What we had forgotten before was the power of a notebook. Just a simple, spiral bound, college ruled, off-white notebook with blank pages. A mundane notebook that could be filled with stories, ideas, lyrics, quotes, or drawings. But the key thing we had forgotten was that it can also be used to organize.

When we finally took the notebook off if the shelf and brushed off the fine layer of dust, our lives began anew. The power of the notebook filled our lives. We were fighting battles against the forces of evil. I had invented a new way to charge a phone on the go. She wrote a hit song parody all about our local skateboard park. Together we penned a short story and found ourselves dressed up like twin queens of Steampunk Scotland.
Everything was crazy that summer and every day was a new adventure to share. But as August drew to a close, so too did our notebook. Three pages left; they were used hesitantly. One page dedicated to a list of reasons why we would miss each other next year. Another page filled with tear stains.

On the last page we drew ourselves holding hands. An eternal chain if silver binding us together. "From birth 'till death and still we won't part." We captioned the image. Apparently we never factored college acceptance letters into our plan.
The next day we would each leave. I on a train to Alabama; she on a plane to Montana. Our parents gave us a gift before we left. A new notebook. "For you to mail back and forth. So that you are never truly apart."