A/N: A very very short thought I had during my down days.

I was surprised to find it in a folder of mine and thought you guys might like this short piece. Enjoy! :)

A Fantasy of What-If's

If I have a time-turner to change the future, if I can Obliviate my memory of it, if I can Crucio you for pain, if I can Avada Kedavra you to vanish...maybe things can start over again.

If I had Clairevoyant Sight to see what had happened, if I have Heal/Painless for stopping the reminder, if I have Strength to go on, if you are Bound To me for fidelity, if you have Love enough to withstand anything, if we've had Wedded Union to seal what's ours...maybe everything would've been better.

If I am Poseidon to carry you underwater, if I am Zeus to strike you, if I am the Fates to cut your string, if I am Hera for revenge, if I am Ares to defeat you, if I am Aphrodite to be good enough for you…you'll be dead, you'll be satisfied, I'll be appeased.

But reality shatters the fictional world where we can be comforted. And we're faced with what can't be changed, what can't be done, and moving on with heavy laden weight deep in our hearts, souls, and minds with scars marring them too deep for fast healing that one yearns too much for comfort. This is the part where we search for ourselves and for choices to make, no matter how tiring it is, to be able to move on.