"This dream again," said Emiko annoyed.

Emiko appeared to be in an open field with nothing else around. She was lying down facing the light blue sky. The grass was soft with a vibrant green color, the air had a sweet scent and sound of the wind was pleasant to the ears.

"Ugh how many times have I had this dream? I think it's been three times this week now." Emiko thought.

Emiko stretched her arms out and accidently pulled out some of her hair. She wasn't aware until she saw the few strands in her hands. She gave a confused look as she examined the strands. She sat up quickly and brought the strands closer to her face. Her eyes widened as she noticed the strands were black. Emiko brought her hair in front of her face and noticed that all her hair was black.

"What the crap is this? Why is my hair black?" she asked panicking.

This isn't the first time something strange occurred from this dream. The first time, Emiko grew wings and the second time the field was ice instead of grass. Emiko tried to think what all this meant as she pushed her hair behind her. She rested her head on her hand and gazed into the open. She sighed deeply as she couldn't discover the meanings of these dreams. Then a loud noise echoed through the field. It sounded like an alarm. It was time for Emiko to get ready for her first day of school.

"Ugh," she groaned as she rubbed her eyes.

Emiko was now in the comfort of her home even though she never left her apartment. She slowly opened her eyes and looked around her room. Although she was living there, she did not feel at home. She missed the orphanage with all the children and Mama K. She sighed deeply and pushed the covers off her gently.

"I hope you are right about this Mama K," said Emiko quietly. "I still don't see how going to school filled with pricks will help me out."

She sighed again and shook her head trying to wake herself up. She looked at the clock and noticed she had 30 minutes before she needed to leave. During that time she cleaned up her apartment, took a shower and shoved books into her back pack. By the time she was finished, 20 minutes have passed. She wrapped her towel around her and went to her closet. She grabbed her new white button down t-shirt and red skirt. She put her clothes on quickly, grabbed her backpack and walked out the apartment. As she locked the door she heard a guy's voice.

"Hey there," said the boy, "Are you headed to Hakasen Academy?"

Emiko turned around and stared at him. She didn't say a word but she walked towards him. Her eyes were fixated on his face but she was examining how much wealth he could possibly have.

"Yes I am," Emiko said as she stopped right in front of him. "I really don't know where to go so can you show me around?"

"Gladly. By the way my name Reggie," said Reggie extending his hand out to her.

"Nice to meet you Reggie. I'm Emiko," replied Emiko as she shook his hand.

After they shook hands and they began walking in the direction of the school. At first there was silence, being new to the town made it awkward and she didn't want to be taken advantage of. She has seen too much of this happen back at the orphanage and she didn't want that to happen to her. But something about Reggie made her feel safe. It was a weird feeling which she has only felt one other time in her life. She looked at his neck and saw a necklace.

"That looks valuable. Maybe I should take it," she thought.

As she continued to look at it Reggie caught her and took the necklace off and gave it to her. He smiled as he placed the necklace in her hand. Emiko was confused but showed a blank face.

"Here, this will be the symbol of our new friendship," said Reggie as he looked ahead.

Emiko didn't say anything. She was too confused why he gave her the object she was going to steal. Even though he wanted to be friends with her, she was too scared of being emotionally hurt by him. For the time being she decided to ignore it and she put the necklace around her neck.

As they approached the school Emiko could feel stares coming from every direction. There were mainly from girls but some guys staring as well. She could tell the girls were jealous of her and the guys were jealous of Reggie. Then Emiko stopped, she felt a suspicious aura in the aura and she wanted to know where it was coming from. She looked around the crowd but the aura subsided.

"Hey you okay?" asked Reggie as he stopped to look at her.

Emiko smiled brightly "Yeah I'm fine. Just go on without me, I need to go to get my schedule."

Reggie smiled and shrugged his shoulders. "Oh well it can't be helped. Keep the necklace safe for me now." With that said, Reggie walked into the school and when he was out of her sight he grinned evilly. He brought out his phone and sent a text message to an anonymous person. It read "I may have found the key."

Emiko stood there in the open for about four minutes. She kept thinking how nice Reggie was despite the fact she was a stranger. Maybe she was wrong about all of them being pricks, maybe Mama K was right, life here would be better for her here. A big smile came across her face and she happily walked into the school.

When she walked in Emiko was greeted by the principal of the school. He was an old man, wearing a custom fit black suit with a red and blue tie. He smiled at her and his eyes were squinted but they appeared closed. This made Emiko's smile disappear, she thought he was way too happy to see her.

The principal opened his eyes slowly and silently stared at Emiko with his dark purple eyes. Emiko's perception of the principal was correct he was too happy to see her. Suddenly his smiling face gave off a negative vibe when he said, "Welcome to Hakasen Academy, Emiko Snow!"