Henry: *sitting on the bed and still annoyed about yesterday and Sunny's attitude toward him*

dylan: *walks and noticed henry then sighs bit* let me guess…sunny?

Henry: Yeah, I guess...

Lulu: *poops on the today's newspaper*

dylan: *noticed lulu did on newspaper* hey, lulu we did not finish read that...*sweatdrop and shake head then pick it up* silly lulu ...*to henry* i understand how it bothering ya about him

sapphire: *chips and nuzzles lulu*

Lulu: *chirps and bites the newspaper into pieces*

dylan: ... oh great i going get new one for this later huh

Henry: *walks over to Lulu and let her perch on his right finger and put her back into the cage and then picks up the newspaper and saw a picture of a haunted house*

dylan: hmm? what's wrong, great nephew?

sapphire: *flies into cage with lulu*

Henry: There's a news about this house explaining stories about the disappearance of the 6 people and the other one committed suicide like 30 years ago.

dylan: hmm why it sounds familiar...oh i remember...your grandfather's babysitter and her friends

Henry: Well actually the story is different, I don't think grandpa encounter like this before. These people are like missing for yours. We should investigate the Zepar mansion.

dylan: hmm ya read my mind, my dear great nephew

Henry: *nods*


Sunny: So what's behind this haunted mansion story?

Melanie: I suppose this place is filled with ghosts and we need to find out why

Henry: Well... 6 missing people and the other suicide, 30 years ago...

hadi: i like haunted..hehehe

austin and dustin: no kidding?

Henry: They say the house is haunted with ghosts, are you with me, Kimmy, right?

kimmy: yes

hadi: *smiles very gothic creepy* hehe...

jin: cut it out, hadi! ya scaring people and ya are lucky they know ya are good guy, geez...

Henry: Alright, let's do this...

-Haunted Mansion-

Henry: This mansion doesn't look scary after all

kimmy: yeah and it look nice here

hadi: how disappointing...

jin: *rolls eyes at hadi*

austin and dustin: search rooms?

Henry: Yeah...*nods and enters into the house*

Sunny: *enters too with Henry, Kimmy, Hadi, the twins, and Jin*

dylan: be careful, dear kids

austin and dustin: *runs to rooms* whee

jin: don't get lost, twins!

hadi: hm *look around*

Sunny: I can't believe Melanie don't wanna do this

jin: well, she is not in mood to come here, sunny

*the door shut behind them as locked automatically and they will be unable to open it*

kimmy: ?! what...

jin: huh?

hadi: *shrugs* it's automatical door, right?

Henry: *he looked back and freaked out*

austin and dustin: hehehe

Sunny: Doors don't move by itselves

jin: *sweatdrop*

hadi: *rolls eyes* some machine doors can move…but sweet! haunted time!

kimmy: not funny! we are not here to get scared but we are there to find out about this

austin and dustin: ooh

Sunny: Oh jeez...*uses his light powers to brighten the room* The light switch isn't working at all, but anyway, it's awfully quiet here, I see no ghosts

jin: yeah i noticed

hadi: pfft, ya know ghosts can invisble, sunny

kimmy: *calm henry*

Henry: Kimmy, are you scared?

kimmy: little, yeah but we are together as safe

Henry: *nods*

*there was banging on the walls and a low growl*

hadi: oooh hehe

jin: ah! what th?

austin and dustin: whoa! cooool *pokes walls*

kimmy: *hugs henry*

Henry: Hello? Is there anyone there? *then there was a bang from the floor under the rug where Henry is standing on*

kimmy: ah! is someone under this rug!

hadi: hehe

Sunny: *pulls the rug*

jin: let's calm down, guys/gals ok?

Henry: *falls down and collapse on the floor* Ow!

kimmy: oh henry! ya okay?

austin and dustin: *wide stare*

jin: sunny...*look at sunny and sweatdrop*

hadi: sunny just wanted to see what or who under this rug

Sunny: Oh it's a trap door *nods*

kimmy: *helps henry get up*

jin: ah ya are right

hadi: tsk

Henry: Jeez Sunny, why can't you tell me to get off of this rug?

austin and dustin: *open trap door to peek*

kimmy: calm down

jin: *sighs*

Sunny: *not speaking to Henry and ignores him* Anywho, let's go down there you find out, Kimmy, Austin, and Dustin you stay here, me Hadi, Jin, and Henry will go down there

austin and dustin: wait wait, what makes ya be leader?

kimmy: *blinks*

Sunny: Well I'm feeling about this place is not feeling somewhat right

jin: *sighs* let's get over it *goes with henry and jin, hadi, sunny into trap door*

kimmy: but why we staying here?

hadi: ha maybe we don't want ya get hurt?

austin and dustin: *look annoyed*

Henry and Sunny: *going down into the trap door by the ladder*

jin and hadi: *climb down too as follow henry and sunny*

Henry: *in the end they found 6 skeleton laying down there* Whoa...

jin: look like we found those bodies but why they are here?

hadi: how i know?

jin: i thought police supposed to pick up bodies years ago?

hadi: maybe they forget?

Henry: I believed it was covered by the rug and that's why the police didn't see it

hadi: ohh true, nephew

jin: hm guess they missed that then and alright, who kill them…hmm

hadi: *look around *

Henry: I don't know, there's no crack in the bone

jin: hm ya are right, henry *look at skeletons*

hadi: if no wounds then how they die *Thinking* ohh maybe poison deadly

Henry: I don't know but *he lowers himself down and look for something* I can't see nothing...*he stands back up*

hadi: hm! *looking too*

jin: *stand up too* yeah that's really strange

Henry: No clues huh?...*sighed*

hadi: what about ya, sunny..?

Sunny: Well perhaps, we should pick up these skeleton and buried them into the proper burial...

hadi: yeah..

Henry: Yeah you're right, let's use gloves...*takes gloves out*

jin: guess so *take gloves too*

hadi: what about their ghosts?

jin: well, they are not here, because they wanted us to find those bones, right?

hadi: pfft *sighs**brings body bags* huh

Henry: Possibly yes...*pick up the skull and suddenly the skull bites his hands* OW! *he collapsed down on the floor*

jin: hm? ya ok?

hadi: whoa! did ya see skull bite his hand?

Henry: D-d-did you see that? It bit me!

hadi: hehe yeah i notice because they can move their bones like possessed

Sunny: Yes I did...*look at Henry* I believed the skeletons are alive but it won't move

Henry: *Moans and feels lightheaded*

jin:…wait...*look at his hand* look out, guys, skull bite can make people sleep however!

hadi: my my! skeletons do have tricks

Henry: *suddenly he turned into a demon and lunges toward Sunny and bites his neck*

jin: then again i was wrong...but skull turned him into demon?

hadi: sunny! henry! *stops henry*

Sunny: Eek! Ow! What was that- ? *turned into a demon like Henry and then turned to Jin and Hadi*

hadi:...uh oh...

Henry and Sunny: *both evilly smiled*

jin: greaaaat... demon bite, got it *sweatdrop*

henry: how odd, why skull turn them into demons? that's new huh

Henry: *lunges toward Jin to hurt him*

jin: stay back, hadi...ooofffff! *fighting to block attacks*

hadi: oh man...*makes different skeletons appears and traps henry to stop attack*

Henry: *growls and tries to be free*

Sunny: *goes after Hadi and Jin *

austin and dustin: *Sees demons* yipes! *help hadi or jin out then close trap door quick*

hadi: it was close, jin, huh?

jin: yeah but that don't make sense why skulls bite them about this

Melanie: *knocks on the door* Hello? Is there anyone here?

jin: that's what we trying figure out, kimmy...! oh no! *to melanie* oh man ghosts pushed ya here, right?

hadi: guess sunny was right about doors, huh

austin and dustin: *help melanie get up*

kimmy: it means it trapped us here !

Melanie: I don't know...*shrug* Guys, where Sunny and Henry?

hadi: ya got deaf ears? never mind...*Sighs* i mentioned about those skeletons we found, they bite both of them into demons, melanie

austin and dustin: now they are in this trapdoor as they cannot get out

kimmy: ok, that's really strange!. but we have save them!

Melanie: But how?

jin: that's why we trying figure out about this, gosh

*suddenly Henry and Sunny's hands make a hole out of the wall*

austin and dustin: GAH!Oo how they into wall?

kimmy: eeeekk!

Melanie: Oh dear, do we need Damien to help us and what's this history behind the house?

hadi: huh... guess so but ya know damien don't like henry like, rival

jin: *sighs* true, damien's demon caller, agree

kimmy: but how? we are trapped here!

Melanie: We're gonna find the the mystery - *suddenly, Henry's hands grabbed Melanie's face*

jin: *kicks henry's hand to make him let her go* i don't like to hurt our nephew gosh

hadi: *grabs melanie and kids, kimmy then runs with jin to different rooms* we should not stay too longer

Henry: *lets her go*

Melanie: Okay...that was scary, what's this behind it?

jin: well, we found skeletons in basement and skull bit henry's hand, turned demon like that but maybe they sealed themselves in that place to keep demons from free

hadi: *put them down and scoffs* ok, ya saying mystery?

Melanie: Looks like it but what's that hole on that wall?

jin: hmm well, my guess they crawl vents to wall like, mouse does and explains why ghosts banged on walls or trap door

kimmy: wait why they want us free when they sealed themselves?

jin: because demons trying free when the people hosts dead, that's why

Melanie: *she looked around the room* This room looks like a bedroom...*then she begins to rip off the plaster from the wall* And there's something behind it.

jin: be careful, melanie *goes to wall where she found*

austin and dustin: ya think it is safe?

kimmy: poor henry..*worried and sighs* what is that behind it?

Melanie: *done pulling the plaster off the wall and found witchcraft symbols and writings in English one the wall*

hadi: i see symbols before...

kimmy: but what it say?

jin: so, someone used witchcraft here

austin and dustin: sweet!

Melanie: So many times yes, but ..*reads the wall* "I have signed the contract with the demons to let them to take over the 7 bodies of us. They would promise me something that I want, but I was wrong, they brought all of my friends into darkness as demons. One bites, hurts, or kiss another This is the last time I'm going through with this. I'm going to commit suicide by hanging over the balcony so they won't possess my body. Demons despise dead bodies and iron."

hadi: so that's why they sealed this in that trapdoor for reason, guys

jin: hmm! wait, i saw 6 bodies but where's 7th?

austin and dustin: how we know?

kimmy: oh how sad

Melanie: Possibly the 7th died...When 7 demons possessed seven bodies, they're become more stronger and evil that they are

hadi: she's right, jin

austin and dustin: pffft! so they are weak then

jin: hmm true...

Melanie: They wanted to be free into this world and bring evil into human. Also, they hate iron, it's their main weakness like the Shadows and Shinies...

jin: *nods* yeah that make sense and agree, we need iron then

austin and dustin: let's get iron!

Melanie: Austin and Dustin, find any iron in this room

austin and dustin: on it! *runs to find iron then picks up pipe, chains, iron chains* lots of irons

hadi: *search in magic pocket and get iron bat out of pocket* guess this will work then

kimmy: how we free sunny or henry from demons?

jin: ya will see, kimmy and this iron will help us to free them , i hope

Melanie: Good..*nods* And I don't know about that, but I'm getting the feeling as long as we're in this room, we are protected by "spells" from the demon

jin: hmm this witchcraft room do have protection to keep demons away, agree

hadi: yep

kimmy: let's save them then

austin and dustin: *hold up iron pipe* let's try test if we could free them

Melanie: But wait, if we go out there *suddenly the room got cold*

jin:…hmm? uh oh...ya know this mean, right?

hadi: yeah

austin and dustin: ghost?

kimmy: let's hope ghost don't hurt us

Melanie: Yes...*hears a noise, scratching on the clean wall*

jin: *look at wall* mm?

austin and dustin: is it demons again?

kimmy: i don't know!

hadi: keep guard up, guys

Wall: "writing" Be careful, if the demons get 7 of the bodies, they're unstoppable. You must wait till sunrise till they all burn to death along with the living bodies.

jin: oh it's 7th's ghost...but what about sunny and henry?

kimmy: *blinks*

hadi: well, demons got only 2 as sunny and henry, right? so they still weak

Wall: "writing" Don't let them get you if you are alive and part or full human...

Melanie: How can we free our family?

jin: *nods*

Wall: Go get another demon who has the ability or former ability to call demons

hadi:...that means damien, guys...

austin and dustin: D'OH!

kimmy: ya think it's wise to ask him to help?

jin: well, kimmy we have do this

Melanie: But wait...Damien can't help us, he hates the Shadow Caller who is possess by a demon

jin: that's right

Wall: Try to convince him

Melanie: We can't! The windows are locked, the entrance and back door are locked. There's no way out to contact him

austin and dustin: umm, aunt...we could telepathy or teleport….

jin: *facepalm*

hadi: um kids, ya should know this house is under by spell

kimmy: *sweatdrops*

Wall: Then try using your powers...telepathy him. During the night of the terror, you will face the horrors of the demons. By the time of sunrise, the demons will be dead as dust.

jin: *sweatdrop* oh boy *to hadi* well ya heard this ghost, let's do this

hadi: understood *nods and telepathy to reach damien to let him know it's emergency*

Wall: Use iron as a weapon against the demon, they'll feel the burning sensation of the metal

jin: ahh i see

Damien: What emergency twerps? I don't have time for this and Shun and Flint are tracking Henry down for me

hadi: *sighs and telepathy to tells damien about henry's in haunted house and demons*

Damien: Oh there's witchcraft in the haunted mansion? I might not know those demons from 30 years ago...I'm coming over there...*leaves the telepathic connection*

hadi: he's coming, guys

jin: good

Shun: *opens the door where Melanie and the others* Hello? Have you seen, Henry?

Melanie: Shun!

flint: what?

Shun: *suddenly got kidnapped by Henry* AHH! HELP!

flint: *grabs shun away from henry*

Melanie: *gasps with fear* Did you see Henry's nasty demon's face! O_o I'm gonna faint

Henry: *growls*

flint: *takes shun as escape to join them*

jin: *sweatdrop* because it's demon controlling him and turning

Shun: *his arms got scratched by Henry's demon claws* Oh my I don't feel well I fell like *suddenly turns into demon and snarls*

hadi: *hold up iron bat* oh man!

flint: shun!

jin: aw man 3 demons...

kimmy: oh no! where's damien?

Henry and Shun: *both goes after Melanie and the others in the room but then blocked by the spell which prevented them going in*

Melanie: *faints*

flint: aw man no wonder ya are safe here

jin: *catches her* whoa!

kimmy: flint! where is damien?

flint: um, he's coming here...

kimmy: *facepalm*

austin and dustin: well, what we do?

Damien: *telepathy to Flint* Um Flint, I'm gonna have some problem getting in there, I have a private meeting with Leviathan, I might come to the house the next morning

flint: *hears damien's telepathy and to kimmy*...um... tomorrow

kimmy: what?!

Melanie: *moans* Tomorrow? They'll be dead by tomorrow

austin and dustin: aw man he's not coming to help==

flint: don't look at me because he having meeting busy

kimmy: *sigh*

jin: great...

hadi: i going get him...

jin: no hadi, ya know they will catch ya

Melanie: But wait, the windows and the doors are locked

hadi: yeah yeah i know...*to melanie* well, i dunno if we try teleport

flint: ya know this house will stop ya from teleport, right?

jin: *groans frustration*

Melanie: *nods*

*the door creaked open from the room*

Melanie: *gasps*


Melanie: Who's gonna check it out? Why don't you go Flint? You're an Irish Demon

flint:.. me? *sighs* yeah, ok ok... *goes to door and peek*

jin: well?

austin and dustin: wait, what if it is trap?

*there was nothing*

flint: hmm...um it's clear, guys

jin: ya sure?

kimmy: *look as peeking* he's right, it's nothing here

jin: alright but be careful *goes with them*

Melanie: *grabs an iron bar and walks out slowly with Flint* *whispering* I hope the demons don't attack you Flint because they want human body

flint: ahh no wonder why ya took that bar and well, they didn't attack me as oddly because i am demon

hadi: well, look like we are safe here, guys

Sunny: *behind Jin* Hey Jin...

jin:...*sweatdrop and hold up chain as iron* ohh boy...please tell me ya don't attack me

jin: *jump back as stay away*

Sunny: *lunges toward Jin and uses his demon claws to scratch his chest*

jin: ahhh!

austin and dustin: DAD!

Jin: oh no…not good

Melanie: Ahh! RUN! *panics and run everywhere in the house*

kimmy: *goes run too*

hadi: guess they are not afraid of iron

Henry and Shun: *both grabbed Melanie through the floorboard and pulled her into the floor* AHH!

Melanie: AHH!

austin and dustin: *grabs melanie and pull her away*

Melanie: This is tug-a-war!

hadi: please tell me they don't claw ya, melanie *kicks the demons away*

Henry and Shun: Oof! *falls down into that basement*

austin and dustin: sorry aunt! *runs with her as escape*

hadi: *close trap door* whew! sorry henry and shun! try hold on *looks for sunny*

Sunny: *grabs Hadi from the ceiling above and pulled him up toward into the ceiling*

flint: ah!

Melanie: Flint! Do something

hadi: ah! *kicks sunny's face* let me go!

Sunny: *bites Hadi's head*

flint: *sweatdrop and thinks then speak in demon language to stop demon as freeze them*

hadi: *look at Flint*

kimmy: is it work?

Melanie: I don't know..but Jin..you don't look good

jin: *panting* i turning demon, melanie

flint: but is it work with my language?

Melanie: GET BACK INTO THE ROOM! *grabs Austin and Dustin and ran back inside*

kimmy: *goes too*

austin and dustin: but, aunt! what about them?

flint: guess it is not work to stop demons then

Melanie: It's too late to save them and it's nighttime, they'll terrorize us till sunrise

austin and dustin: but, aunt, they will burn death!

jin: *hold iron and panting* #%?!

Melanie: *changing the subject* Hey who's tired?

austin and dustin: huh? *blinks*

Melanie: *goes on the bed and sleep under the blanket*

kimmy: *stares at melanie and facepalm* *grabs flint's neck* get. damien. here. NOW or i will shoves needles in throat!

flint: ok ok ok ok

kimmy: we know and why ya went bed, melanie?

austin and dustin:*sweatdrops*

Melanie: I'm scared you know...look at them, they become so ugly...

*someone knocks on the door*

kimmy: i know...hm? who is it?

*the door opens itself*

austin and dustin: ah! um...*blinks and peek who is it*

Henry: *appears as normal and not demon* Hello *evilly grins*

austin and dustin: umm.. *walk backward inside*

Melanie: *hears a familiar voice* Henry? Is that you? Are you dead? or I am in heaven?

kimmy: wait, melanie! he's still have demon inside of him remember

Melanie: Really?

Henry: Oh Kimmy, come here..

kimmy: yeah *hear henry* henry? i hope demon don't control ya...

austin and dustin: *blinks*

Henry: I want to give you my last message, come here closer

kimmy:...*walks to him*..okay

Henry: *comes to her face a little closer and kissed her in the cheeks*

kimmy: *blushes*! it really ya...!


austin and dustin: *facepalm*

kimmy:...uh oh...

Henry: *turned into a demon and evilly snickered and disappeared*

austin and dustin: aw man now it's 6...

*then blood starts dripping off of the wall to wash away the spell*

Melanie: Oh no..is that blood?

austin and dustin: *smell of blood* yep it is, aunt

flint: *brings damien* we are here but where's kimmy?

austin and dustin: uhhh

Melanie: Then we're gonna have to run together -*look to find Kimmy* She's gone! No!

Shun and Sunny: *attacked the twins*

dustin and austin: ah! *dodges attack*

Sunny: Wait, why do we need to get the one with the tail?

dustin and austin: *runs and grabs melanie to get away from*

Shun: Yeah, not a human btw and I smell demon powers in it

dustin: wait, did they talking about me?

austin: yep

Sunny: *growls and turned to the twin that has no tail*

Henry: *pops out and grabbed Melanie*

Melanie: Ahh!

austin: *kick henry away* let aunt go! ahh *runs*

Damien: *sees the room as a mess and saw 6 people possessed by a demon trying to hurt Austin and Melanie away*

flint: oh man

hadi and jin: *around melanie

kimmy: *chases austin*

Damien: *gets a little headache* Aye yi yi...*speaks in demon language to enchant a spell to remove the 6 demons away from the possessed bodies*

Henry, Sunny, and Shun: *then starts screaming in pain when the demons were forcibly removed from their bodies*

flint: *help damien as careful* oh shun?

kimmy, jin and hadi: *screams too*

Damien: Now I command you to go back to Underworld!

Demons: *suddenly screamed and disappeared into the Underworld*

kimmy: oooh headache...

Skeletons: *from the basement, they shattered into the dust when the curse was finally broken*

Henry: I can't remember a thing

austin and dustin: ya cannot? *blinks and look at melanie*

Shun: *look out through the window* Ooh! Sunrise coming

jin: hmm? sunrise?

Melanie: *shrugs* I don't know, they were possessed

kimmy: *help henry get up*

flint: our job done, yep *hugs shun*

Sunny: Ooh I see butterflies everywhere...*opens the doors and run outside*

Shun: *hugs Flint back and kissed him*

jin: guess its time to go home, kids

flint: *blushes red then kiss back*

Henry: So how was your stay in this house?

hadi: huh problem solved

austin and dustin: well...it was awesome!

kimmy: *sweatdrops*

Melanie: Um...scary ..you look awfully ugly when you were a demon...

Henry: I was a demon?

austin and dustin: yeah because demon turned your body look sooo demon now ya are back normal as good news

kimmy: my guess 7 ghosts went to heaven then

Damien: I'll get a payback at you Flint for interrupting my meeting *disappears*

flint: *gulp*

Melanie: Actually yes and the six demons went to the underworld

kimmy: hehe *hugs henry* now everything is okay and we are safe

Henry: Yeah *nods