You walk through the door
like you've done many times before
And I again forget how to speak.
My tongue gets tied and my knees go weak.

I am frozen

You look at me but I avoid your gaze.
It's too much for me just to look at your face.
As you walk towards me, I wonder how it can be
that you can disarm me so fast and so easily.

You got me frozen

I pretend I didn't notice when you walked right through.
I pretend it's possible to not notice you.
You are so close, yet so far away.
As I am trying to find the right words to say

I stand frozen

You finally walk right in front of me
and for that brief moment you are all I can see.
Your ocean blue eyes at last meet mine
and everything stands still like you can stop time.

We are frozen

You can't say a word and neither can I
but sadly my eyes they can't tell a lie.
I wonder if you noticed or if you already knew
that the reason I'm frozen is because of you.