Henry: *coming home from school*

dylan: *reading book when sit on rocking chair relax*

austin and dustin: alright we got aced! as A+
Sunny: *comes in* Cool and how's your day, Henry?
Henry: *look at Sunny and look down sadly* I don't want to talk about it

jin: uh oh...*look at sunny then look at henry* all right we understand
dylan: *hears henry* mm?
Henry: *Sighed and sadly and goes to his room and lie down his front on the bed*

jin: guess he had bad day today, guys
dylan: *sighs and put book away then get up*
Cecil: *coming home from the school bus* Guess what? I got an invitation to my friend's B-Day party!

dylan: oh that's nice
Cecil: *look at Dylan* Where are you going?
dylan: oh, i just going to checking on henry
hadi: *talking to jin ryu* i thought ya wanted to stop reincarnate, jin when mom talked with ya long time ago
Jin R.: Well I do but where's Kin? Is she/he dead yet?

kin: i am here, jin and i was with ya all years as ghost/spirit, silly our son is alive remember?
Jin R.: Oh yeah I remembered that, he told me that he was freed from the dragon curse
kin: *nods* yes but what about henry?

hadi: we doing best to help him free of vern's curse
Jin R.: I don't know, it's his problems. I don't know a lot about this Shadow curse

hadi: that's why my mom talked with selene long time ago and selene say she will see if there is way to help him oh your son dating my sister, ha on few months heehee
Jin R.: *look at Hadi* Really? That's good, I'm proud of him *smiles*

hadi: *nods* yep he's happy with her
kin: *smiles*
dylan: *knocking on henry's door*
Henry: *sniffs* What?

dylan: is it alright i come in, henry?
Henry: Sure...

dylan: *open door then comes in and closes door* well, great nephew, i noticed ya look troubled *walks to him then sits on bed*
Henry: Yeah..I know. The moment I got into school, I started being called as a monster or freak. This girl named, Yona, stepped up in front of me and told me nasty things at me. She mocks my hands and arms on the dark side if they're gonna grow any bigger to make me look like a bad guy. My cousin, Shun, wasn't helping at me at all. He mocks at me too.

dylan: *sighs* ohh reminds me about your grandpa's past but what about kimmy?
Henry: Kimmy? I-I-I don't notice her

dylan: well, i noticed how she liked ya years *chuckles little* but ya kept look away from her

kimmy: why ya being mean at henry? ya act like demon as not angel maybe they will think ya are not angel because ya are not nice
Yona: Well, Angels despise evil
kimmy: *rolls eyes* do angels bully people? no! . # still! MAYBE!
Yona: Dark Angels do..besides. I can be on both sides.

kimmy: ya still not angel anymore and many ya are not fit for angel caller ya act like…spoiled brat that's not yona i knew *crosses arms* that is wrong to bully people still
Yona: Well, I was chosen to be caller, last time I helped him was reviving him back to life. I don't care what you think of me and we are not friends anymore!
kimmy: ya should better know what? but ya helped him then why ya bullied him at school! yona! ya know me years henry's not demon remember?

Yona: I don't like his energy and ugh..I had enough of this. Good. Bye. *walks away*
kimmy: but, yona! *makes her freeze*

Yona: *did not freeze because she's an angel caller*
kimmy: but ya don't get it, yona! we are friends years but i thought ya do care for friends not bully!i*grabs her* told ya many times he's not evil because he have problem with curse but ya did not listen! i thought we agree to be nice at henry remember?

Yona: I don't care anymore. Like I said. I don't like his energy...*leaves her*
kimmy: but, yona...! *sighs*

flint: whoa, what's her deal?

kimmy: i dunno...but she just don't like him because "she's don't like his energy" and she don't' want to make truce with henry
flint:…well...she's angel caller but it's new to see her bully people but let her go what she wants until she will be realize someday

kimmy: but!

flint: shush, give her space and give her time when she need calm down, kimmy

kimmy: i know i know but she says she don't want be friends with me anymore….*sniffs* she's changed

flint: ouch! not cool...*sighs* not worry she will friends with ya when ya gals ail forgive each other later or soon i am sure she will be fine

kimmy:….*look down*all right...
-Next Day in School-
*bell rings*
Henry: *walks into school, looking depress*
kimmy: *walks with flint then noticed henry*
Damien: *walk into school as in his dead form as ghost*
Shun: Haha! *pulls someone's underwear*
Damien: *sees Henry and evilly smirked and he walks up to Henry*
principal: i won't allow ya call bad names or mock to henry if ya want deletion
Henry: *sees Damien coming and gasps* DAMIEN!
kimmy: *sees damien and walk in to front of damien* don't ya have enough to bother him?!
flint: *pounces shun*
Damien: *chuckles* I came back, from this terrible world called, The Nega World...so Shadow Caller *sees Kimmy* No
Shun: *turns around and sees Flint* Do you want me to pull your tankies?!
kimmy: ya shouldn't have to stop haunt him *stand up at Damien* just leave him alone and maybe i was wrong about yare not my boyfriend * takes henry inside to get away from Damien*
flint: hahah bring it on, cutie
kimmy: let's ignore silly damien, henry
Damien: *look at Kimmy and ignores her and goes back to Henry* Now Henry, I got a deal. The demons will help you to get rid of your curse forever
kimmy: huh?
Henry: I don't have time for deals! *pushes Damien out of the way*
kimmy: *thinks in mind* why boys always ignore me *sighs*
flint: come on, shun we can plan to hang out
Damien: Hmm well then, do you want to know a simple thing when you're on that side of the family? Well...they fatten you up to make you look healthy, dressed you like their butler, and probably in the end, you'll more likely will die
Shun: No .*

kimmy: stop make him depressing, damien! he's not butler and he's nice ya know!
Henry: *sighed softly* I don't want to die..*walks away*

kimmy: ohh henry...*look at damien* why ya kept make him sad?
Damien: Because I'm a devil
Flint: aww why not, shun?
kimmy: *rolls eyes* but ya are ghost now, not devil anymore *sighs* i always wish ya and yona should stop bully Henry

Damien: Hold on, I am hail from the Demon and they chose me as their caller
kimmy: well, yare not demon caller anymore because ya are ghost, damien remember? but ya just "demon ghost" and they always follow ya because ya are their ghost leader
Damien: Well, I've guessed so..*nods**sees more superheroes and villains in the hallway, bothering Henry* Or not so much, maybe Yona got her influence from the other bullies

kimmy: *sighs*….not again…. i told yona to stop bully him many times but she did not listen
Damien: Yep *nods*

princpal: students! stop bothering him! what's wrong with ya kids?!.* look, kids we talked before about him and look, ya know bully is wrong *to yona* i going talk with your parents AGAIN! ya will go deteion again and it isn't matter how ya don't like his "enegry" but stop it!
*kids chattering and they all went to class*
kimmy: i thought angels supposed be nice but yona's act like that not angel, damien *walk to classes*
Henry: *backs up against the wall and ran to class*
flint: *goes with shun into class*
Henry: *continues to cry in bed*

dylan: *hears crying and comes in to room* henry...?
Henry: I can't take it anymore!
dylan: *sighs and goes to him then sit on bed* yona again?
Henry: *nods* Any other kids in school *put his face on the pillow*

dylan: ohh that yona made them do that again i see *sighs again then calms him* she's just not understand, great nephew
Henry: *muttering and cries again*
Melanie: *look at his medicine* I gave him the medicine but the medicine won't make him feel better
dylan: ohhh great nephew... *look at melanie* it was not medicine, it was that angel caller yona and her "friends" at school made him sad
jin: i thought we told them to stop make him sad when we explained at them
dylan: yes but yona made kids thinks he's bad to them because "energy" thing
jin: oh man what's wrong with yona? i thought she was nice like angel but now she's not angel anymore
dylan: *sighs*
Melanie: And also, I heard he killed some superheroes because the superheroes don't have the ghost DNA to resist the death touch
dylan: *calms henry*

jin: but we did explained at them about touch when they were careful but they didn't listen long time ago, we did told principal about this and principal told them be careful
Melanie: *nods* *sighed* Just leave him alone, he'll come down for dinner when he's ready

jin: *sighs too* kids should listen and careful huh *goes with melanie to kitchen*
hadi: *to dylan* maybe henry need day off as skip school tomorrow, mom
dylan: i know, hadi... i will stay with henry to comfort him
hadi: all right *goes to kitchen*
Melanie: Hmm..*shrugs* Ok *goes into the kitchen*
Henry: *still in bed for a long time*

dylan: *stays with him* henry...ya have family and kimmy who cares about ya ya know? *smiles at him*
Henry: *sighed and turned to the other side of the bed and looked away from Dylan*

dylan: ...*blinks and sighs* umm is there anything cheer ya up? *hold up fox plushie* ya always love this fox right? *look at him and hopes selene be appear soon*
Henry: *sighed and he closes his eyes to sleep*

dylan:...*sighs and put fox next him* all right...night great nephew but remember, your father wanted ya be happy*kisses on his head for goodnight and walks away* hmm where is selene we need?
jin: ah how's henry doing, mom?
dylan: *sighs* he's still sad as not good
jin: next year he will "gone" but how we save him from depressing?
Melanie: *sighed* Maybe school is too much for him?
dylan: well, because yona and her bully friends are too much for him, yes
jin: guess hadi was right about give him day off to get away from school for while
dylan: *sighs* guess so
jin: kimmy tried to help henry but they don't stop bully him huh...
dylan: i know
Melanie: I don't know, it's his life though. I don't know why I'm not dead yet because I don't have the curse. Maybe dark girls weren't meant to have the curse, boys were
dylan: maybe, melanie but do ya seen selene? she supposed be here
jin: we don't know where is she, mom
jung: wait…what IF we turn him into intersex to broken curse?
jin: no, no, jung...but nice try
Melanie: I don't know where's Selene, Henry hasn't called her yet
dylan: maybe i going visit to see her then and i think he just don't want her worrying about him
jin: guess that could explain why
dylan: keep eye on henry, ok? i worry if he get dying by depressing
jin: we will do our best
Dylan: *nods and teleport to see selene*
jin: *goes to henry's room to check on him*
hadi: what we doing with yona?
*Henry disappeared from his room*
jung: well, it's her problem and maybe use nightmare for her *shrugs*
jin: ah! *to everyone* henry's disappeared!
*everyone said WHAT?*
dylan: *appears* she's not in her home...what's wrong?
jin: well, mom he's disappeared!
dylan: *facepalm* did ya check on portals sealed?
jung: we did but how?
Melanie: *comes into the room quickly and check the window* He ran out from the window*
hadi: he can teleport, duh!

dylan: *goes to melanie* what ya checking...ohh he ran out of window but we locked window...
jin: *sweatdrop* guess he unlocked it
dylan: *sighs and look around for henry's footprints*
Melanie: Now we'll never know where he is! *sighed*
dylan: *floats* calm down, guys and search this outside area *flies to senses to find henry*
jin: great i wish he shouldn't run away...
Melanie: *nods* Ok! *flies out through the window and search for Henry*
mu: *flies too*

*Everyone does ditto*

kimmy: *look up at nightsky at her window and sighing then making wish to bright star**wishing yona or her bully friends stop bully and help henry be happy*

Melanie: *flying toward Kimmy who was the bright star*

kimmy: *blinks and open window* hello! is that ya, umm henry's aunt?
Melanie: Have you seen Henry? He's missing!

kimmy: what? oh no….i knew it and i told yona not do bully but sorry i don't know where is he and i wanna to help to find him! i going out, mom for bit! *close window and goes outside*
Melanie: *blinks*

kimmy: maybe he is in woods or park where we met him, ma'am
Melanie: Not sure, but the others are checking there too

kimmy: okay *goes with melanie*
dylan: *walks to where he went* great nephew?
Henry: *leaving the border of California to Arizona by teleporting every 10 miles*
Henry: *on the train across the midwest to east*
Melanie: *sighed* No sign of him
mu: *comes back to them* i found him but...
kimmy: hmm?
Melanie: What happened?

mu: he did teleported out of this states then now he riding on train
Melanie: *sighed* Which train?

kimmy: and don't ya pick him up?
mu: well, arizona train and if i pick him up then he will run away or teleport away
kimmy: ohh good point...
Melanie: True..oh well .we'll lose him forever
mu: not worry i know where he went but he want space to need time
kimmy: don't ya take us to him?
mu: i do but ya know henry want to be alone for moment
mu: i going follow him to keep eye on him
kimmy: ok...be careful, mu
mu: *nods at them and flies back to follow henry*
Melanie: I think he already switch trains by now

mu: not worry i did put tracker on his back hood and so i can follow him, melanie *flying*
Melanie: *nods* Ok

kimmy: i hope henry come back, ma'am...
-4 months later-Winter-
Henry: *arrives to New York and sighed*
mu: *invisible and keeping eye on henry for months*

Henry: *look in the sky and saw snow falling very fast and he quickly ran to shelter*
mu: *dodges snow falling and goes follow him into shelter*

Henry: *He begins to feel very cold and slightly weak due to hunger pains*

*a familiar figure walks into the abandon apartment when he saw Henry*
mu: *look at him and thinking then goes store to bought food or blanket * *comes back to him but secretly put food/blanket next his shelter without notice but put note on it as it say "help poor from helper " *noticed figure comes when still invisible*?

Yasuo: *comes in and sees Henry was down and sad with grief* Henry? Is that you?

mu: *glads relieved to see yasuo*
Henry: *looks up and sees Yasuo as not surprise* Yasuo? Y-you're here? I thought you're in Colorado
Yasuo: I'm not, I graduated from college and work here as an employer
Henry: And?
Yasuo: Currently studying to become a nurse
mu: *listening and smiles at yasuo*
Henry: *smiles slightly* I see..
Yasuo: *sees Henry's appearance* You don't look well...*sees the supplies over the side* Is that yours?
mu: *facepalm and sweatdrop*
Henry: *look at the supplies* No...*coughs from cold* *suddenly he quickly stood up* Someone's after me...and I'll explain later if you can get me shelter
Yasuo: Ok...*bring Henry to his new apartment, clean home*
mu: *follow them*
Yasuo: So... you ran away from bullying and all those nonsense?

mu: *nods and floating but still invisible*

Henry: *nods* Yes I ran away from bullying and I believed it's four months now since I ran away.
Yasuo: Do you want me to take you home?
Henry: But you don't have the money to take me home and I don't want to go back home.
mu: ...*look at them and listening*
Yasuo: *sighed* And what happened if you do go back home?
Henry: Like I said, I don't want to go back home. If I come back, all the drama will start again and also, I'm wondering they're be mad at me.
mu: *facepalm*
Yasuo: *sighed* Well..and-?
Henry: I don't think Uncle Sunny likes me at all *whines*

Yasuo: Ah I see...so anyway, what's that in your backpack?
Henry: My backpack? Just a picture of my father and me and a fox that I always loved.
mu: ...*understand how henry miss his father*
Henry: Yes and I'm a kid, not a real teen boy as I should be
Yasuo: Can you call Selene and Scumhunt?
Henry: I've tried but they wouldn't come somehow. I must have been far from home.
mu: *blinks*
Yasuo: Seems like it and also,- *suddenly Henry reacts to something*
Henry: Oh I forgot my medicine *groans* Now I'm never gonna feel better .
Yasuo: What kind of medicine?
Henry: I went to a mental hospital and some doctors prescribed me some medicine that'll make my mind feel better
Yasuo: I assume the medicine is not the only way to make you feel better but what you're missing here is love.
Henry: What love?
mu: *nods at yasuo*
Yasuo: Love as a relationship you see, I have a girlfriend you know and I loved her. Do you have one?
Henry: Well, I'm fourteen and I don't have one.
Yasuo: Well *shrugs*
mu: *sweatdrop*
Henry: But still I'm not coming back home and you're not going to make me.

Mu:*shakes head but worrying about henry*
Yasuo: I see and you're not gonna be here that long?
Henry: I won't stay with you, but I will continue to travel wherever the wind takes me to..*walks out through the door* But anyway, thanks for the dinner...*teleports*
Yasuo: *sighed and sits back* You're welcome...

mu: *visible* he made misunderstands…huh
Yasuo: *looks behind him and saw Mu* Mu!
mu: yes it's me but he ignored "love" and kimmy who likes him but family worried about him when they tried find him*sighs*
Yasuo: Shouldn't you be stopping him?

mu: IF i stop him then he will keep run away from me believe me, i tried before
Yasuo: Wow, good luck with that..
mu: i know...that's why i stay follow him to make sure he's safe months *sighs* i know family worried about him and ya heard he said he don't want go back home because he don't want drama
Yasuo: Hmm...

mu: well, i don't know why selene or scumhunt won't come to him but we figure they give him space when he need time to calm down until he will come home and it's little hard to get him understand *look at watch* i better go before he disappear but we worried about him if he will get dying when he get sad until dead in future...*teleport to henry and invisible*

-San Diego-
Melanie: *walking back and forth* It has been months!

dylan: *talkin on phone* it's yasuo... henry visited at yasuo' home, melanie but he left
jung: isn't it time we go meet him?
dylan: ya know he will run away from us again
jung: oh right...
dylan: yasuo said henry having misunderstandings

Melanie: He left! *sighed* And also, every time when he runs away, he got hurt.

dylan:not worry mu's with him safe, melanie but yes we worry about him i know yasuo said henry having misunderstandings
jung: ohh man i thought he is smart to understanding
dylan: well, he says he don't know "love" *sighs*
Melanie: Well..he did not go to public school...
dylan: well, i did let principal know about this and so his tests or homework are on hold hiatus
Melanie: *sighed*
jung: i hope that she calls her "angel-caller" be happy about this. now she ruined his life
dylan: be nice, jung
jung: don't ya see how she did this to bully him at school?!
dylan: she just don't understand ya know
jung: hmph
Melanie: *sighed* Let's keep our hope for him...
dylan: *nods agree and sighs* i hope mu stay with him to be sure he's safe...

kimmy: i don't go out, flint! because yona did this to henry and sorry flint i will take check rain *walk away and sighs*

flint: aw come one, kimmy ya know she just misunderstood i am sure

kimmy: tell henry about this but i don't' like bullies
flint: *sighs* ok ok...

-Winter in Canada in the next month-
mu: *invisible still to stay with henry*
Henry: *becomes colder and stopped moving and falls down*
mu: ! *goes to henry and check him if he still alive*

Henry: *coughs and he closes his eyes*

mu: *visible* henry...
Henry: *feels like his powers were eating his body and continues to cough a little more during the snowstorm*

mu: oh no.. *picks him up and carries him in arms then look for cave and goes into cave* hold on, henry *put blanket on him to keep him warm then makes campfire* henry, do ya hear me?

mu: *Sighs and give medicine to him to help him stop coughing* don't ya get it? ya should know your family worried about ya because they love ya? they looked for ya anywhere of course ya don't know love about kimmy when ya ignored her for reasons but henry, ya don't see why your powers eating ya alive and mom worried about ya so bad! ...*sighs calm down* i am not mad, no but just worried *hugs him comfort* ya and your silly misunderstandings and yes i know ya don't want go back home because ya need space to calm down but ya are lucky i brought your medicines with me to help ya but ya know "love", right?

Henry: *starts wheezing in the cold and tries to breathe*

mu: ohh, henry...! *sighs* maybe it's time to go back home, henry? *helps him breathing* don't ya miss family? yes i know it's cold here but we got warm here with blanket or campfire, henry*warms him with blanket*

Henry: *coughs again and suddenly, his hand with no shadow skin started to turn into bones*

mu:...?! *gasp* HENRY! oh no….! your hand! *panics and picks him in arms* i believe it's time go back home *teleport home*

mu: everyone! alert red!

dylan: what's wrong, mu? *look at henry's hand and gasp* no...!
mu: i think his shadow side eating him!
Sunny's kids: *look at each other and screamed*
jung: oh man! what we doing with him?... *look at sunny's kids and sweatdrop*
Sunny and Melanie: *woke up from their nap* NOT TOO LOUD

hadi: *kick sunny up*
Sunny: *got out of bed and yelp* Ow!
austin and dustin: melanie! it's henry!
hadi: nap can wait, sunny!
Melanie: *quickly gets off the bed* He came back? *goes down to the living room and gasps* Oh my, Henry. He's getting thinner and bony

mu: look at his hand, melanie!
dylan: don't he eat food, mu?
mu: i tried to bring food to him but he won't eat
dylan: like this on months?
Melanie: *look at Henry's hand examine it* Oh my, his shadow powers..they're getting stronger because of Henry's negative emotions for months

mu: *nods at dylan and to melanie* i tried my best, really

dylan: *sighs* it's time call selene and scumhunt
Melanie: *look at Henry's arm with no shadow skin and it has turned into bones slowly* Oh now...the Shadow self of him are eating him
Selene: And Henry haven't called us for a long time..*sees Henry and gasps* Oh no, the death powers gotten too strong
mu: please help him
Scumhunt: We're Shadows, we don't know how to fix this.
mu: well, he tried to call ya because he was too weak

Selene: And Henry haven't called us for a long time..*sees Henry and gasps* Oh no, the death powers gotten too strong
mu: please help him
Scumhunt: We're Shadows, we don't know how to fix this.
mu: well, he tried to call ya because he was too weak
Selene: *sighed* And also, I found out why Dennis and Mark became the victim of murder

dylan: *facepalm* we have quick before he gon….huh? *look at selene* because this silly curse?
Selene: Remember Dr. Ewell and Aku? They were cursed to hunt down Dennis and Mark because the demons cursed them
mu: *blinks* mom...*look at dylan*
dylan: yes i remember
Selene: All these years you thought it was a curse, but the Shadows and Demons tried to stop the family from living because the Shadow Caller will come to them.

dylan: so that's why... *look at henry*
mu: but what we doing with this? we have hurry before he will gone
Selene: They tried to stop Dennis and Mark from producing a generation because of Henry...*look at Henry* I don't know
jung: maybe someone know how save him
mu: but who? *stares at jung*
dylan: *sighs worried* let's try calm down and figure out quick
Henry: *whispers as his eyes shut* I want ..to see - *suddenly black tears appeared from his eyes* dad...raven...*whimpers and feeling death coming near to him*

dylan: ah! henry! hold on please!
mu: maybe we get that angel caller to save him...
Henry: *whimpers*
jung: ya mean "bully girl"? no way
Selene: NO! Angel and Shadow caller do not clash!
dylan: selene's right, mu
mu: then what we doing? he's near to death and we have quick do something!
Scumhunt: In our history of callers, there were once elemental callers, fairy callers, fey folk callers, and unity caller
dylan: *look at scumhunt* ya sure?
Selene: Yeah no time for those other callers...because they're wiped out

jung: *facepalm* great...
mu: *frustration* any ideas, anyone?!
Scumhunt: Aha! The Demons were trying to eliminate as many callers as they can and they were trying to stop the last caller, the Shadow Caller.
Melanie: *opens the door and sees Flint and Kimmy* Oh hello
kimmy: hello i come to see if henry's back...
Henry: *groans and lets those black tears dropped to the floor and his leg became bones*

kimmy: *sees henry and gasp then run to henry* henry? is that really ya...what happen about ya? *look at him*
flint: whoa…what's wrong with him?
Melanie: He's back and he's dy- *sees Kimmy running*
flint: he is dying?
Melanie: Yes...
kimmy: what? no no no! *tears going down and look at him* please don't die, henry!
flint: isn't there way to save him?
Henry: *in his mind and saw his father was waiting for him*

kimmy: please henry don't leave me! *sobbing and look at him* i know ya don't understand how i felt...i love ya*kisses him* please please
flint: man that yona should see this and she will realize what she did wrong
Henry: *in mind and here's someone voice was calling him*

dylan: *goes into henry's mind*
kimmy: please speak with me, henry! please
dylan: *Goes to mind henry* great nephew?
Henry: *In mind and sees his Shadow was bigger than him and looking very out of control*

dylan: *see his shadow* henry, it's me!
Shadow Henry: *screaming in pain due from too much emotions*
kimmy: *gasps*

dylan: calm down, henry *calm him and telepathy to selene* his shadow's in pain
kimmy: henry? do ya hear me?
Selene: *telepathy back to Dylan* This is what I can do..*overshadow Henry to make him live*
kimmy: *blinks*
Henry: *his bones began turning back to skin*
dylan: *sighs relived*
kimmy: what happen?
Scumhunt: *telepathy to Dylan* Try to soothe him! *overshadow Henry as well to make turn leg into skin as well too*
mu: he's back to live...
dylan: *nods and soothes him*
Melanie: I don't know, there's something wrong with Henry's Shadow
kimmy: his shadow..?
Melanie: Yes, it was overpower by Henry's negative emotions
dylan: *soothing henry with selene's help*
kimmy: ohh...
flint: wow that's new for me huh
Selene: *speaking to Henry's mind* What was your last word before you want to go?
mu: look at his skin look different...like human
dylan: *look at henry*
kimmy: henry...
Shadow Henry: *yelled out in pain* FATHER! RAVEN! KIMMY!
dylan: ! *blinks*
kimmy: did i hear him calling my name...?
Selene: *struggling to keep his body alive as possible and help Henry through this*
Henry: *pants and sweating from head*
flint: wow...he remembered her
dylan: *look at him* great nephew...?
kimmy: *rubs henry's forehead to wipe sweatdrop with small towel* is he gonna ok..?
Melanie: *smiles lightly* I think he will be
*everyone relieved*
Shadow Henry: *becomes smaller until the size of Henry*
dylan: *look at shadow henry* ya alright?
kimmy: *wipes tears off and sniff*
Shadow Henry: *moans and passes out*
dylan:; ohh my
Henry: *suddenly felt relief and sighed*

dylan: *pats shadow henry and get out of mind* ok he's fine now

kimmy: thank goodness...
flint: man he got us scare
mu: good thing i brought him huh...
dylan: good jobs, guys *to kimmy* thank ya for help us save him
kimmy: *blushes light* i am glad to help
Melanie: Yeah and I wonder why what keeps him from telling his true love?
mu: that's what i was wondered months but maybe he hid feelings from his true love as shy

Melanie: And the bullying moments that made him embarrass
kimmy: *blinks and look at henry*

mu: *nods* could be make sense why he do that
flint: ya sounded like yona is jealous..?
mu: who knows?
Selene: Speaking of which after Damien was defeated, Henry also has a relationship with another girl
kimmy: *hears selene*...
dylan: ah really? strange he did not tell us about this another girl
Selene: Yes... and he fell in love with the Shadow of Evil girl
kimmy:...! *look down*
dylan:...evil? *facepalm and sighs* i see...
kimmy: *sighs and look at henry*
flint: *look at kimmy* ohh boy
Selene: Yes...it was like few months ago when he was in the midwest, my friend Kyle told me and Henry called for the Shadow of Evil for comfort too since Scumhunt and I are not anywhere near him

mu: aw man but don't he know about evil is bad?
dylan: *sighs* well, mu, no matter which bad or good person but it makes him happy when he is with shadow girl
mu: hm...
Selene: Well..once again, the eyes of any color will attach to any race
jung; ya saying we let him date that shadow evil girl?
dylan: *look at kimmy and sighs* well, we like him be happy, right, guys?
kimmy:….*keep be strong/brave and sigh quietly*
Selene: He can be unhappy if he want to dump her too

mu: guess so but we don't know what happen about shadow evil girl
Scumhunt: Oh I can call her now *uses his Shadow cellphone* Hello? Can you come over here?
dylan: hmm?
kimmy: *look down*
Yuet: *appears as Shadow and look at Scumhunt* I'm here and where's my BF that I met?
Melanie: *sweatdrops* He's sleeping now
kimmy: *look at yuet*
dylan: so ya are his gf...
Yuet: And also, you don't have to worry about me because I am a friendly, friendly Shadow of Evil ghost
Sunny: *mutters* Some ghosts...

dylan: hmm *look at her* all right...he ran away months ago until now he's back home
jin: i know, sunny but she's shadow, sunny
kimmy: *get up*
Yuet: I know and he told me, we understood each other you know like Shadow to Shadow connections

dylan:..ah i see...but his shadow almost eat him and we saved him, ya see
Yuet: Ouch . not okay but you know, Shadow of Evil has precious feelings and you should not tamper with them you know like those bullies who did to Henry.
dylan: yeah...
Melanie: Speaking of the curse *look at Selene* Why did it try to stop the Shadow Caller from being chosen?
mu: hm?
Selene: Well, you see, Vera made a terrible mistake and she tried to fix it by letting his grandpa join the dark side or get killed by a cursed foe, same for Mark as well too

dylan: *facepalm* huh...no wonder
mu: calm down, mom vera did made mistake really
Selene: Well, you should have known it a long time ago...
Melanie: Ah so that's why...
mu: yeah..
Selene: And there now, the Shadow Caller is still alive and tried to be alive until he pass onto another family or die and there will be no more chase

dylan:...i see
Yuet: *her eyes flashes red* Is there anything else you need to ask?
Melanie: No not really, dear

mu: wait isn't there way to save family from be dead or mistake thing? like, broken "curse"...*look at yuet* umm..what melanie say
dylan: *look at henry* yuet, do he happy with ya?
Yuet: After the Shadow Caller has passed away, there will be no more curse for generations. Go ask him when he wakes up if you wanna ask if he's happy with me.

mu: ohh okay yuet..
dylan: sure, i will ask him
kimmy: ...
Yuet: Thanks...*teleports*
flint: um kimmy...maybe we going?
Selene and Scumhunt: *look at each other and then teleport*
dylan: *sighs*

kimmy: *nods at flint and look at henry then smiles little* it's good to see ya are okay, henry… *goes with flint to home*

flint: *look at kimmy* ya are brave when ya saw his gf..but sorry, kimmy about ya tried best..*pats kimmy*
kimmy:….i know but none of my business, it's okay...
flint: *sighs* if he's un happy then ya get chance if he like ya, right?
kimmy; well...wait see and it's up to him, flint
flint: yeah...*look at where henry sleeping* i know ya have crush on him, kimmy
kimmy: it's okay really, flint
flint: maybe if he is happy with his gf then ya should forget him
kimmy: *look down*...

flint: but hey ya are still his friend, right?
kimmy: guess so...

dylan: *put blanket on henry to keep him warm comfort*
Henry: *sighed in comfort*