Chapter 0: Introduction

April 29, 1992 the Los Angeles riots took action. There was many looting, arsons, and civil disturbance.

July 12, 1992, things got out of hand. The riots became full on militia warfare on the Force. Bodies started piling up Militia, civilians, police, National Guard alike. In other parts of the country and world saw this act as a rebellion against their government and sought to take action as well.

September 26, 1992, everywhere in the world the insurgents battled their own army and heavy casualties were recorded each day. All around there was gunfire, explosions, death.

March 4, 1993, every insurgency that had risen fell. They were outmatched and outgunned. The remaining survivors were put into a top notch prison until further notice. All that had power over their country banded together to make the ultimate prison: Shinigami Prison.

The continent Australia had been renamed to Amanojaku. This super prison held all of who was on the wrong side of the war. At first it stayed a bloody hot island with guards everywhere ready to kill anyone who steps out of line, and then more and more people conducted crimes beyond wildest measure. These people were to be put on death row, but instead put on Amanojaku.

August 1, 1994, a mysterious faction rose from the ashes to lend their hand to the masters of the continent... with a price. Soon, the real Shinigami Prison was born. Acres and acres were covered with buildings and roads.

May 5, 2000, the technology had advanced over tenfold of what it was in the 90's. With this new technology, they were able to create actual virtual reality, make regularly hot temperature areas to become colder than Antarctica and reshape the landscape at will. The mysterious faction wasn't heard from again... in public anyway.

Soon, the masters of Shinigami Prison weren't getting the proper funds it needed for Shinigami Prison. Again, the mysterious faction rose and made a compromise with the rest of the world:

Give them any prisoner who would be put down, and they'll make them play some games. The catch? Nothing! They can get rid of all the excess people and keep the world entertained! Only if they received monthly funds from not only the governments, dictators, whoever controlled, but they could receive money from pay-per-view. It was then that the Dead Games were created. Shinigami Prison was no longer a prison, it was a fun house.

November 2, 2027, a new ship would be docking carrying plenty of players. Among them is a special man.

Prisoner #811994



AGE: 17




HEIGHT: 5'4"