Nunu's tail made a soft, sweeping noise as it swung lazily back and forth on the tile floor. It was getting late and even she, with her usual limitless puppy energy, was tired enough to relax. Only her tail dared to touch the tile; the rest of her body was on the carpet. I knew why as soon as my bare foot came in contact with the vanilla-colored floor; it was cold!

I shivered and tip-toed across the kitchen to the persistently beeping microwave. The oven had been left open after dinner to warm the room with its leftover heat, and I enjoyed the extra warmth as I stretched to reach above it get our hot cocoa.

It was probably too late to be drinking so much sugar, but I never had been one for paying attention to the time. Once it might have affected my sleep, but now I had Zacky by my side. No sleeping pill or family secret can beat the comfort of the one you love sleeping next to you.

Right now, he was sitting on the couch rather than waiting for me in bed. He thumbed through the book we had been reading together, looking for our spot so we could continue. I stirred our cocoa and watched him, smiling to myself. It was a very relaxing night.

Cocoa in hand, I weaved around Nunu and her thumping tail to join Zacky on the couch. I handed him his League of Legends mug and ignored the disapproving look he gave me when he saw the mug I was using. So what if it said "Hail Satan"? It kept the Jehovah Witnesses at bay and gave me a reason to crack a pre-coffee smile in the morning.

After testing my drink and deciding it was too hot, I set it on the dark coffee table. I gave Zacky a quick kiss on the cheek, then grabbed the blanket at the end of the couch and dove under it. It was my favorite; a black and white, panda-covered blanket that Zacky and I had made together during one of my must-craft-everything phases. After much fussing and fidgeting and kicking and squirming, I managed to cocoon myself comfortably and land my head on Zacky's lap. Nunu, probably feeling abandoned, got to her feet and pranced over to us. Her big tongue came dangerously close to my face, but a good scratch behind the ears from Zacky distracted her.

She leaned closer and closer, sneaking one paw, then the other, onto the couch. Before either of us could reprimand her, she vaulted up and landed on me. She scrambled, trying not to step on me, until she found the unoccupied space next to me and settled down in it. Our couch was hardly big enough to fit the two of us, but she was still small enough to make it work. I looked up at Zacky and he rolled his eyes.

"Are you two comfortable?" His question was teasing, but I answered 'yes' and cuddled a little closer. At least the big lab puppy was warm. After helping himself to another gulp of his hot cocoa, Zacky picked up our book and settled in to read. "Do you remember what happened last time?"

I smiled at the familiar question and mumbled that I did, racking my brain for the details. We'd been reading this series since he had started college and we were finally on the last book.

As usual, he reminded me what had happened in the last chapter despite my claim that I remembered. It was probably for the better; I tended to drift off at the end of chapters. Reading with him was just so comforting and relaxing.

"Okay. Chapter eleven." I waited and, sure enough, he let out a big yawn before he started the chapter. Nunu and I followed his lead with yawns of our own. He chuckled, and then began to read.