(Warning, a long RP)

-2 months later-

Melanie: Henry's not coming back at all

jin: i knew it...

Melanie: And we've been hunting and waiting for him everyday and the GPS bug tracker isn't working

jin: *moans* that could be problem but maybe we could call our other siblings in different place if he visiting

Melanie: Tried that already, he's no where in China

jin: what? *facepalm*

jung: maybe he went to see that demon in mountain? like, ya know kind of demons who hate our father's power wind

jin: i don't know

Melanie: Nah not really..

*suddenly the phone rings*

jin: i will get it *pick it up and answer it* hello?

Henry: Hello

jin: ah! henry! whoa...i am glad to hear from ya but are ya alright?

Henry: Uh..yes but I'm in the Ghost Zone with my aunt.

jin: ahh, ghost zone, got it, and do ya come back home? just asking and oh how's your aunt doing?...wait which aunts?

Henry: Kristy and also Dad and Mom are both here too to take care of me

jin: *blinks and look at melanie* oh it's good to hear about them then *whispers to melanie* he's visiting to Kristy and mark, fang...

Melanie: Oh okay, but how long is he staying here?

jin: *to henry* how long ya staying here if ya come home?

Henry: Long time till Sunny's dead...

jin: *facepalm with sighs then whisper to melanie* long time until sunny's dead..

Melanie: That's not nice

jin: i know, i know but he is mad at sunny because what happen/embarrass thing or mind switch *to henry* henry, my mom misses ya so much and worried about ya

Henry: Well I miss my dad more..

jin: yes i know how ya feel about your dad, i understand

Henry: We don't bond much when I found out and understood he's "dead" but as a soul to come back

jin: ahh point taken...yeah i understand ya wanted to need time to bond with your dad, got it

Henry: Sort of...I gotta go now, my Arashi and Ha want to take me somewhere with Kristy.

jin: ah ok, be careful but do ya want me to tell kimmy?

Henry: Nothing. *ends the phone conversation*

jin: *blinks* um see ya later? *look at phone* he hang up on me...

Melanie: Things have changed around him.

jin: yeah he said nothing when i asked him if i give message to her but yes *sighs and put phone down* but it is not same without him

Melanie: But Dylan is like feeling so-down-low over the past 2 months without him

jin: yeah i know and it's feel, like, losing one of our families *scratch hair* oh boy….i wish sunny shouldn't do this to break hearts

Melanie: Things are going on and off with our families, what's tearing Henry away from us? Was it Sunny?

jin: i don't know, i remember sunny tried hurt, kill him then sunny hates him because uncle dennis but gem thing...i think someone did this to apart our family

Zhi: We don't know but scent smells familiar and I got excited

jin: hmm? which familiar?

Zhi: It smells like Dennis.

shadow: meow it's true, guys

jin: what? why uncle dennis did this?

shadow: i dunno... maybe he have reason i think he wants sunny and henry hate each other?

Zhi: He judges the family, just remember that

jin: ah...that's right

shadow: *nods*

jin: *sighs* what ya think, melanie?

Melanie: Possibly...*nods*

jin: *nods back* tsk

Melanie: Oh how's Dylan feeling right now?

jin: well, mom's worrying but we keep cheer mom up and i told mom not worry when he/she hope henry come back

jin: i know how mom love all of us and henry like family to him/her, i understand about that

Melanie: Can we talk to Dylan now?

jin: *sighs bit* alright and let's hope mom understand about this hm *Goes with her to see dylan in special place where comfy

Melanie: Dylan? About Henry, he's safe but he's with Kristy and his ghost parents.

dylan: *hears them and sighs relieved* i see…but is he back...?

jin:…well...we don't know but he just wanted to bond with his parents, ya see


jin: um, we are sure he will be okay...hopefully

Melanie: Well I'm pretty sure he's okay with his "real" family, but I'm asking myself why did my dad gave that gem to Henry?

dylan: wait what?

jin: well...*sweatdrop* we just found out about zhi smell Dennis' scent on this gem last time, mom

dylan: he did this?

jin: yeah i think maybe he wants henry go back to "real"family, not sunny...like, he broke them up as apart hate

Melanie: What if my dad is testing, Dylan?

dylan: *sighs* i dunno but maybe about test but he should tell us about this

jin: maybe we let henry learn until pass this test?

Melanie: *shrugs* Let's go to my dad first why did he gives that gem to Henry

-To Dennis-

Dennis: *laughs hard and cracking up*

jin: *ahems*

Dennis: *settles down* You think I would give you such a test?

Melanie: Why did you give the gem to Henry then?

Dennis: Well...for forgiveness of course between him and Sunny but that didn't work out when they both abuses the power

jin: ah that's why

Dennis: This is gonna be a lo-o-o-ng year because you know what kind of person that Henry is right? Not much like this AU Henry, a 14 years old that ran away from danger for years

jin: *blinks and look at Melanie then sighs and look back at Dennis* guess so

Dennis: Well..you know how long isolation from the family he's living now. You know I've seen Henry changing.

jin: hmm? how changing?

Dennis: I saw his eyes were like, he's no longer there and he has forgotten the family he was living once before and lost the eyes of the love ones as well too

jin: ?! ohh boy… that could be problem

Dennis: Yep, he's changing a lot as if like the drug was powerful to make him become addictive to his real parents.

jin:aw man guess we get him before he do that

Dennis: Well you won't because he will not leave at all.

jin: what? i mean, why not?

Dennis: You've seen how much he loved his parents you know

jin:…oh yeah...*sighs*

Dennis: *nods*

-Ghost Zone at Shadowlurk's place-

Mark: So Kristy, when are you going to talk to your son?

Kristy: I don't know, he's busy with someone and I hope he marries to a girl that he always dreamed of or what

*someone knocks on the door*

Shun: *comes in* Hi Mom! *smiles* You didn't tell me you were here

Kristy: Hey Shun, how are you doing?

Shun: Fine, fine...well...what about Aku?

Kristy: Your dad? I don't know I haven't talk to him for a long time

flint: hm

Shun: Okay...

flint: *eats pickles of jar*

Henry: *walks in* Hey guys, um..about Shun, he's married to a demon male.

Kristy: ...Phfft what?! *she turned to Shun and looked at him angrily*

Mark: So your son's gay.

flint: it's true i am pregnant, mom in law and ya going be grandma *eats pickles*

Kristy: I thought Henry is gay because he doesn't have a mother

Mark: Wrong. He was never gay because I'm not gay. You're not gay but Shun's father in Aku's side of the family is bi-sex

flint: *look at mark* really? then if he is not gay then why he left kimmy for good?

Mark: I don't know, perhaps of change?

Henry: Well I lost my feelings for her overtime now, I don't remember those feeling anymore

Mark: Don't worry, Shadows do lose love feelings a lot when my dad lost his temper on Sunny

Henry: Uncle Sunny? Why did grandpa lost temper on him?

Mark: I don't know, that's what Shadows made of...Negative emotions of anger and sadness and loneliness

flint: *shrugs* hm but selene is different from shadows, right?

Mark: Yes, she's a dream shadow and Scumhunt is a sea shadow but they both have similar weakness to the light shadows too

flint: ah i see hm

Kristy: And what Shadows look for is darkness like the raven

Henry: Raven? Oh wait, have you seen Raven's ghost somewhere? She died long time ago

flint eats another pickle* hm? i think she's anywhere

Henry: Oh okay, Flint just checking to make sure. I was always hoping that she'll come back to me one day. *suddenly he turns his head and saw Jin and Melanie bust the door open in the room*

jin: excuse us

flint: whoa

Henry: *look at Jin as surprise* I wasn't expecting you to be here, Uncle Jin and Aunt Mel.

Melanie: Well, Dylan is sick and worried about you and, you might lose interest in us.

jin: yep it's true

Henry: I don't care, but I don't like looking at Sunny okay? That made me stay away from "home"

jin: *sighs* oh boy there we go again...well, about gem...*look at dennis*

Dennis: It was supposed to be used forgiveness to test each other's body and mind you know and it ended up as a total disaster *sweatdrops*


Shun: *looking at Henry and then to Flint*

flint: *blinks and shrugs with sweatdrop* guess family problem...?

Henry: I-I-I don't know how to respond to this but why did you abuse Sunny in the first place? Mark told me.

Mark: Dad.

Henry: Gosh . I'm losing words here.

jin: *sighs*

Dennis: For some reasons I despise Sunny's behavior because he was a rude child.

jin: and misunderstood too

Dennis: And I had to let my anger out on him, but it feels nice when you do it.

Henry: Like I'm running away from example?

Dennis: Yes.

jin: *sighs and facepalm*

flint: *Whispers to shun* i did not know your grandpa do this

Shun: Me neither...I only gotten close to my other grandpa who's a bigger turder than me

flint: i hear ya, yep

jin: well, henry, your grandpa trying make right about this

Henry: Or maybe he's not...*steps away from Dennis*

Dennis: *gasps* Well whoever Sunny is, this is what he made of. He's made of stone.

jin: he don't help it and it's hard to get him understand *to dennis* sunny's your son too ya know and he don't help it as shinie thing, right? let's calm down, ok?

Dennis: Yeah yeah I know that and it's like he doesn't want to listen to me but to his mom

jin: umm about that...*Sighs* i know he's misunderstood but he told me he was envied mark because he thinks ya liked mark too much then sunny he scared of ya little because um " bad shadow"

Dennis: Oh that's true and true by the way.

jin: uh huh and he thinks ya hate him, huh

flint: *drink juice* hm

jin: but ya wanted sunny and henry forgive each other, right?

Henry: *hearing conversation between Dennis and Jin and he slowly make himself away from them*

jin: don't think about it, henry if ya run away

Dennis: Oh course, Sunny does hate me a lot...

Henry: No I am not running away, I just want to be alone and not hear any word about Sunny

jin: mm *sigh* alright alright but ya see, he do misunderstood when he was with your grandpa, ya know?

Henry: Yeah but it's just the Bad Shadows and Shinies don't get along with each other

Dennis: That's true and I tried to divorced your grandma 3 times and we never did get divorced, but stay married

Henry: Because of fight right?

Dennis: Yes.

jin: well, about that, shadow or shines did truce each other until she did ruined it but yeah uncle Dennis don't help it when he likes fight

Henry: Do you know why Shadows hates Shinies? Because they're mighty annoying, that's all.

Dennis: *chuckles* Yeah I guessed so...I better go now, I'll have to catch up with my work...see ya around *teleports*

jin: uh huh i know, i understand this sounds like immature annoying but they don't help it when they cheer up *to dennis* umm ok see ya

Melanie: Bye Dad...*look at Henry and crossed her arms*

jin: *sighs*

Henry: I am not going home, I just can't

jin: i know how ya wanted to bond this real family but let's say...umm not healthy as bad

Henry: Why? I don't get a chance to meet with my dad and my real mom in everyday life ya know. I don't have a chance to bond them if my dad didn't die on me and I had to be all by myself till I'm found

jin: we know, we know...*look at Melanie then back to henry* yes i agree it is really nice to bond real family but...*look at mark and Kristy if they understand* ...i believe your dad need talk with ya when he will help ya understand

flint: *eats another pickles and remembers then grins and whispers at shin about kimmy*

Henry: He already did, that was just long time ago

jin: no that's not it...*sighs*

Mark: It's the same old stuff as far as I can remember, I also told him baby stories of how he was kidnapped as baby when I was chasing after a bad demon

jin:...*sweatdrop* i see

Mark: Those old times and thanks for Dylan helping me to stop that demon and get Henry back so quickly.

jin: true, mom did saved your son, mark, yes many times

Mark: I don't know...though..

jin: mark, ya do know

Henry: Chosen Shadow Caller perhaps?

Mark: Oh yeah..that's why

Henry: But still it doesn't make me wanna go back to live in the past.

jin: hm i see, i understand ya had nightmares from past but ya were kid, ya are happy when ya stayed with us or my mom took care of ya remember?

jin: your dad did watched over ya years when ya grew up until ya bond with him

Henry: Yeah and then I started to notice him that he's not alive anymore...

Mark: Well, I know you always felt lonely without me, Henry, but still you can't reason that Sunny has to be your problem.

jin: *nods* mmm

Henry: I don't wanna talk about this...*sighed sadly and he walks away to another room*

jin: hm guess he need time to think about this, guys

flint: *shrugs* he just don't want to face sunny for reason if sunny will fight him again

jin: *look at flint*

flint: what? i saying honesty huh

Shun: True...but I sense something bad is gonna happen...*long silence* See ya *teleports*

flint: wait for me, hubby *teleports with shun*hehe

jin: *sighs* oh great

Melanie: Best to go back and report to Dylan as so far as we have seen *nods and teleports*

jin: *nods back to her* ya read my mind, cousin/sister * to mark* sorry for this but doing best to solve this silly problem but see ya, cousin /bro *teleports with melanie*


Melanie: It's sad to say all of those years with Henry are gone, Dylan

dylan:...*Sighs* i see...

jin: yeah we trying help him understand, mom


jin: he needed to alone to thinking but i don't know how long and i worry if sunny and henry fight again

Melanie: All those years with him are wasted now, we could have just known it.

dylan: *look down*

Melanie: I'm afraid it'll be forever. Henry will stay forever from us. Tell Kimmy the sad news too. Those past 2 months was Henry to escape to the Ghost Zone to stay with his real parents.

jin: alright, melanie i will tell her and i wish henry come back *sighs*

dylan: *being quiet*

jin: ah-h he will okay, really, mom *sweatdrop*...hopefully *dial phone to call kimmy*

Melanie: Dylan? Are you flashbacking?

kimmy: *talking and giggling with yona as best friends* *hears ringing from phone* hmm? hold on for bit, yona *answer phone* hello? *hears jin said about henry as bad news*

dylan: *nods at Melanie* *remember henry was kid/toddler in past when how henry happy as sweet*...

Melanie: *stares at nothing and then goes to the kitchen to cook dinner*

kimmy: wait..WTF? he wont' come back? why?...ohh *sighs* i thought henry love me..yeah...*look down when talking to jin and look at yon a with tears*

jin: yeah we tried solving this silly problem, ya see but he's stubborn *Sweatdrop* i hope ya understand, kimmy

dylan: *was about tell Melanie about memories but noticed Melanie went to kitchen then sighs*

kimmy: i see...yeah thanks for let me know about bad news and bye *hangs phone and breathes in or out* HENRY, YA IDIOT!

jin: *hang up and goes to kitchen* ya okay, Melanie?

Melanie: Yeah...


Melanie: *yawns and go to bed*

dylan: night melanie, and kids

Lulu: *sleeps on the perch*

hadi: not worry, mom i will take care of lulu or sapphire and their baby birds, no problem *goes to home*

dylan: *nods at hadi* thank ya

sapphire: *sleeps with lulu* love love

-Next Day-

Melanie: *taking a stroll in the city with crowded people*

jin: *sees them* mm?

*suddenly someone in the brown ragged figure slowly breathes heavily somewhere nearby by the alley near the dumpster*

jin: *noticed someone*?

Melanie: What's that noise? Is that you Jin?

jin: no but over here at alley

Melanie: *look at the alley and found the brown cloak figure* Wow, that's him?

jin: i think so, yeah excuse us, are ya all right?

Cloak figure: *hides himself away and then teleports in front of them*

Melanie: *blinks* Did you see his teleporting powers? *blinks*

jin: *eyebrow raise up* yes, i did as not blind but i think we scared him maybe we should go after him..?

Melanie: I feel something familiar about him, his shadow powers, but could that be Henry?

jin: *nods agree* maybe could be but i thought he was at Shadowlurk with real family...hm we could go after him to find out then

Melanie: *nods and teleports to chased after the cloaked figure*

jin: *goes teleport with her to after figure person too*

mu: *floating in peaceful until got bump by cloaked figure* Oooff!

Cloaked Figure: Ah! *bumps and then lands on ground*

mu: *blinks and look at cloaked figure*? ah, are ya all right? *lift hand to him*

jin: ah there he is...hmm? mu?

Cloaked Figure: *gasps and then he teleports again*

mu: ?! what happen?

jin: aw man

Melanie: Henry doesn't like getting cornered, that's gotta be him.

jin: could be, yeah

mu: wait hold on! what's going on?!

jin: no time to explain, mu but we have to find him

Melanie: *goes after the cloak figure again and then finally uses a dark rope and capture the cloak figure*

jin: *goes after figure too and use wind to make him stop*

Cloak Figure: *coughs and then weakly groan* Get away from me!

jin: hmm? why ya run away from us for no reason then?

Melanie: *look at her rope and blinks* Man, he's really skinny and bony. I can feel it. Let's see who's behind this cloak figure *comes toward the figure*

jin: yeah *comes to him* calm down and we are not harm ya, really

Melanie: *reveals the hood and drops jaw when she saw the bony features of his face and ghastly looking. There were old wounds on face as well too. His cheeks look almost pointy like a skull* Henry? Is that you?

jin: henry?

Henry: *nods*

Melanie: You don't look good, but I thought you're with your real parents.

jin: wait do ya mind ya could tell us what happen? yeah i thought too..

Henry: ...No. I won't tell you. *coughs and feeling weak from starvation*

Melanie: How are you in two places at once?

jin: *sighs* let's get ya food if ya like to eat and yeah that's what i like to know

Henry: I don't wanna eat.

jin: huh? why not?

Henry: Because I don't wanna live...

jin:….*stares at him and sighs* ohh boy….let me guess...ya are depressing and sad to killing yourself and making mom worrying about ya?

Henry: *Nods* And I ran away from home and starved to death.

Melanie: You're still not dead and who was this person at Mark and Fang's place yesterday?

jin: *facepalm* it's true

Henry: That was a robot that I asked Jin to make

jin:…..i gonna bop him for that...

Melanie: You're nuts...Nuts.

Henry: And I have the walkie-talkie to make what the robot says what I wanna say.

jin: *sweatdrop* i see…. but that is not right about this

Melanie: I have one last question, where did you get those old wounds from your face?

jin: hmm

Henry: Shun punched me when I got really angry at him

jin: *blinks* what? shun did not tell us...guess he hid something from us..

Melanie: Oh Henry, what happened to your left arm?

Henry: *look at his shadow arm* Well...I kind of broke it when I was trying to fly away but it didn't work.

jin: what? i remember ya get angry when ya fled long time ago ya never tell us about your arm *sigh*

Henry: I broke my arm like 1 month ago...without anyone's help but use some dirty clothes scrap that I found somewhere near the trash

jin: *facepalm*...are ya really serious to killing yourself? for what?!

mu: *flies to them and sees henry* henry?

Jin: long story, mu…

Henry: I don't know...but still I don't want to go home...

jin: ya still scared to face sunny, my guess?

Melanie: *about to open and scream at him but kept her mouth shut* Hmph

mu: *blinks*

Henry: And I'm afraid of going home and ended up looking like this

Melanie: You look very thin. Um...how did you eat?

jin: *Sighs as knows she don't want scream at henry* hm i hope it is not trash food

Henry: I stole some people's garden's food, but I ended up devouring the plant's life with my own Melanie: Wait, you can't eat?

Henry: No I cannot if I accidentally touch it with the wrong hand

jin: oh right no wonder, your arm's broken when ya cannot pick up food as reason

mu: why ya rejected our help, henry?

Henry: Yeah and I find another source of stealing food which is absorbing life or the plants and animals such as stray dogs and stray cats.

jin:...i see

ya should better know this is wrong but ya should come home and let us help, nephew

Henry: I rejected your help because I'm afraid you don't wanna look at me as a traitor to this family.

Melanie: Are you a traitor?'

jin:….wait? why ya think about this about silly idea as traitor?

Henry: ...yes.

Melanie: What makes you as a traitor?

Henry: Well, I have good reasons. 1: This family is too emotional for me. 2: I don't have a good look 3: I don't like Sunny.

jin: *rolls eyes* henry, ya should know we never call ya "traitor" word

Henry: But I feel like somehow I betray you...

jin: what make ya think ya betray us like this? ya did made us worried, ya know


jin: look, we never betray ya because we do care or help each other as families/friends *sighs* i understand it is too "emotional" but we will make less

Henry: Look here, I don't want to talk..*covers himself with the hood* I'm continuing to die for my life slowly and I heard what Kimmy told me.

jin: wait what kimmy say? *rolls eyes* she worried about ya and she still love ya but ya did ran away to make her sad she waited for ya and she told me how she worried about ya!

Henry: I don't believe her anymore. Not anyone at all and here's my last words...good bye...*teleports*

jin: what?! *grabs him before he teleport* ya going with us now no more run away and no buts

Henry: I don't want to go home! Let me go!

jin: sorry henry, but don't ya miss mom or us?! and if ya see sunny then ignore him, fine and ya are still too young to alone ! no more killing or no more death *walk with him and melanie* but ya lied at your dad when ya used robot

Henry: *growls and gives up because he has a weak body*

jin: *sighs and to Melanie as whisper to her* do i do right thing?

Melanie: Well, I suppose when he comes home, he might put a rage on us

jin: i know but look at him it's not right when he trying killing himself, sis/cousin

Melanie: And he can't even eat properly either or take care of himself.

jin: see, that's why we have to take him home to eat or take care of him if he have robot then why he didn't use robot to help him?

Melanie: Um Henry, what kind of robot did Jin makes?

jin: hmm

Henry: An android robot and he acts perfectly like me.

jin: yes he did too perfect...but, why he didn't help ya when ya are hurt or hungry?

Henry: He's a robot...robot has no feelings...

jin: thought so...i knew something fishy about him because he did acted like worry or pretend feelings like that

Melanie: Yeah I guessed so...

jin: look, denny was robot and he learned how feelings to help him understand, henry

Henry: ...I understand...*he looks down to the sidewalk as he walks*


jin: hm, henry, could ya not rage on us and let us help ya to take care or feed ya as promise? we could work it out if ya like

Henry: *stops at the house* No...I'm having an inner rage now

jin: *sighs and facepalm then hand on his shoulder* tell me honestly, henry…look, we understand how ya feel but look at yourself, how ya take care of yourself...like, how ya get job, money, place, clothes? but ya see is your real home and family waiting for ya come home but how we truce about this like, let us help ya without rage? if ya want us to leave ya alone then fine but don't run away no more we could understand if ya want

Henry: *growls with anger a bit with a glare at Jin's eyes*

jin: *sweatdrop*...i will take that as "no"...

kimie: (kimmy's male form) what's going on?

jin: ? nothing, i trying work it out with my nephew *to Melanie* aw man he will rage on us as ya are not kidding

Melanie: Just don't talk to him and then we'll be fine.

jin: *sighs* alright but i just don't' want him hate us, sis/cousin

kimie: *look at henry* whoa, are ya okay?

Henry: *look at Kimie* Who are you?

kimie: *realized about forget male form and sweatdrop but calm down with smiles* oh sorry! forgive me, where are my manners? *bows at him* i am..um...kimie and ah, i live around here just came see what's going on *in mind* i promise i will tell ya about this secret someday

Henry: You remind me of Kimmy a lot so you must be her cousin, right?

kimie:..uhh sort of, yeah but is it bother ya?

jin: ah..*whisper to Melanie* aw, henry making new friend, hopefully

Henry: Yes. I'm not interested...*goes upstairs*

kimie: *blinks and sighs quietly then to jin* is it alright i go inside to see henry? i promise i won't make troubles

jin:..hmm*look at kimie* well, ya don't look "stranger" but ya look safe to us and sure go on

kimie: *bows* thank ya for accept me to let me see him *Goes to see henry*

jin: *look at melanie* well…what ya think it is all right to let henry have friend like that?

Melanie: I don't know he's not in the good mood

jin: hmm! yeah i do understand and let's hope he will iin good mood later or soon

kimie; *knock door* umm hello? is it okay i come in?

Henry: Go away!

kimie: *blinks*...ok..i thought ya need someone listen ya when ya could talk..ya know?

Henry: Forget it whoever you are! Just go away!

kimie: but i did told ya about my name and i have question for ya before i leave: i wonder what if ya love her for real? just curious

Henry: I don't love her anymore! She called me an idiot!

kimie: *sweatdrop* ah ya misunderstood...um, listen, ya know she didn't mean to call silly word, right?

Henry: I don't care I hate her.

kimie: like, she was hurt because ya was not come back *hears he said hate*… please, i am sure ya could give her chance and ya know how she waited but ya know idiot is not bad word because she thinks ya don't understand

Henry: *growls and makes a teleport hole to make Kimie fall into the hole and back to the front house of Dylan's*

kimie: ahhh!*sighs and get up then look up at henry's room and whisper* ya don't get it...ya should know how i feel but ya didn't understand how i feel *goes inside again but yona stopped kimie to trying to reach henry* yona...?

Yona: Just stop. Shadows are very emotional creatures, they tend to get into rage mode and he will hit you.

kimie:...i know…but...

Yona: Anyway, are you born with that power or is it a curse?

kimie: ...um both...*sighs*

Yona: I thought your parents hate Henry

kimie: yes they do but they just don't understand i know they worried about me because "death touch" thing but i know it, he's one for me because i feel it when i met him, ya know?

Yona: But when he met you, he looked scared.

kimie: ...yeah...because he don't want to touch people dead, that's why well, he was scared to touch me because he don't want kill me

Yona: And when he touched your hand, it turned into bones and he quickly take his hand away

kimie: yes but my hand got back normal when i touched him to helped him remember *hold hand up* but he thinks the word "idiot" meaning "silly" is bad, seriously? he should know i didn't mean because he didn't realize how i was worried but he don't believe me *sighs* I am trying to get him understand now he hate me, yona but he don't know my secret yet

Yona: Yeah things have change around him and he's not the same anymore...

kimie: ...i just don't' want him change like that

Yona: By the way Kimie, how do you transform back into a girl?

kimie: yona, what i do with him to win his heart again?...*hear she asked question* oh about that...i will show ya how i do this *touch earring to transform back girl* i touch platinum like this

Kimmy: weird, huh? *touch platinum to transform male as kimie*

Yona: Wow, that's cool.

kimie: *chuckles* really?that's why i wear these earrings to help me transform, ya see lucky my grandma helped me to have earrings when i could touch them

Yona: Ah that's smart though, but still you're not safe from Henry's death curse

kimie:...*sigh and look down* i do wish his curse lift as free from him to save him, yona what i do with this? i tried everything about him

Yona: Yeah but sadly, that curse can never go away

kimie: that curse's really stubborn but clockwork told me not go back to past because it will make mess timeline about this man! this is really hard

Yona: Well if you try to get rid of Henry's curse, Henry will never exist in this timeline. Not even one...

kimie: *gulps* aw man ya are right... guess henry and i will be friends again if he likes but i didn't tell him about this form yet

Yona: He would freak out because you know he likes girls. He never had a mother that takes care of him

kimie: yeah i remember maybe this form will work as not freak him out, right? maybe this is chance for us

Yona: It will, I bet it will..*hears screaming from the house* Oh dear, we better go


dylan: what's going on? Oo what happen?


Melanie: Stop being a kid and shut up and eat!

Henry: No!

dylan: ohh don't scare me like that *sweatdrop*

Cecil: This is too amusing right, Don?

Don: *nods*

jin: sorry, mom we trying help him eat food

Matthew: You can't force him to eat food. You can bring him food but you cannot force him.

Austin and Dustin: we thought ya like apple pie, henry

jin: i know but this arm's broken, uncle matt

Dylan: oh my...

jin: that's why we have feed him without other arm/hand touch

Matthew: Yeah but it wasn't fixed, we'll bring him to the hospital tomorrow and possibly more bills to pay

jin:...*sighs* yeah that's why i called doctor about this

dylan: oh henry...*worried*

Matthew: And he's thin, very thin..he's in critical condition

austin and dustin: yeah sooo bad

jin: yes i know, my children *hears henry screaming arguing with melanie* i pray he will in good mood soon...

Henry: LEAVE ME ALONE *he screamed at everyone and he ran to his room and quickly shut the door*

dylan: Oo;;;! henry...

jin: let's leave him alone for while and not worry he won't run away i hope

dylan: *sighs*

xiao: *comes with mark to bring henry robot* my my, i did not know jin sato made him perfect

Melanie: Ah...well that did not work...

jin: *sits down frustration*

Mark: *look at Henry* And yeah Henry told me about this robot a long time ago and I understand the situation too

dylan:….ohh i see

Henry: (robot) *look at Mark, but not speaking*

jin: what? that's why ya didn't tell us about this ...henny?

dylan: i think he don't want us to worry about him, jin *sighs*

jin: i don't get it, we found out about his wishes last time then now about this?

hadi: maybe he change plans for future, jin

Henry: (robot)...Well I listen to what Henry says to me

jin: yes i understand, hu, henny

Mark: ...

jin: what we doing?

Mark: I don't know but let's hope for Henry's recovery...

hadi: well, let henry handle himself alone and we have sure he's still alive *shrugs* yeah uncle mark said that too

Melanie: I don't understand, Mark, you're his father, you're suppose to help him, why did you let him try to kill himself?

dylan: yeah that's what i want to know why

Mark: Well I didn't know he was gonna kill himself till now

dylan: ah, ya did not know? how odd...

jin: ok let's see, he said too emotions to him when he around us wait.. it's his shadow to makes him depressing

Melanie: Or it's just Sunny.

dylan: *sighs*

Mark: Shinies and Shadows don't get along with each other, but Melanie, you're half shinie, half shadow

jin: yeah

Melanie: Yes I am but it seems like ...Henry has lost his innocence...he's no longer there

jin: but don't he know we do care about him?

hadj: well, jin he's little stubborn

Mark: ...I've guessed so and he knows, but he didn't want to say anything else. I have to go to talk about this with, Dad...*teleports*

dylan: ah, ya did not know? how odd...

jin: ok let's see, he said too emotions to him when he around us wait.. it's his shadow to makes him depressing

Melanie: Or it's just Sunny.

dylan: *sighs*

Mark: Shinies and Shadows don't get along with each other, but Melanie, you're half shinie, half shadow

jin: yeah

Melanie: Yes I am but it seems like ...Henry has lost his innocence...he's no longer there

jin: but don't he know we do care about him?

hadi: well, jin he's little stubborn

Mark: ...I've guessed so and he knows, but he didn't want to say anything else. I have to go to talk about this with, Dad...*teleports*

jin: okay see ya and let us know about update *nods at mark before mark teleport* tell uncle Dennis we say hello huh

dylan: *sighs and look at henry's door room*

hadi: not worry, mom he will be alright

Melanie: *goes off to bed*

*everyone went bed*

-Next morning-

Lulu: *chirps*

dylan:...*goes to check on henry for bit and whisper* please not run away again

sapphire: *chirps and kisses lulu*

Henry: *lies down in bed but still having a hard time breathing and keeping up with his metabolism*

dylan: ah, take it easy, great-nephew *relieved about henry didn't run away* well, let's take ya to hospital

Henry: *coughs and spits blood from his mouth*

dylan: *gasp* hold on! don't die for me please? *teleport with henry to hospital quickly*


dylan: how's he doing, doctor?

Doctor: I don't know, but tired, thin, heavy breathing, and trouble breathing and what seems to be the problem?

jin: i hope he don't use trick "play dead shadow" like last time, Melanie

dylan: well, his arm is broken if ya notice, doc

Melanie: This time...this isn't a trick because his body looks weak...

dylan: he did not eat and he never use arm month

jin: yeah ya are right, melanie

Doctor: Wait, what happen to him? Did you neglected him?

dylan: no because he ran away from home month ago until one of my children and his aunt found him yesterday but he screaming at us as rage when they tried help to feed him until he wanted to alone in his room like this

jin: i thought i did explained at that doctor yesterday...*stare at doctor*

hadi: maybe doctor forget?

jin: *rolls eyes and sighs*

Doctor: Well..you're talking to a twin doctor

hadi: ah i see…umm never mind

dylan: excuse them, doctor but could ya help my great-nephew?

Doctor: Sure, but I'll do anything as fast as I can

dylan: alright we counting on ya and oh careful with black hand as don't touch it because death touch remember and don't forget to put him glove then ya will be safe when he wear glove

jin: i hope henry's okay

hadi: maybe he's hungry too long because it makes rage or frustration?

jin: *sighs*

Doctor: I'll wear gloves to make sure, it'll be safe for me..*nods* He's hungry? But was he hungry before? Does he ever feel hungry?

hadi: oh let's see, jin told me he trying kill himself starve but he did tried eat because he cannot pick up food when his arm was broken ...well, he said he dont' want eat food last night when they tried feed him...he ended up devouring the plant's life with his hand as he cannot eat

jin: yeah...he did told me and melanie, no joke, doctor

Doctor: Okay okay...I see and how old is that wound?

jin: i think it was month or so i dunno *look at Melanie* i think he was mad at his cousin when he punched him

hadi: wait, he did?

jin: yeah

hadi: whoa...that's new

Doctor: Understandable and do you want me to sedate him? If he's gonna fight against me, I'll get hurt you know but also...sedating him could take a long time to wake up like 4 hrs? It'll be risky though...

dylan: ohh dear...*sighs* well, one of my kids will help ya to protect ya from harm and ohh dear…that sounds serious

ha: *comes in with her husband soon as arashi* hello, guys and we are here to be sure henry's ok and i didn't know my father in law did made robot for that

jin: *stares at ha*

Doctor: Yeah...okay I don't wanna hear personal stories now...I want to get through with this...*sedate Henry to sleep with needles*

ha: well, henry made us to promise not tell ya guys about this, jin

jin: what?! ya and Arashi knew?!

hadi: shut up jin and calm down! no time to arguing now

dylan: *sighs* i hope henry's okay is anything we could help, doctor?

Doctor: No not really, I don't know what I should do anymore but fix his arms.

dylan: alright...*nods understand and thinking* hmm

jin: wait... he did not call selene or scumhunt again when he was hurt...

hadi: now ya mentioned that...

dylan: *blinks realized then summons selene*

Selene: *gets summon but still sleeping because it's morning*

dylan: *sweatdrop* oh right...shadows only wake up in night

jin: guess we wait for her at night

Selene: *snoring while floating in sleep*

dylan: aw she look cute when she sleep-floating *giggle little* guess i will send her back and i will summon her later

jin: yeah that could help

dylan: *sends her to back to her home*

Henry: *moans and whimper*

jin: well, doctor do ya know about "feeding tube" to help him eat food?

dylan: hmm? henry?

Doctor: Oh yes...but he has to wake up to eat but I don't know if he can survive another four hours. Is there any other symptoms?

jin: *thinks* let me see..*to melanie* is there?

Melanie: I don't know, but Dylan do you see any sign of hurt or blood?

dylan: he spitted blood as out of mouth

Doctor: Sign of lung infection, I see.

jin: is that bad?

Doctor: Very bad, but I can get rid of that

dylan: please do *nods* thank ya

Doctor: Okay..injecting another needle in *finds the right medicine and gives it to him by injecting with the needle*

Melanie: *walks out into the hallway and wait*

jin: *goes with her too*

hadi: hmm

dylan: *look at henry*

-4 hrs later-

Doctor: Everything is all set and now we need to wait for Henry to wake up

dylan: allright *nods*

jin: ya think he will in good mood..?

hadi: well, wait see, jin

dylan: thank ya, doctor for your help

Henry: *slowly wakes up and his eyes open very small and barely can see a full open eyes*

dylan: ah, how ya feeling, great-nephew?

Henry: *still feeling weak and feels fainted*

dylan: i know ya feel weak, but now ya getting better as good news

jin: wait see what selene say when we will summon her at night, mom

dylan: i know

Doctor: Let's just wait and keep him here till he can stand, I don't think he can support his body weight

dylan: i understand, doc

jin: i am glad i did remember about "feeding tube" thing and that could help him weight but i hope it works

Doctor: Okay just give him some time, I just wonder what he really eats because we just don't want the food to kill his stomach if he lacks some enzyme in there

dylan: oh he likes apples...*tells him about how many kinds of food on list he likes to eat when remember he ate years*

jin: *give a list to doctor as about henry's favorite food*

Doctor: Ok thanks, I hope this help of what we have available in the hospital

jin: i hope too

dylan: well, i hope that will save him from starving

Doctor: Okay thanks...*nods*

dylan: ya welcome

-Next few weeks later-

*the phone rings*

jin: man, i hope he get better more soon…hmm? *pick up phone* hello?

hadi: i hear "kimie" volunteered to help to take care of henry, jung

jung: really? it's nice for him then

Melanie: Um guys, the phone is ringing from the hospital

jin: i am on phone, shh! *Sighs and to doctor* what is it?

Doctor: About Henry, he's not feeling well and is close to critical death

jin: what? i don't get it...i thought he getting better, but by it way how it happen?

*everyone stop and hears jin talking on phone to doctor*

Doctor: Well...I just heard him talking to himself to sleep and it looks like he has a nightmare on someone named "Damien" and "The Black Ghost"

jin:…! damien...i think know who are they, doc, they are old memories but we are on our way

hadi: jin..?

Doctor: And he keeps saying "I will die!" repeatedly.

jin: that is serious then *to everyone* emergency, he's dying to death and problem about he having "nightmares" about black ghost or damien, saying he will die

hadi: not good then let's go to help save him

Doctor: Ah ghost stuff...*hangs up the phone*

jin: see ya soon *teleport with everyone to hospital*

mu: did damien did this?

hadi: don't know but we going find out, guys but black ghost is bad

Melanie: I don't know but what's a black ghost?

hadi: well, i could explain about this ghost then but do ya remember ju-on story before?

Melanie: Yes oh wait, isn't that Henry's unborn aunt?

hadi: bingo!

jin: oh ya are not kidding, hadi and she's inside to suffering him

Melanie: Or making him driving crazy on us.

hadi: correct, ya remember he did screamed on us or he was misunderstandings and that's why she do have revenge on him

jin: ah ya are right, sibling

hadi: *nods*

Melanie: I don't know why would Fang's unborn sister would have a revenge on him

jin: i don't know either *sighs* she did revenge on fang before then now henry?

hadi: well, her sister did killed parents and she's mad when she was not born but problem is henry is male

jin: no time to talk now but we go in his mind to stop her hurting him

Melanie: Okay *nods*

Henry: *moans and mumbling a few words*

jin: *nods and goes in mind with some of family but someone joined them*

jung: yo yo! henry! do ya hear us?

Wither: *appears in his mind and the three skulls roared and then attack the family members*

jin: *makes winds to shield attack*

someone: *blast wither away then flies to find henry*

jung: *tosses the giant spicy pie on wither's heads*

dylan: *joins someone to find henry*

Wither: ...*silent by Jung's actions**roared and blast skull head attack at Jung three times by each head*

jung: whoa! *chuckles and kicks heads away like soccer* score!

jin: stop goofing off, jung and we find henry!

jung: hehehe coming!

Pink Wither: *appears in front of them*

dylan: ahh not pink!

jin: *makes hurricane to makes heads wind away*

someone: *grabs dylan and flies faster to find henry*

Pink Wither: *roared and growls and comes after them*

jung: *sprays cream into skulls's eyes*

Pink Wither: *melted them away with steamy head and growls*

jung: hehehe *jump on skull heads and kick head into hole* right in hole! XD

jin: come on, jung!

jung: *spray blue paint on skull as graffiti* heheh ok ok

Henry: *walking around his mind and sees different withers are flying everywhere*

*everyone appear to him and see henry*

dylan: great-nephew!

jung: *look at withers and whistles* they are anywhere, yo!

Henry: *look around and sees Dylan, Jung, and everyone else in his mind* ...

jin: we are here to save ya, nephew

someone: *flies faster and stops as front of him then hugs him*

Henry: *he felt someone grabbed him and look behind him*

kimmy: *tears* don't die...

jung: *sweatdrop* ah no wonder they trying attack us

the family isn't safe for me nor the world. Everybody wants me. Everyone hates me. Everyone makes fun of me.

kimmy: henry, hold on! ya know we never hate ya

jung: yo yo! and we never make fun of ya, kiddo

jin: what make ya think we are not safe? ya know we are superhumans as safe

Henry: *begins to fade*...

kimmy: don't leave us please! i beg ya...ya remember our promise?

Henry: I left you, Kimmy...

kimmy: but i know ya don't want hurt me and that's why ya left because ya don't want kill me, right?


kimmy henry!

*then the mind went to vision, a very thin vision*

jin: this is not good

dylan: henry...we just don't want to lose ya

Henry: *slowly waking up from the bed*

jin: hmm? everyone, let's go

*everyone get out of his mind*

kimmy: henry?

Melanie: *gets out of his mind and look at Henry* Henry are you okay?

hadi: hmm

Henry: *in a light voice*.Just..go away

kimmy: huh? but, henry...

jin: i think he want us to leave him alone

hadi: *sighs*

Melanie: I guessed so...

Henry: *closes his eyes and falls asleep*

dylan: *look down sadly*

jin: if it is his wish then let's go

jung: what? are ya serious? but what about damien or fang's sister?

jin: they are just memories haunts him, i agree but he wants to forget bad memories, right?

jung: *sighs* oh boy

Melanie: Yeah...he's growing far away from us.

kimmy:….but it means he breaking our promise…?

jin: well, he did not say broke promise but he did said want be alone for while or moment or few days, kimmy


Melanie: I've guessed so...but he felt like traitor to us

jung: hold on, but we never say "t" word

jin: because he feel to betray us or kimmy

jung: seriously? ya know shadow thing makes him hate and ya remember uncle Dennis' shadow?

Melanie: Like what? Leaving us for no reason?

jin: yeah still no reasons

jung: aha! i knew it! he's misunderstanding himself, that's how

Melanie: Or is it uncle Sunny?

hadi: yes ya see how they fought or argued because silly "war" of shadows or shines but war was over long time ago *rolls eyes*

jin: could be why about his reason with sunny

Monitor: *the heartbeat began to drop lower and kept in the constant low-level*

jung: umm let's stop talk about this name...

jung: he don't like to hear about this name "s", right?

kimmy: but we don't want lose henry!

dylan: henry...

jin: well, let's go and let him sleep in peace to keep alive

Melanie: *nods* Okay, let's all go home, there's nothing here...

*Everyone sighed and went home but dylan asked doctor to keep eye on henry as safe before dylan went home*


Sunny: *yawns and goes to bed*

dylan:...*thinks and remembered then summoned selene*

Selene: *gets summon*

jin: i wish there is a way to get sunny and henry forgive each other, melanie

dylan: hello selene but do ya know what happen about henry?

Selene: I surely do know what happened like almost 3 months ago...after Henry left and leave Kimmy home, Henry summoned me and Scumhunt to go to Shadowlurk to visit his father and no question asked. Then in the next week to meet Ryu to build the robot to make a false Henry. And as for his father, his father was very aware of Henry, but I've seen his look. If Henry wants to join with his parents, he must get killed.

dylan: so...that's why...*Sighs* i wonder his father feel about that but he is too young, ya know? *look at selene* tell me, how ya feel about this?

Selene: Yeah the youngest cousin in the family, Shun is the oldest

dylan: ah...i remember he told me shun punched him for some reason

Selene: They had a fist fight about whose the best Shadow

dylan: so, that's reason...

Selene: Yep and when he broke his arm during the fist fight, he falls off from the height and land hard on the rock.

dylan: *sweatdrop* without go to hospital..?

Selene: Yep...and then he starts starving himself but keep himself alive by ...absorbing life from plants without eating anything for days and days

dylan: *sighs* but don't ya help him when he was hungry? oh wait he is too weak to call ya, my

Selene: Yeah. *nods*

dylan: i see… good thing jin and melanie found him *crosses arms to thinking* do his father know this?

Selene: Not really at all. But anyway, he told me he will plan to kill Sunny as an overshadow

dylan:...*sweatdrop*...i know he's still mad at sunny i understand but it is wrong to kill family because sunny's one of our family, ya see maybe his father have talk with him to work it out hm

Selene: That won't help either and his grandma won't take it seriously

dylan: ohh i see... *sighs* hmm, oh wait, could cosmic help him understand ? i know he's still sleeping and only shadows he can see, right? like, henry is shadow/shine caller

Selene: Yeah I know, but he will attempt to kill Sunny anytime, just try to stop him

dylan: hmm very well, selene and i will do my best thank ya for tell me about this and i understand how ya worrying about henry

Selene: Okay I hope so...*disappears*

Zhi: *goes on top of Sunny and sleeps on him*

dylan: *sighs*

jin: not worry zhi and shadow will stay with sunny as guarding, mom

dylan: very good, jin

shadow: *goes join zhi*

Zhi: Goodnight, Shadow

shadow: good night, zhi, meow*sleeps with ahi and sunny*

Zhi: Goodnight, Sunny, Goodnight Dylan, Goodnight Lulu, Goodnight...*suddenly someone yelled at Zhi*

Lulu: *hears Sapphire squawking*

sapphire: *squawking*

shadow: *wakes up*

Lulu: Sleep! Babies need sleeP!

sapphire: *chips* sleep sleep!

shadow: ohh sorry birds *to zhi* let's ssay "night everyone"*giggling and sleep with sunny and zhi*

Sunny: *snores for a while*


Sunny: Ahh! *wakes up*

shadow: meow?! *wake up* henry? or nightmare?

Sunny: It's Henry..he's in my nightmare

shadow: uh oh...*sweatdrop*

Sunny: I'm gonna get a glass of water..*gets up from the bed* This should help

shadow: *look at zhi then goes follow sunny to be sure he's still safe*

Sunny: *yawns and goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water* *from the window, Henry's shadow appear as Sunny passes it and Sunny notices it and then walks back to bed and drinks the water*

Zhi: *still asleep*

shadow: *noticed shadow and sweatdrop* henry, i know ya are here, meow

Sunny: *yawns and goes back to bed but instead he falls into a teleport hole* Ahh!

Zhi: *sleeping on the floor and sleeping*

shadow: ah! *grabs sunny* *sweatdrop and tail wakes zhi up*

Zhi: *yawns, but not waking up*

shadow: *pulls sunny out of hole* zhi! sunny's in danger!

Sunny: Ahh! Help! It's a vacuum!

shadow: *turns into heavy elephant to pull sunny hard out of hole*

sapphire: danger ! danger!

*Everyone wake up*

Sunny: Ahh! Help!

Kyle: *bites Sunny's legs for no reasons like a shark*

shadow: kyle? *holds sunny to keep him out of hole*

jung: *muttering then come in and see them* What the heck? *look at sleeping fox* *dump water on zhi*

Zhi: *the water pass intangible on Zhi and still sleeping*

jung: huh? that' s new….

Sunny: What's Kyle doing here for? My old babysitter?

Kyle: Your worst nightmare! *laughs at Sunny and stop the black hole trick*

jung: kyle? why ya biting sunny's leg?

shadow: whew! *sit down and turn back to normal then put sunny down* meow

jung: uncle kyle, it's nice to see ya but what happen?

dylan: *come in* mm?

Kyle: Well I just came for a visit to see how you're doing, so how's life going, guys?

jung: well...not good, uncle kyle...ya see, henry and sunny had fought when they hate each other because "shadow and shines" thing and they wanted kill each other but he's at hospital because don't want see sunny

dylan: hello cousin/friend kyle and i am glad to see ya visiting here

Kyle: Ah okay, this could be hard and I don't know anything about Henry.

shadow: *look at sleeping fox*

dylan: oh, henry is mark's son, ya see

Sunny: *suddenly gets teleported by Henry's shadow ghost quickly*

dylan: he is our great-nephew

shadow: ahh! henry got him, guys!

jung: *facepalm* oh no...

dylan: ohh it's hard to get them forgive each other, kyle...*sigh when everyone went after them to stop henry*

Kyle: After him...*goes intangible and flies to search for Henry and Sunny*

dylan and everyone: *goes after henry/sunny*

shadow: meow...ya sleeping like this, zhi... *carries zhi* silly cute fox

jin: i thought zhi was guarding...

Kyle: *look around and saw an explosion from the forest*

dylan: oh no...it's beginning of battle


jung: great...*sighs and goes to stop shadows* chill out, guys!

Henry: *goes after Sunny and teleport behind him and throws war fans at him*

jin: ahh that is bad

Sunny: *gasps and dodges those fans*

dylan: henry! sunny!

shadow: oh no! now henry want to kill own uncle!

jin: good thing sunny's kids are not here to see this

dylan: henry, please stop it

Henry: *takes out poison needles and then throw the needle him*

dylan: *goes shield to got hit by needles* ah!

Sunny: *use light to see in the dark and dodges those needles* You're too slow, Shadow!

dylan: *stares and bops their heads then growls* now...no more killing!

jin: calm down mom i know ya are worried about them but they won't stop fighting

Henry: *Calls the Shadow to kill Sunny*

Shadows: *being summon with red eyes and looking at Sunny*

Sunny: Can one Shinie defeat a hundred? Yes.

Shadows: *roared and goes after Sunny and devour him*

dylan: *facepalm and makes spell to make them deep sleep*

Sunny: *uses his light inner core and then burn them all away but most of them*

shadow:...meow...they don't stop...

Kyle: Um Dylan, Shadows are immune to sleep during the night

dylan: could ya honor this to stop this silly war?

Kyle: I don't know how unless I know what's going on between them

Henry: *his heart turned from light to dark and his eyes glowed red and growls*

jin: melanie…please could ya explain at kyle?

Melanie: Umm..sure..*explains everything to Kyle about the fight between Henry and Sunny*

jung: yo! henry turning into bad form

Shadows: *sees Henry's eyes and hears his inner command and goes toward Henry to give him more energy*

dylan: not good...

hadi: aren't they tired of wars or fight?

Sunny: Oh are you angry, Henry? I bet I would tear off your favorite toy.

dylan: stop it, sunny!

Sunny: Oh also, you have no chance to stand against your uncle because I'm your opposite. Your dad may be dead but my dad was dead a long time ago before him. You know your dad don't know how to take care of you because YOU DON'T HAVE A MOTHER!


jung: sunny's nuts. i mean, he making henry mad

Henry: *growls angrily and then the Shadows helped him to turn him into the form of a Raven*

jin: hold on, our mom took care of henry ya know!

jung: ya know they won't listen at us

jin: *growls frustration*

jung: don't look at me, jin! we trying stop this silly battle

Raven: *caws and flaps its wing and then you screeches to hurt everyone's ears*

*everyone cover ears*

Sunny: *got hit into the tree* Ahh!

dylan: ah! *look at henry and walks to henry* stop it! i ending this battle and come home, henry

jin: be careful, mom!

Raven: *comes closer to Sunny and spoke in a cold voice of Henry* Now what do you think of me now, uncle Sunny?

dylan:…. don't like be ignoring by them*

jin: calm down mom

Sunny: A LITTLE CREEP MONSTER! *in anger*

hadi: oh great...

jin: umm, kyle could ya understand what melanie told ya?

Raven: *evilly smirks and found darkness inside of Sunny and then uses its beak to absorb all Sunny's dark feelings to make him weak*

Kyle: Yes...but I'm not calm as usual

Sunny: *pants*

dylan: *grabs raven and stop henry too*

jin: like what, uncle kyle?

Raven: You're so weak now *suddenly gets stopped by Dylan and pecks Dylan in the head*

dylan: *grabs raven's beak* just please stop...for now

Raven: *growls and then uses its talons to separate Dylan from his beak*

dylan: *grabs talons too* i said stop ok? now, boys, let's stop this nonsense fight

Sunny: *slowly tries to stand up and then he forms a light sword in his hand*

Raven: *Muffles* No!

dylan:….*give raven to jin to hold beak/talon then grabs sword*

jin: oh be quiet, raven

Sunny: What was that for?

dylan: for stopping ya became murders i understand ya silly boys hate each other but this is wrong

Sunny: Henry was trying to murder me!

dylan: that's why we are here to stop him

Raven: *caws angrily out of control and then flaps it wings and then grabs Sunny by his talons and flies away*

dylan: *to henry* great-nephew, enough please, sunny!

Sunny: Ahh!

Melanie: Whoa, he flies fast!

mu: *appears and grabs raven* oh no ya don't!

Raven: *flaps his wing toward the ocean and suddenly Mu stopped him by his tail*

mu: *glowing eyes bright* enough *takes raven and sunny to back to everyone*

Sunny: *takes out a kitchen knife and then throws it at the Raven's heart*

Raven: *caws painfully*

mu: *grabs knife out* are ya crazy?

Sunny: *starting to see black feathers falling apart into the ocean* Well what else can I free myself from? I got scratched by him

Raven: *flies straight toward into the ocean and fell*

mu: *sighs and stares at sunny* i was about take ya two home! * but do ya want to be drown into this ocean?!

Henry: *from the hospital and screaming in pain as his Shadow screams in pain*

dylan: *flies to raven and catch raven* *carries raven and summons selene*

mu: *shakes sunny to make him dizzying*

jin: calm down, mu! *sighs*

Selene: What's going on this time?

Sunny: *feels dizzy*

dylan: sunny stabbed this raven with his shadow i think henry's in pain at hospital, i believe

mu: *drags sunny home*

Raven: *the feathers continue to fall apart until his Shadow is seen where he was stabbed at the heart*

dylan: oh shadow henry... *sighs and chant shadow spells to heal heart*

Shadow Henry: *tries to move away from Dylan*

dylan: ...

Henry: *from the hospital and continues to pants and then he suddenly tries to get off from the bed and then got out but then collapsed on the floor*

dylan: ...*flies to hospital and hold shadow henry*

kimmy: *front of henry**look at henry*

Henry: *starting to lose vision and pants*

kimmy: henry...

Henry: *suddenly he began to stop moving*

dylan: *appears with everyone with shadow henry*

kimmy: no henry not leave please

Shadow Henry: *look at Kimmy and Dylan with sadness*

dylan: we understand ya are sad, henry and ya know we do care *put shadow henry down*

*everyone step back to be sure not too emotions*

kimmy: if ya are sad then i am sad too

Shadow Henry: *tries to go back into his body and be bonded again*

dylan: hmm

kimmy: *look at shadow went into henry* will he be okay...?

Dylan: hold on for bit, kimmy *look at henry*

Henry:...*his heartbeat becomes faint*

dylan: *sighs and picks him up then put him on bed* do ya want us leave again?

Henry: *still couldn't speak but in sleep*

dylan: ya can telepathy to us if ya like *pets his head gently* ok everyone go back home to sleep

kimmy: but...

jin: he will okay, kimmy let's go and mom will stay with him

*Everyone went home but let kyle stay with dylan and henry*