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Emiko looked at the principal as his smile took on a rather ominous tinge. He was clearly an older man, by the significant amount of gray hair on his head and chin. She studied his attire closely. His suit screamed 'snobby rich bastard' and he was wearing a Sky Moon Tourbillon, one of the most expensive watches in the world. In the back of her mind Emiko knew this man wasn't just a principal.

"I am your principal, but you may call me Mr. L," said Principal L.

"Does the L mean anything?" Emiko asked.

"That is of no concern at the moment; however, what is a concern is you getting a tour of school," said Principal L cheerfully.

Mr. L began to walk down a hallway, pointing at all the classrooms and explaining their purpose. Emiko walked right beside him quietly, mentally preparing herself to steal his watch when the first chance she got. As they walked down the hallway, Emiko noticed how clean it was. The floors gleamed, the walls were filled with student posters of upcoming school events, and the lights shined bright like the sun, but not as blinding.

Then Mr. L started to talk about the relationships between students and faculty. Occasionally he would talk about the courses the school offered. About 10 minutes later, they stopped outside the gym locker rooms.

"Alright that's about it for the tour," said Principal L airily. "Today is health examination day, so change into your gym clothes and head to the nurse's office."

"Thank you Mr. L," said Emiko, still slightly unnerved by the man.

Mr. L then handed Emiko a lock and a strip of paper. Seeing this as an opportunity, Emiko stepped forward and purposely tripped onto him, snagging his watch in the process without his knowledge.

"I'm sorry," said Emiko, feigning embarrassment, "I can be really clumsy sometimes." She backed up, turned away and slipped the watch in her bra. She glanced back at him, keeping her façade.

"It's ok. Try to be more careful next time. Here, take your lock and combination. Your locker number is 420," said Principal L.

Emiko took her lock and combination and walked into the locker room. She peeked back out just to notice principal L was gone. She closed the door and went to find her locker.

"420. Ahh there it is," she thought.

Her locker was in the middle aisle at the end close to the back wall. It was a big locker, big enough for her to fit inside. She sat on the bench in front of the locker and sighed. Then Emiko heard a noise coming from the locker. Since there was no lock she opened it and found a blonde haired woman quietly sleeping…? Emiko took a moment to examine this mysterious woman sleeping in her gym locker. She had shaggy, neck length blond hair, with faded orange tips. She wore a black eye patch over her right eye, and Emiko noted the hints of a scar that went past the eye patch. She wore rather unusual clothes, for someone who was in a high school in which they wore uniforms, a black leather jacket with red lining over a black and red t-shirt with faded jeans. Steel toed boots completed her apparel, but that wasn't what had Emiko's attention. What had her attention was the woman's left arm. It was covered by a rather demonic looking gauntlet from her fingertips to her elbow, with four three inch curved blades jutting out of the side. Even though it looked demonic, it had a…cybernetic feel too it.

Emiko scoffed internally, that damn arm of hers was the most valuable thing the woman had on her.

The woman stirred and slowly opened her eye, her sleepy blue gaze peering at Emiko. They stared at each other for what seemed like forever until Emiko slowly closed the locker and locked it. Not even five seconds after Emiko stepped off to the side away from locker, the locker door flew off of its hinges, crashing into the locker across from it, with a fist sized dent in the middle of it and the blonde casually stepped out. She stretched and yawned, groaning at the feeling of her bones popping and shifting back into their correct place and then sent an icy glare at Emiko.

"Who are you?" the blonde asked, a frown marring her features.

"Who are you?" Emiko retaliated, crossing her arms and glaring right back at her. "You don't look like a high school student."

"Who I am is none of your concern," said the blonde, a hint of a growl in her voice.

"Oh, it will be when the cops show up," replied Emiko, a slight smirk crossing her lips.

The atmosphere was tense. It was clear that Emiko and this woman did not like each other even though they barely knew each other. Suddenly, the blonde's eye widened as she caught a glimpse of the necklace Emiko was wearing. Moving quickly, the woman snatched it off of Emiko and held it in her left hand, her sharp and pointed fingertips making a light chinking sound against the pendent.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! Is it common for you to go around snatching things off of people's necks?! " yelled Emiko.

"Do you have any idea what this is?" the blonde sternly asked, ignoring Emiko's statement. Not waiting for an answer, the woman made a fist, effortlessly crushing the necklace into dust.

Emiko grew silent. She didn't consider the fact that the necklace could have been more than just a necklace. How could she? She just got it off of some random guy she met this morning!

"That had a tracking device and a sensor on it. Damn it, they probably already know I'm here! Why? Why?! I only wanted to take a god damn nap for a good 20 minutes!" the gauntlet-wearing woman growled, pacing almost nervously.

"What's going on?" Emiko asked.

"Shut up," the blonde hissed, halting her pacing to turn and give Emiko a rather harsh glare. "Are you working for them?"

"Them? Who's them?" Emiko asked, bewildered at the woman's behavior.

"The Revolution."

"Never heard of them."

"Do you have a weapon? No-never mind, don't answer that." The blonde sighed as she saw Emiko open her mouth, a snarky come back on the tip of her tongue no doubt.

"I'm a school girl; what do you think?"

Rolling her eyes, the blonde quickly unstrapped a sword that was attached to her back. With three deft wrist moments involving the hilt, the sword had shifted into a bow. She tossed it to Emiko, who caught it with a slight fumble, and handed her some arrows as well.

"Take this. You're going to need it, kid," was all she said.

Emiko had never used a bow before, never even held one but besides the fact that she was a quick learner, the bow also felt rather comfortable in her hands. She took several shots at her ruined locker door and hit it each and every time. The woman rolled her eyes and muttered something about "wasting arrows."

"I'm ready," said Emiko confidently, tightening her grasp on the bow.

"Good, 'cause…" the ground shook as an explosion came from the gym. The gauntlet-wearing woman growled and pulled out two trench knifes from god knows where.

"Looks like they're here. Let's go kid," she said, running into the gym.

Emiko shook her head and followed the mysterious woman, to confront whatever they would find waiting for them in the gym.