So it was all a lie, huh?

From day one, all a ruse?

My affection meant nothing to you?

'Cause I can tell you this

I felt it

Every word you spoke to me

Every gentle touch of your hands

Every caressing kiss and secret shared

I felt it all

And I fell

Head over heels

I tumbled

Down into the pits of love

And I thought-

I knew-

You were the one

My only one

My perfect match made in heaven above

Because you came to me

When I was at my weakest

And made me feel like I was strong

You made me feel as though the world cared

That my death would matter to someone

You made me feel like I mattered

Like someone loved me

Like I was whole

You whispered sweet nothings in my ear

And made passionate love to me at night

You tickled my feet and my whims

And cause my heart to soar

It flew high

Higher than you can imagine

And I was




In our little world

Where we were the only ones

And nothing could touch our hearts

But apparently that wasn't so

Because it was all a lie

And you knew it from the start

Every word of love and desire

Was empty behind its fa├žade

But I believed

You told me you loved me

And you told me it was forever

But your end was not my end

And I was only a means to get where you truly desired

My heart was only collateral damage it seemed

To a greater picture

Because the heart you showed me was not your own

Just a made up soul from a made up place

Where your real core is ice

And greed and hunger

For power and heights

That some girl like me can't dream to deliver

I could only get you part of the way

If you played your cards right

You could get to your crooked dreams

You just had to play along

Play me

Tell me little white lies

Of love that was true

And a future that was warm

And you saw me at my lowest

And lifted me to high

Only to drop me from a point

Almost fatal in design

And you told me we were true


And ever

So, it was all a lie?