The alarm clock again. I almost felt at home as it went off. I had woken about a half an hour ago and just lain there. But now that beeping of the clock told me that had to stop. I turned over and turned the noise off before blindly fishing the side table for my glasses. Once I found them I slid them on and out of bed, going to get ready.

I knew I had training today, after that breakthrough on that mission with Dimitri about a week ago they had been drilling me, it was really getting boring now. Write with the stylus, summon a solo chain that would sprout from my back and do it's thing before I would make it go away.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a muffin for breakfast. My training sessions weren't normally until noon, as Dimitri now had sessions with Fubuki as well. Social sessions or something, I had no idea what he did with the girl, not that I really cared.

I walked down one of the hall, pinching off parts of my muffin and tossing them in my mouth. I was so entranced in my food I nearly bumped into someone. She was smaller then me, and it was odd, seeing as people called me small. She stared up at me and I stared back. She was rather pretty, short ginger hair and freckles. What was I doing? Why was I looking at her, I didn;t even know her.

"Oh I'm sorry." I suddenly forced the words out, they sounded rushed.

"It's alright. Are you Jin?" she asked, looking up at me as I did an awkward step around her.

"Uhm... Yeah I am." I stated a bit surprised that she knew my name, though I was sure many people knew my name with how Dimitri shouted it in the halls when he was looking for me. Really what was up with that man?

"My name is Monica, Barly sent me to find you. You have an early morning training session." She stated. I blinked but nodded as she spun and made a motion for me to follow.

"Why Barly though? I train with Dimitri-"

"Your mentor is not fit to teach this lesson alone. They will explain" Monica cut me off as she took me back outside to the sand we commonly trained on. I noticed Dimitri and Mr. Barly there. Dimitri was poking at the man, he seemed to be highly amused.

"I brought him." Monica said, ducking behind Mr. Barly.

"Yes, Thank you, Monica." The man said before he faced me head on "So you have met my former apprentice Monica. She has graduated to full scribe some months ago." obviously he felt introductions were in order.

"Today those two will work on your Ink control." Dimitri chimed in.

"Why won;t you teach me?" I was highly uncomfortable working with someone else, two people in fact, people I had no idea what their ink could do. Least I had an idea with Dimitri.

The russian smiled and raised a hand, then pulled down his sleeve revealing the bracelet. Seeing them now I knew what they were. Limiters.

"Mr. Karenin is not the best at controlling his power." Mr. Barly started "With ink as powerful as his that needs to be monitored." he finished.

"While Eugene here has a useless ink yet he has the best control in the country!" Dimitri again chimed in to where he might not be needed.

"Hey, why don;t you shut up, Dimitri!" The tall man spun around to face my mentor. "It's not useless, just not combat." Barly huffed and ran fingers through his dark hair. "I apologize Jin" this man had some mood swings.

"Monica, did you get what I asked?" the girl nodded, producing the remote device.

"Jin, I am going to deactivate your limiters for a short period of time. Stay calm" with that he fiddled with the remote before there was this... sudden rush. It was odd really, I could never feel the limiter working, but now that it had been activated the difference was vast. Everything rushing back was making me dizzy.

This must have been anticipated, Monica was already at my side. "Work with it." she was saying. I picked up on it fully maybe after the third time she said it. She then produced her stylus. I copied her doing the same.

"Monica knows what she is doing. She was my apprentice. Follow her, Dimitri and I will be here in case anything go wrong." Mr. Barly was saying, but my eyes were focused on the piece of plastic in my hands.

"You will need to release the pent up Ink. Slow, go slow."

Why were things getting harder? I was doing fine with the level of Ink I was artificiality put at. There was no slow release, no dizzy feeling as I tried to manage this level of Ink once more as well as not just have it all come at once. I was never told what would happen if I allowed it to, but I assumed it would be similar to the night...

I took some breaths, moving to watch Monica out of the corner of my eye. The lack of focus hit me, in a way. God was I stupid. Everything sort of bunched in my torso are. There was a jolt, and a wave. It wasn't painful, but it was overwhelming. I shouted as all that feeling rushed out of my back. Leaving those chains of mine were present, and seemed rooted in the ground.

I was breathing heavily, yet unable to move. Not because I wasn't allowed too, but because I didn't want too.

"Good." Mr. Barly said. In this state I was in, Shock or fear I suppose, his voice sounded far away. "Stay calm, Jin." he reminded me, stepping forward. I looked up at him. "You'll be fine" he obviously was picking up on how scared I was.

"What I want you to do now, is try to only keep two around." he was looking into my eyes, he wanted me to try something like that? But I was... I was I can't control this many. I wanted to ask how, but O realized know one would know how. Each ink power was unique, so no one knew how my ink worked but me. Though I didn't even know.

I moved my stylus with shaking hands. If this is what they wanted me to do, I would try. Though nothing happened. I tried to move my feet, but the chains really were anchored to the ground and stopped me from moving. I didn't want this. I could tell I was starting to panic. Breaths came short, my body was shaking more as my movements with the Stylus became more manic.

"Jin? Jin! You need to calm down!" Barly's words did nothing to soothe me, even though I wanted them too. The panic was just getting worse. I felt it, they had started to move, my ink was reacting to me, but beyond control.

Then it all stopped, accompanied by a pain in my back as all that ink was recalled back into the limiter. The chains were gone and I dropped to my knees.

My focus was elsewhere, but I was able to pick up Mr. Barly's words to Monica and Dimitri.

"His cowardice for his ink will make this a long process."

Hours had passed since the training session. I was just ignoring everything, sitting in the4 study room reading a book. But Monica found me.

"Hey Jin." I wanted to ignore her, but something about her was hard to ignore. That and I decided maybe I should make friends if I was going to be training here a long time. I closed the book and looked at her.

"Hello." was all I said to her. She smiled and took the seat next to me. "You did well today."

"I can;t even handle the simplest thing-"

"That's because you just got use of your ink. Your like a child learning to walk. You will have problems. I was like that at the start too." I blinked at this.

"You were... afraid?"I asked, now interested.

"Yes, I assume every new scribe is" she commented, sitting back with a smile. "But once you master it it's a great feeling"

I sat there, listening to her, talking with her about scribes, then the most random of things. Such as Dimitri and Mr. Barly's relationship. Monica seemed convinced they should just get married.

After what seemed like a long time I stood up and stretched. I could make friends easily if I actually attempted. That and well, Monica was just very easy to get along with. As I was stretching Mr. Barly came in the room, he had his tablet back in hand, when he saw us he smiled. Not in a friendly way, more in a 'now I know who to dump this work on' kind of way.

"Ah, Jin, Monica." he said, strolling to meet us. "It is good to see you too"

"What do you want us to do, Eugene?" Monica cut him off, I guessed being his apprentice made her immune to his sort of charm.

The man sighed, seemingly disappointed that his golden tongue had been seen through. However he could still get us to do what he wanted being our superior.

"I need you too to go out into town and pick up a few things. This kid Dimitri brought back..." he trailed off as Monica stared at him. "Here's the list. Stick together, some people in this town do not take lightly to scribes."

"I know, I have run enough errands for you" She grabbed the paper with one hand and my arm with the other "Let's get going before it gets dark."

I walked next to Monica, buildings towered over us. Big cities, I was used to them. Monica was humming some song I was unable to place. She had a bag of supplies in her arms, mostly clothing. It wasn't evening yet, but the clouds had covered the sun casting everything in a sort of gloomy light. It was also rather silent. We walked along, only stopping when Monica stopped.

"You hear that?" I did, a sound from the alley. Like heavy breathing. This sort of thing happened often, least where I used to live.

"Just try to ignore it" I told her, starting to walk forward, hoping to get back to the building before dinner was served. I stopped.

I heard a... scream? A woman's scream. I turned to see Monica's face. I shook my head at her, nothing good ever happened at alleys. She stared back at me, catching my eyes before she dropped the bag onto the floor, whipped out her stylus, then ran into the alley.

I cursed, grabbed my own stylus and followed her in. I was greeting by a man and woman who just grinned, as another man stepped behind us to block our path.

"Look what we have here" said the man.

"A rag tag pair of scribes" finished the woman, slapping a metal pipe in her hands.

At this I provided a wonderful observation.

"We're fucked."