Prologue: The Bard

"There's only one way to save this village." quoth the hero. "I must venture forth and slay the evil that plagues these fair people. And I will return victorious, for I am-"

What? Oh, so sorry. I did not realize that I was reading that out loud. Greetings, traveler. I am a simple bard, wandering the countryside telling and hearing tales of great heroes and mystic legends. I hear that a grand tale was born here in the Kingdom of the Forest and I intend to see if these rumors are true. What brings you to this place?

Oh, you aspire to be an adventurer yourself? Ah, wonderful! Perhaps I can one day sing of your adventures. The thrill of the outset, the eventual bonds with your traveling companions, and the rush of excitement that comes with the epic quest! There is also the fame and possible wealth that accompanies such a journey, but if you leave for such petty reasons, you won't have much success, I can tell you that.

Excuse me, the armory? Yes, that building behind you is the armory, but the owner closed his shop early today. I was actually on my way there to have my cooking knife sharpened, but alas, the doors were bolted shut. That was when I decided to take a break and read about some heroes of lore, hoping he would return to his shop, but that was quite some time ago, I'm afraid. I don't believe he will return today.

Oh! You have no place to stay, do you? I can help you arrange a room at the local inn, if you would like that. The food is well prepared, the beds are more than comfortable, and the staff is quite friendly. There's also a tavern close by if that's your cup of ale, ha ha! Yes, it is even quite affordable as well; the services I mentioned cost only a scant few pieces of copper! Come, come! Let me show you where it is!


So, you managed to set up a nice room for yourself, I hear. There's actually an interesting thing that happened to me while you checked in. The innkeeper's wife heard of my quest and offered to allow me to stay free of charge. The only requirement she gave was that I must tell the other guests of the tale of the hero of the Kingdom of the Forest. It begins with a small, timid boy who learns to grow into a brave and just man, on par with most knights of the realm, then became even greater than that! It's a gripping tale; one most would just pass off as mere rumors and tall tales. They say this, but I am sure the stories are grounded in truth; I know they are! I'll be telling the first portion of the hero's epic story tonight, in just a few hours. Please try to find the time to come listen.