So why did she keep bringing him up? I didn't care really, I would still humor her.

"I know, Mom" I muttered after a long silence as I pushed the dirty bowl away from my face and moved to stand. "I am going to head out now, I'll buy lunch at school today" I stated quickly, then grabbed the messenger bag containing things for school.

"Alright Jin, I am working late tonight, you will need to let yourself in." she said before she went into the other room. I gave her a nod, despite her inability to see it now then left the home.

It was a chilly day, that was to be expected on these early days of November. I took off down the sidewalk. Days like this were great days to think, I would think about my life.. my future. I seemed to be doing that more so the older, and closer I got to the cut off point. You see, starting at the age of ten, young people could possibly discover, or uncover their Scribe Ink. An energy that controls a power, these things can range from creating and controlling fire, to something like being able to infuse one's Ink into protective items. 'Specific and Vauge at the same time' my teachers said. That is how they described these powers. People with these powers were called Scribes and made up many positions in society but that was beside the point now. When someone reached the age of sixteen the window to discover the Ink at all, if you even have it, closes and the person in question will never be a Scribe. I sighed, I was fifteen already, not leaving me much time to uncover the Ink. At least I had a back-up plan, I had been thinking a great amount about it. I could be a librarian. That seemed right for me.

I shoved my hands deeper into my coat pocket and picked up my pace, the faster I was able to get to school, the faster I would be inside and out of the biting wind. Good thing I didn't live far from school, a ten minute walk if you felt like being efficient, so I soon saw the building and broke into a run. I pushed gently through the small crowd of younger students gathered outside to pull open the door and slide inside.

"Hey, Jin" I was greeted, "You're early, always." I turned to face a brunette boy with freckles. A kid from the grade below me.

"Matthew, no need to poke fun at punctuality" I said. I would admit I was rather bitter, not in the mood for any interaction for a bit. At least until I was fully awake. I seemed to get this message across because Matthew ducked his head and continued down the hall toward his classroom.

I let out a long breath through my teeth then went down the hall until I got to the last door, went inside and set down my bag in my chair. The teacher was in, reading the paper. He didn't bother to regard me so I sat down and decided to wait out the half hour until classes started.

The day was about as eventful as any other, there was notable thing. Today a man came in talking about alternate career choices other then being a Scribe. He stressed how important shopkeepers, doctors and scientists are. I took a few notes, genuinely intrigued by this, but at the same time the reality of everything was crushing.

The day ended and the bells rang. I packed up my things and left the building. The crowd outside now was much more then it had been this morning, as the temperature had risen about ten degrees. Many of the younger children were gathered around a tall figure. I grimaced at him before quickly attempting to walk by with no use.

" Ey, Jin" that obnoxious voice sneered. As I tried to ignore him there was stinging pain pain in the back of my neck followed by the gentle patter of a stone against the pavement. I was forced to turn and give him my attention.

I was greeted by the smug face of Landon, whom was about my age. Blessed with discovering his Scribe Ink held a spectacular power, at least on show. That seemed to have all gone yo his head during his training.

"You still going here Jin?" he asked with a covered chuckle "A bastard and a normal person I see." I briefly contemplated the consequences of spitting at him. But I particularly enjoyed the contents of my bag and wished for them to remain in tack. So I again ignored him.

"I am talking to you Jin!" he erupted suddenly, trudging over and picked me up my the sides of my shirt. "Why do you always do this to me, hmm? All I want is some attention, Jin" he said, in a voice possibly mocking disappointment. I rolled my eyes.

"Landon, why not put me down and just continue the show. That is all your Ink is good for after all." I stated in a near monotone, not looking forward to put up with this today.

"Why you-" he growled, but something in him clicked. A frown fell across him face and he set me down. "I am a Scribe now. Too mature to fall into your games." he stated before returning to the crowd.

I wondered what triggered this sudden change in personality, my eyes fell on a bearded man watching Landon. Probably his mentor. I let out a laugh, silently wishing this an good luck with Landon's ego.

I had decided to stop by the local store and pick myself something up, seeing as my mother would be out I would be fending for myself with dinner after all. It wasn't too far from the school, but it did enter a bit into the shadier parts of town. Not that anything was wrong with them in reality, just the high rising buildings and lack of light always made me shudder.

But that was beside the point. I walked into the small shop, preferring it over the larger stores, and browsed near mindlessly. I picked up a bag of chips, and a can of soda. I looked up toward the register. Someone was making their way there, so I decided I pick up one more thing while I wanted for them to be done.

But before I could there was a scream, my head shot up seeing the woman behind the counter, standing frozen and trembling as the man at the counter held a slender stick so close to her chest, His stylus. I clenched my jaw, this man was a scribe, and obviously had a motive and goal in mind here. I wanted to do something, but at the same time I didn't. The problem with Scribes, you never know what they are capable of with that stylus, the form of channeling their ink.

Thoughts charged through my mind along with adrenaline. My reasoning power lowered as I was drawn to do something. So I did.

In a show of sheer stupidity I ran at the guy, jumping to throw my arms around his neck. I must say I have seem to have taken him by surprise, but he recovered quickly. The man used his free hand and tossed me over his shoulder, into a rack of candy, then wheeled around to point the long piece of plastic at me.

"Don't be a hero, boy." he said in smooth voice, as if trying to do something to change my mind. I did however, at the moment realize how stupid I had been. Picked a fight with a Scribe of unknown rank or power over the right to purchase some chips and soda. How would I get myself out of this one...

He stood there pointing the stylus at me a moment longer before he turned back to the girl behind the counter and demanded she give him the money in the register, along with the pieces of jewelery she was wearing. He spun again, regarding me once more.

"Empty your bag" he said nodding his head up. I moved with shaky hands and flipped open the bag before dumping the contents on the floor, all while looking at him. He looked through the papers and books, obviously finding nothing valuable to him. This seemed to anger him as he raised his hand and slapped me hard across the face. The pain burning into my cheek quickly. In fact it was burning through my whole body. That burning sensation centralized in my back, I started feeling light headed.

Perhaps this is the reason these next events were so quick and hard to remember. I felt a release, then surge of power. It was hard to see but these golden chains, at least I think they were chains, were sprouting from my back. They seemed to whip around as they wrapped around this man as he had gotten up and backed away. They seemed to squeeze him, as he made almost an inhumane noise before he was tossed away, through the front window and into the wall of a building on the opposite end of the road.

I tried to stand as these chains, whatever they were receded rather painfully into my back. I was shaking violently, but I had to see what had happened to this would be robber. I didn't have to go far to see the after math. The broken window, and the crumpled head across the street. I could see it from here, he had hit his head on that wall and-... and...

My body seized up, I had tunnel vision on this one image. That man was trying to rob a store but... but that gave me no right to... what had just happened anyway...

My mind went blank then.

As I possibly just killed a man.