Hello everyone, I am Useless. Yes, that's my name, or I've adopted it as such due to the conditions of my life and those that influence that. Now, I have a tale of the future, well kind of. It's of two futures, the one I want and know I can achieve if I try hard enough and don't give up, and the one that I'm being told I have to have. This isn't some "feel bad for me" story. If anything, it's a rant. So, I say now, please excuse my biased opinion. It does after all concern what will be the rest of my days on this earth, so obviously, the matter is quite important to me.

I'm an artist, of sorts. I make things and am happy when people are able to enjoy them. I grace the eyes of those who view my art, and smile as they gaze upon it. I may not be the best, but hey, I'm young. Anyways, I want to follow my dreams of bringing my art into the world for a lifestyle. I want to be able to spread it for generations to come. I even have a small following as of now (sorry Nathan, my following is bigger) and am sure that I can do this if I keep at it. In my future, I plan on leaving after graduating high school. I'm going to get an apartment with my two best friends, and we'll all be attending the same college. I'll major in art, graduate, and start my own company. I'll use the following I have, and what I project I'll be able to gain thanks to the internet, and be able to start off stable for the most part. However, there's an issue that seems to plague my life, family.

First off, I love my family, don' get me wrong. They've taken care of me, fed me, kept me safe, and generally happy. I'm an optimist at heart, even if I try to play pessimist. Anyways, at dinner, which seems to be where a majority of issues arise, I stupidly made an announcement. My school has begun to allow us to choose our classes for next year. I was asked what I was taking, so I told them. The required classes and a few things related to my art. They then stated I also will take JROTC, which I've been in all of my years of high school. For those that don't know, ROTC is a military style class. We have rank, wear the uniform, and learn about the military. It by no means forces you to join any branch though, it's main purpose is to help you reach your future, whether or not that be serving the country. It's a great class, but I feel it's done its job and I have to move on. That and I'm eligible for the scholarship at the end of this school year, should I decide I want to go into the U.S. military.

Anyways, I said that I wasn't going in again, to which I was told that I was. I again denied this, to again being angrily told that I was. I tried to argue this, saying it's not what I wanted and that it was time to move on, I even explained that at the end of the year I complete the course, so a fourth year will neither help nor hinder me in that respect. Well, it didn't go as planned. I was told I would be staying whether I wanted to or not. I was also told that there's no way I'll be able to go to college, so I'll go straight into the military after high school. This was when I began to shake with anger.

It's one thing to be advised on what to do, and another altogether to be told. See, I have my dream right? Well, that means nothing apparently if someone else feels that I'm going after failure, so I may as well be unhappy and semisucessful. This is obviously something I'm against. I believe everyone should be free to do as they please with their life and live however makes them happy. Not only are they preventing that happiness I seek through my own way, but I was insulted on top of it by being told I'm not good enough for college. Fun evening, wouldn't you say?

So, as it stands, I'm at a loss. They won't allow me to get away with what I want. So, I've decided that I need to do what I never have done, rebel. Honestly, I respect authority very highly, but sometimes the common man has to rise up for what is right. I would much rather live happy as my own boss than enter an unhappy career of service for others. I also would hate to walk out with my high school diploma, resenting my own family, and never turn back. I'll let Nathan keep writing about the going ons of my life, since he was told, and thus I was told, that my last biographical entry made by him was of interest to people. Wish me luck everyone, and thank you.

AUTHOR NOTE: All of this is collected from the words of a friend of myself, me being Nathan West. He has given me full permission to post what he tells me. I simply use his words to create a story, and to tell his story. However, Useless as he wishes to be called in these, wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you for reading, and I hope things get better for you Useless. I'm always here for you.