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Let's start with this disclaimer: I can't guarantee that you will get rave reviews if you follow this guide. But hey, things can't get any worse, right?

That question was rhetorical by the way, which means that you don't have to answer it, and in actual fact, things can always get worse.

Chances are you're an aspiring writer, which means that you flounder about on the internet, watch a lot of TV shows including an unholy amount of anime, play video games, and make playlists for your awesome (albeit unrealized) stories. And after all of that, if your parents haven't kicked you off the computer, if your greedy siblings aren't fighting you for screen time, if you don't have to go to work/school/prison, and if (a big if) you're in the mood to actually write, you might then find yourself staring at an open Word document. In fact, if we conducted a little experiment where we recorded every minute of your life for 24 hours, and converted it into a pie graph, we would see that the amount of writing that an aspiring writer does is...

...well, a very thin slice of tasty pie is better than no slice of tasty pie, right?

And that's beside the point, because that sliver of pie means more to you than anything else. When inspiration strikes, you are the god of your own universe. You laugh and groan and cry as your fingers dance upon the keyboard of creation. The next day, you re-read what you've written and you're either your own biggest fan (aka completely deluded) or you're a puddle of lament because everyone and their little autistic sisters seem to be able to cobble words better than you.

The purpose of this guide is to get you writing better, or at least get you thinking about writing better, or at the very, very least, get you thinking about thinking about writing better (and so on and so forth. Yes, it is turtles all the way down). It's a compilation of all the things that I've tripped over so far. And don't think any of it is set in stone; it's more like something written on the sand when the tide's coming in. I hope that as time goes on, people will contribute to it and make it great. I mean, theoretically I could build a pyramid, but theoretically it'd be much easier if I had a hundred thousand slaves, I mean minions, I mean... er... willing contributors helping me.

I plan for the first guide to be about how to write summaries for your stories. But who knows what it will actually be?