He walked through the old wooden door hoping to find Vitis there. Instead he was accompanied only by the heat coursing past his limber body. The young man placed his brown coat on the floor. He watched as the red and orange beams bounced across the enclosed area. He began gracefully placing his hands and tilting his body towards the direction of the only light source in the room. After all, he didn't want to be caught by the high security in the vault-like room.

Unlike Vitis, he was no good at hacking or dealing with technology, but that was fine, he didn't need anything like that. He pressed his black gloves gently on the glass cube in the middle of the room. Vitis couldn't come as close as he could, this was the real work in the job after all. His green eyes glistened across one of the diamonds in the case. When he saw jewels as perfect as these, flawless cuts, he always thought of a life where he could keep such gems.

His knife, making the slightest sound, pierced the cube as he removed the Caroline's prized jewels from the glass. He gracefully turned, bending back into a different pattern then before. To him, this was one of the fun parts of this kind of assignment. He stretched his limbs out and flipped over to his brown trench coat. He slid it over his thin black long-sleeved shirt and placed the diamond in his pocket.

Before descending down the steps to the second floor window he paused looking at the door. He saw that it was open though he was sure that he gently closed it before walking to the steps. This stroke him as suspicious, but he dismissed it closing it a second time and continuing his escape.

Creeping down the marble steps, he smiled to himself at what a great job he had done. He had broken in and obtained the jewels with out the assistants of anyone else. He smirked at the thought of his teammates' faces of utter defeat as he was promoted as the boss's right-hand man. Being the naïve boy he was, he didn't see what arrogance could only lead to. He quickened his pace not knowing what waited for him.

In the crack in the door, still lurking in the shadows, stood a man with a twisted smile.


Feeling very much at ease, the youth danced a little as he walked near the window he used to enter with. He would have been absolutely joyous, but he stood motionless feeling no breeze from the winter air. He looked at the window with dread. Someone had replaced the glass he had carved out. Someone else was here. A sweat rolled down his pale skin. Someone knew he was here.

He stood frozen for a moment trying to think of his next plan of action. He nodded to himself and decided to continue with his plan of escape. This time though, he prayed for no falter. His hands shook as he carved out a slightly jagged circle and popped it out of the window. He calmed down a bit as he placed the glass down seeing some of his worst work. He then studied the brick lined edges of the lofty house gliding his fingers across the balcony's white fencing. He was about to jump out when a cold slick hand touched his shoulder.

Within a split second the youth turned around as fear engulfed his heart. He was expecting to see brown eyes filled with hatred, instead he found blue eyes prominent over a pale molting mask with white feathers peeling off of what looked like mutilated rotting flesh. He looked over slightly past the man as sweat rolled down his pale skin. The door to the jewels was wide open and a line of ashes trailed from it.

He felt like the prey of a great hyena ready to tear into his flesh. The nails of the masked fellow grazed his shoulder as if to tempt him to run. He wanted to do just that, but his feet were frozen like the ice in the middle of a cold winter. He held his breath as a puff of smoke came out from yellowed teeth.

"He...he...HeHEhe..." The man breathed out. His laugh filled with a sinister motive as dark clouds of smoke intoxicated the boy. The clouds of smoke covered the boys eyes as he began to cough. His coughs became violent leading to small splatters of blood as he fell to his knees. The man only continued showing his stitched up smile, as imaginary needles tightened the flesh on his skin, watching the boy intently.


"Who's there?" A female voice slightly pierced through the clouds of smoke filling the air. The mysterious man tilted his head (seeming like a convulsion) to the left in the direction of the sound. He frowned letting his lips drip black ooze as they unwound from his now less feathered mask. A woman, seeming middle aged besides her youthful hair, appeared. She was dressed in a silk night gown holding a flashlight. Her garnet stone laced with gold shined over the boy wheezing on the floor.

The boy flashed his eyes for a second before closing them again. He didn't want to die here, in some woman's house, with something he didn't even really own. To his surprise his lungs soon felt like liberated prisoners, no longer doomed to death. The woman, carrying a rifle in her hands, descended down the steps with great speed.

"Boy, are you another on' of those hoo'gans after my dau-ghter?" Her voice croaked in tone as she slit her eyes. "That girl never seems to date any good men."

"Wha..." The boy huffed out. He felt the atmosphere in the room change as he stood up next to the jagged window carving. He gazed hazily at the lady as if she was insane not to be in fear of this murderous clown. He franticly looked back and forth to find no such man in the area to conclude with his thoughts.

"The clown." He said quick before he felt the side of his head where ash was caked.

"What clown, dear. I think you've been doing far too many drugs. There's no one else standing here, sug. Now about my daughter..."

The youth raised his eyebrow at the women before sticking his hand in the pocket of his trench coat. To his shock, the jewels were not in the space he placed them. He then frantically ripped it off, startling the woman, and searched every inch.

"The jewels..." He said aloud as the woman stared at him.

"The... jewels... no, no, the clown... the air, the ash, the..." The woman tilted her head with concern and question.

The boy gazed over the unlocked safe door where he saw that the ashes had disappeared. His eyes then traced back the imaginary trail to find the jewels at his feet.

To his despair, the woman had followed his gaze. Their eyes connected before the woman's eyes fell on the family's jewels and the boy's back to her filled with a different type of fright.

The only things left of the clown were a polished hourglass filled with ashes and a black feather.

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