Chapter Three

All That I Am

Previously on Eithan's Way

Anna approaches the bed with caution and sits slowly. "Ask anything." he commands. " What or who are you? Why are you here? Please don't dance around the questions. I want to know everything." Anna tries not to show fear. Eithan sighs and nods steadily.


Well here goes nothing.


I grab her small hand and outstretched her slender fingers. "Stay like that, Anna." I take my back v-neck off and toss it to the floor. "Give me your hands." She thrusts her arms in front of her. I grab her wrists and place her hands against my scars on my chest. Through touch , I feed visions of my past and reasoning.

Start of visions : ( Narrated)

Eithan sits in the dingy hallway of an apartment building. The smell of urine and marijuana hangs heavy in the air. His mother's at it again. She's shooting up in the living room. Knowing he can't stay in the hallway forever, Eithan slowly creeps into the apartment. Brenda's his mom's name. Brenda's sprawled out on the floor unmoving.

He knows she's dead. He knows because he killed her. Brenda was a heroine addict and left her quick fixes everywhere. Eithan found one of her black glass jars in the cupboard. He undid the lid, while his mother was passed out on the couch, and poured the narcotic down the drain. In its place, Eithan poured Drano and bleach. He knew she would smell the cleaning solutions if she opened it, but he knew Brenda. Brenda wouldn't open it she would just stick her overused syringe into the rubber top of the jar and " go to town". Besides she was too high to notice anyway.

Eithan approaches his mother's limp form on the floor. Her eyes were open and glazed over , a dull emerald . Before her drug use, Brenda's eyes were a brilliant shining green. She has purple half moon shadows resting below her empty eyes. Her lips are cracked and chapped. Greasy strands of dirty chestnut locks rest against her sweaty forehead. Eithan didn't do much that indicated an emotional loss. He never loved her. How could he? Everything she did made his blood boil.

After Brenda's death Eithan had to end everything. His suffering. His guilt. His pain. Their apartment was half a block away from the Harrison County Memorial Bridge. That was the bridge where Eithan met his demise. That very night , at the age of 17 , Eithan leaped off the bridge and entered a watery grave. His death was only the beginning.

Death was like entering a hallway that never ends. The darkness continues until you hear " the calling". Eithan's calling was from a cold deep voice. "Didn't know you had it in you to exterminate that slut. Your just what I need. A heartless selfish bastard. Show no fear, you have just murdered your own mother. Come here, now!" , the voice commanded. Eithan approached a lone flame at the end of the dark damp corridor. "Good boy, an approach without hesitation. Are you prepared Eithan?" the voice spoke once again. A perfectly sculpted strong hand reaches out from the darkness behind the flame of the torch. The fingers of the hand snap and flames surround the room. The light of the fire allows Eithan to see who's been talking to him. A pale skinned man, with short black hair and eyes the color of fresh drawn blood. His nose was slender and straight , pink lips turned up into a smirk. The man beckoned Eithan closer. " Damn my genes are strong , you look just like me. But you have that bitch's eyes. Do you know who I am?" the mystery man question. "No, Sir." Eithan answers. " There's no need to be squeamish. You're my son , not my lunch." the man chuckles. Eithan had never met his father and Brenda never spoke about him. He was ecstatic about meeting him . He cast aside his fear and made a move to embrace his newfound father. "Eithan if you touch me, I'll paralyze you." his father warned. Eithan's arm fall to his sides.

"Do you know who I am, besides your co-creator?" his father asks. Eithan shakes his head. " Well since we're in hell , I guess you could call me Satan or dad whichever you prefer," he reveals , "Before you even ask me the question you're thinking, I'll answer you. I didn't love your mother , I couldn't. She interested me She wanted to kill herself in the beginning , so we could always be together. She beautiful and young , I met her when she was roughly twenty . She had been so innocent . Could you believe she was a virgin? When she had gotten pregnant I knew she had been my key. I couldn't stay with her because that wasn't my plan. My plan was to find someone full of innocence and get a child, a son to be precise. Your mother's purity strengthens your power. That's why I need you now more than ever. It's about time you came home Eithan. Now all you have to do is reach your full transformation. When I change you and train you, you may return to the living as what you truly are. A demon far more powerful than you can imagine. Then you find a mate and, for lack of a better word, screw him or her." his father explained. "Him?!" Eithan looked horrified. " I didn't know what you were in to. You did try to hug me after all." his father looked shameless. That had been the day Eithan had became a heartless cold-blooded monster, or so he thought. It took five years for Eithan to find a girl pure and enticing enough to contemplate "screwing" as his father so eloquently put it.

End of visions


I withdrew my shaky palms from his toned pectorals both shocked and frightened. Oh my goodness! He's gonna eat my soul and leave me, most likely. I shuddered. "I'm not , actually while grounded to the Earth with the living I'm only permitted to "eat" fear." Eithan winked. I couldn't stop staring at his chest while he spoke. " Anna, you do know my nipples can't do tricks right?" his voice brought me out of my reverie. " I'm sorry, but your chest is really toned." I whisper my face heating up. " Anna it's late , go to sleep." He grumbles before disappearing in the darkness. I feel the warmth of sleep start to lull me away almost instantaneously .

In the morning, I awake to the feeling of fire in my palms. My eyes open immediately in fear that it's happening again. I see nothing too out of ordinary , just Eithan going through my drawers. " What the hell are you doing?" at my question, Eithan turns toward me with a large grin on his face. "I was just folding your panties," he says slyly, "By the way , I'm sorry about your hands." He points to my hands tenderly resting against my duvet. The palms of my hands are red, swollen, and incredibly sore. " It's from my chest, I wasn't able to control the heat when I showed you my past. I burned you. Come here." he makes a come hither motion. I approach him with wary caution. He holds out his hands. "Place your hands in mine." I gingerly comply to his request. His hands are like fucking aloe vera . I sigh with relief. He drops my hands faster than my liking. I look at my outstretched palm. The burns are gone and my hand just tingles. Eithan laughs to himself. A sudden wave of self consciousness washes over me and I wrap my arms around my torso. Eithan rolls his eyes . " Eithan you never really , um, told me what I'm your key to." I whisper looking down. " Well it's not time for you to know." I was going to question him further, but when his nostrils flare I decide against it. " Anna tell me about you." It wasn't an invitation , it was a command. I swallow the lump in my throat and look up at him. Maybe it's time I told him about me.