I suppose I should tell you the names of my friends. After All, it'd be rude not , from Oldest to Youngest there is: Luna, Vice, Carter, Loki, Valient, Versa, Nalani, Daisuke, Emmaline and Saraphine. A little fact is that I thought up all ten of these characters for stories. Carter is a wealthy young doctor with a mysterious personality, Loki is a former delinquint as well as Carter's son. Vice was created to be an evil twin of Tamaki Suoh, From Ouran High School Host Club, but is now just a dark, sad and dangerous boy in need of help. Valiant is a mafia don, as well as a sadistic cruel man, but has become more and more like the undertaker from Black Butler. Versa, Nalani, Daisuke, Emmaline and Saraphine are all young children, ranging from shy to playful. Luna is the only one I couldnt create a story for, and so I made her the little angel on my shoulder who helps guide me...I've lost control of her...As this story develops, you'll all learn why I made these friends of mine and why I keep them, when most people abandon their imaginary friends. But for now, I'll leave you to think about it. Send me your opinion via Private Message and Next chapter you'll see if you're right.