Chapter 20

"He came in contact with her," a woman's voice said.

"I know," responded a male voice. "I don't think he's on to us yet, though."

The room was obviously very large, but all the lights were shut off and the only light that illuminated the two figures, which their backs are facing, was a supercomputer with sixteen total screens in a rectangle with a keyboard the same size and length as a two computer screens together.

The screens were all showing different files, numbers, letters, symbols, etc. One by one they all started to show images like a puzzle and the picture showed Ryoichi hanging out with May, Katashi, and Jessica.

"That Katashi fellow," the woman on the right said. "He knows. He could be a danger to us."

"I doubt it," the man on the left said. "He has his girl waiting on the outside. If he does anything to drastic, he'll never see her again!"

"Still. He's gathering friends. He has only about a total of four if you count the girl with the scars, but what if he gets enough to start leading a rebellion? What if he decides to pursue the girl and figure out his past?"

The guy shrugged. "We can't do anything yet. He's slowly becoming the face of Shinigami Prison; it'll upset people if he we're to suddenly 'disappear'." The sixteen monitors all started to focus on Ryoichi's face to make one big image in front of the figures. "Besides, if he does end up starting to talk with the black haired girl, it'll be a great drama for Shinigami Prison. People will be dying to know what the status is on Ryoichi. Those who bother to look up his file on the outside have learned he's got amnesia. If a certain famous blogger leaked such info... We'll be getting money by the minute from those who want to watch his every move."

"Hhm," the girl cocked her head. "Yes, a very famous blogger would indeed help us."

"So they would, so they would."

The girl turned ninety degrees and walked off into the darkness. "Excuse me while I make a phone call."

The man stayed behind watching Ryoichi without moving. "Ryoichi Error. I hope you bring great joy to this fun land."

"What're you planning to do?" Katashi raised an eyebrow at Ryoichi.

"I don't know," he shrugged.

The four were all sitting at a table outside of a Starbucks building.

"You don't have a plan?" May looked over her ice tea.

"Not really," Ryoichi sipped his plain chocolate milk. "I have two weeks to think about it."

"That may be true," Katashi munched on his cookie, "but you still need an idea on what your next game'll be."

"I don't know, maybe some survival games?'

"NO!" Jessica, Katashi, and May said at the same time.

"Well, fine then!" Ryoichi cocked his head back. "I won't, jeez."

"You are definitely not ready for survival games," Katashi tilted his forward a bit. "Only one person comes out alive and I don't think you're up to it."

"What makes you say that?"

"Ryoichi," May said. "You've only played two games since you've got here. It'll take a lot of experience and skill to win the survival games."

"Well, what else games can I play?"

Katashi's head banged against the table. "Ryoichi, are you stupid? This is Shinigami Prison! There are always more than just three games to play!"

"Can you guys direct me towards one?"

"Can you look?"

"It'll be easier of you just tell me one now."

"How about a game of hide and seek?" Jessica spoke up.

"Hide and seek," Ryoichi raised an eyebrow.

"It's just nicknamed that," Katashi said. "It's actually 'The Most Dangerous Game.'"

"Like, game game or you talking about what people call it?"

"That's the name. People in Shinigami Prison call it that since not only is it not the most dangerous game here, but it's basically hide and seek with the consequence of getting caught ending with death. Also, there is six people trying to kill you, and twelve trying to live."

"That's a lot of people," Ryoichi leaned back.

"Considering, yeah. The way they think they can balance it out is you are given full on permission to kill the seekers. Normally, people would do that anyways, but since the games are being monitored, at first prisoners were reluctant to try, but Kagome gave everyone permission."

Ryoichi put his hands in his pockets. "Seems fun to me."

"You're not planning on playing, are you?" May shot up.

"Yeah," Ryoichi said.

"You might get killed!"

Ryoichi stood up with his hands in his pockets still and closing his eyes. "May, if I play a game of checkers here I might get killed. I'll just sign up to be a seeker."

"It doesn't work like that," Katashi stood up. "Six are chosen at random of the eighteen. The chance of you being a seeker isn't very big."

"Well I'll worry about that later," Ryoichi began walking off. "Let's go to the beach now!"

The three chased after him as they headed toward the peaceful and somewhat happiest part of Shinigami Prison. The three were walking down the stairs that connected the street down into the sand. As they descended more, there was little red drops on the stairs and kept getting bigger and more in sight. Pretty soon, it turned to look like someone spilled their drink.

Katashi sniffed. "That's,,,"

"Yes, Katashi?" May looked.

They got to the bottom of the stairs and there was a trail going far enough to turn the corner of the public bathrooms like something was dragged.

Katashi bent down and dabbed the trail with his ring finger. He brought it up to his nose and inhaled through his nose. "Shit, it is."

"What is?" Ryoichi raised an eyebrow. "Are you telling me this is blood?"

"What the fuck do you think, genius?" Katashi stood up. "It's not fresh, but it's still recent. We need to follow the trail."

Jessica shook her head. "No, I don't wanna see a dead body."

Ryoichi tilted his head. "Jessica, if you were to stay here out of our sight, the killer could be around here somewhere and you'll be a sitting duck."

"Ryoichi's right," Katashi said. "We need to stay close in order to not give the killer a chance. You could just close your eyes."
With that, the four followed the trail and turned around the corner to immediately find a body pined against the wall. Her hands and feet were pierced by giant nails that dug into the wall making her form a cross.

"Holly shit!" Ryoichi's eyes popped open.

"Oh my God!" May clasped her hands to her mouth.

"I... I don't wanna look!' Jessica had her hands over her eyes.

"Hmm..." Katashi narrowed his eyes.

"What the hell?" Ryoichi said.

"Let's go," Katashi said.

"Wait, shouldn't we tell the authorities or something?" Ryoichi asked.

"They wouldn't give a damn," Katashi said. "The only way they'd actually do something is if you have solid evidence of the exact killer."

"Damn, they use this awesome livable area as a cover up?"

"This town is all the good in this prison. They throw us into a game where you can die like a dog, why should they give a shit if the prisoners die outside? All it does is create more tension for the viewers." Without even looking, he pointed toward the sky and in the distance it looked like a news helicopter was heading on its way. "They'll report it to the public and make the matter private so the public will have to pay to be updated."

Katashi started walking off. "This trip is over, we need to go now so the killer won't get any ideas of who's the next target if he's still around."

May and Jessica were about to follow until Ryoichi spoke up. "I'll be right there," he turned toward the chopper.

"Why?" Katashi looked back.

"I have an idea." He left it as that.

"Whatever." The three stayed with Ryoichi until the helicopter was in range to see them. "Let's go," Katashi said. They stayed to make sure the killer didn't have a chance to get Ryoichi and now that the helicopter was in range to see and record everything, they didn't need to stick around.

The helicopter was just above Ryoichi when a thin black rope dropped down and a man with orange hair holding a camera above a woman with blonde hair descended down the rope.

"So you and your friends found the body like this?" the reporter held the microphone to Ryoichi while occasionally looking at the camera.

"Yes, we followed the trail of blood and we discovered the body like this," he pointed to it. Because everyone watches people get mutilated on live TV for entertainment, it wasn't a problem to show the crime scene.

"Do you have any idea who the culprit might be?"

"No, not really. There are plenty of fucked up people in Shinigami Prison so it could be anyone."

"Do intend to do anything about the murder?"

"Well, no, not right now. This isn't much of my problem so I'll keep my nose clean."

The reporter turned back to the camera. "Well then folks, that's all the info we've got right now. If you wanna keep up with the progress, you'll need to pay for each new update we post on our website."

The reporter immediately dropped her arms and sighed. "I hate this part."

The camera man adjusted the camera to hang on his back safely and climbed up the rope followed by the woman.

Ryoichi walked off with his hands in his pockets and turned the corner, "Not even gonna send some people to get the body down." He was about six feet from the stairs when someone had accidentally bumped into him.

"Ouch," he said while stumbling back.

He looked up to see Maya rubbing her head with earphones in.

"Hey!" Ryoichi said. "Maya!"

She looked up with a raised eyebrow and then smiled when she saw that it was Ryoichi. She took out her earphones and Ryoichi could easily hear the music along with the bass.

"What's up, Ryoichi?"

"Nothing much. Hey, how's your eye?"
Her left side of her face had been slashed by a former comrade who used claws for a weapon and gave Maya three scars vertically. Her eye had been nicked but would be fine given time.

"Oh, it's fine," Maya touched the black medical eye patch over her eye.

"That's good to hear, and I'm pretty sure soon you won't."

She looked confused for a second and then looked down at the earphones she was holding then laughed. "Oh, don't worry about that. I've always listened to loud things ever since I was little."

Ryoichi shrugged. "Not my problem. Anyway, what're you doing here?"

"Taking a walk, why?"

"Did you see anyone walk pass you or in the distance?"

She shook her head. "I've been sorta in my own world ever since I stepped on the sand, why?"

"Did you even hear the helicopter or someone screaming?"

"No and NO! I've been daydreaming with the music on full volume! Why do you want to know!"

Ryoichi sighed. "Someone's been murdered."


He pointed towards the public bathroom. "On the other side." She then noticed the trail of blood that lead there.

She was about to walk over to it when Ryoichi grabbed her arm. "Uh-uh. News reporters came and the interview with me will be up soon that shows the body. Let's go, you never know if the killer is still lurking around."

She nodded. "Alright."

The two walked to Katashi's house and just walked in without a knock or any other indication that they're there.

The two walked into the living room and everyone said a big high to Maya. Katashi had already hooked up the laptop to the TV to watch the interview in a bigger picture.

The five were sitting around a table looking at the TV as the interview went on.

"I just noticed something," Ryoichi said.

"What is it?" May leaned forward.

"The choppers came, but we didn't call them or anything."

"I noticed that too," Katashi scratched his chin.

"Maya says she didn't know anything about it so she didn't call them. So who did?"

"Well," Maya said. "My best guess is that they wanted someone to see. They wanted their crime to be announced as soon as possible. I mean, how messy would they be to leave a huge trail of blood and hang the body up like that?"

"That's a possibility," Katashi said.

"I don't know guys," May said. "I don't think we should be involved in this."

"We have to," Ryoichi said. "We need to stop the killer before he targets one of us."

"But we don't know if he's just a homicidal maniac! This could be a onetime act out of revenge or something."

"To obvious to the naked eye."

May sighed. "Why'd I get stuck with you?"

Ryoichi got up. "If the staff defense won't handle it, then I will. Besides, this place is boring without something to threaten our lives happening. Let's go."