June 16, 2004

This is Dr. Hisao Yotsuba of Project NOISE. I am starting this to record the progress of this very incredible thing we're starting. After years of study in acoustics and cymatics, I and my team of scientists finally found a way to harness the amazing power of sonic energy. Today, fifteen days after the birth of my son Hajime, the Japanese government had given us the funding that we badly needed.

My son is really a blessing from the heavens! Miracle after miracle, can you believe that? My excitement could not be suppressed. Finally, we will pave the way for a new era for the people of Earth.

February 9, 2005

Dr. Yotsuba here. After painstaking months of experimentation, we still have nothing yet. Most of the sound particles we collect always disintegrate after a few hours. I think I'm missing some kind of link here. There should be something that can prevent the deconstruction of sound waves – I just have to find it…

June 1, 2006

Today is my son Hajime's second birthday. I was supposed to be celebrating at home, but my new intern Chihiro had a breakthrough. Such a clever young girl, I knew choosing her was the right thing to do! The thing that I and my scientists were missing – she actually found it! And to note, it was just right under our noses. Ha ha!

Starting today, we'll try compounding sound waves into tangible sound particles again. With this new discovery, we might able to stop them from deconstructing so quickly…

October 26, 2009

I was so engrossed with our research that I forgot this silly little thing I was supposed to be doing. Well, we have all kinds of records in the laboratory, but I find this a little enjoyable. Work had been very heavy ever since we were able to collect sound particles. Little by little, we are extending the time before they disintegrate, allowing us some well-needed input in our research. About time though, since the government was having some reservations. But now, we are fully funded as can be. And all thanks to Chihiro-chan. And for her efforts, she's now part of our team. Of course, no one objected, ha ha.

As of now, we have sound particle samples that lasted a year, which seemed implausible back from the start. If we can collect large amount of sound waves and produce larger sound particles, this may very well solve our problem with nonrenewable energy.

March 13, 2011

This is… Fascinating! Very fascinating!

I have found a strange oddity from our collected sound particles. You see, we have extended the disintegration process of the particles gradually that there are samples aging over two years now. And one of these samples was showing quite a strange ability – it's disintegrating and regenerating at the same time!

Upon closer inspection, I discovered the innate indestructibility of sound waves. You see, sound waves don't get "destroyed", they "fade" into nothingness, slowly deconstructing until it's gone. But if these waves were bounced against a special surface, they can be "reborn" again, although at a much lesser scale and frequency. This ability to regenerate sound indefinitely – I must find a way to incorporate it into our research.

And oh, my son Hajime is almost seven years old. He has the same curiosity for the unknown as mine, but his tenacity comes from his mother. I haven't spent so much time with him, but if I finish this project, maybe I can spend the rest of eternity with him in comfort. Now wouldn't that be swell? Just a little sacrifice wouldn't hurt…

October 1, 2014

I… I actually did it.

I found a way. But not only did I make our sound particle samples self-sustaining perpetually, but it seemed to develop a mind of its own. Fascinating, really fascinating…

This is quite exhilarating - the ability to give birth to a new entity. Is this how God felt when he created us human beings?

Chihiro is telling me that we should be careful, that we're tampering with nature. But I and the others say what could go wrong? Sound couldn't penetrate glass or metal. I don't think it would be harmful to anyone at all.

And in commemoration of the birth of these living sound particles, I dub them NOISE. Isn't that a fitting name?

January 1, 2015

Today at New Year's, Chihiro had voiced out her apprehensions to me. And to be honest, I find her worries… *screech*

*zip* fears… *scratch* are irrational. There's no way! No way… *screech*

No, should I *zip* do nothing…

March 16, 2015

The research is continuing. Despite *screech* Chihiro's efforts *scratch*

I had no choice but to fire her from the team. But I owed her a lot, so I will be letting her in the laboratory in secret once in a while.

I hope *screech* mistake…

September 3, 2015

I'm an idiot!

How couldn't I notice? When I reviewed the tape, I found the anomalies. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I found a way for most of this record not to get disintegrated. But I don't know what'll happen to me.

I could hear the eerie, terrible noise. In just the right frequency and pitch, it could instantly kill me. Oh, what did I do? This is my entire fault…

Satsuki's dead. Akira, too. And Chihiro… Her earlobes are dysfunctional, her ears are bleeding, but she's still alive. Somehow, she withstood the power of the NOISE. There might be little hope… Even if it's just a little…

Please. Somebody. I have no right, but please! For the sake of the future, find a way… Find a way to destroy the very things I created…

These monsters… These monsters called NOISE…

In the year 2015, a great tragedy befell upon the country of Japan.

A project that was supposed to solve the energy problems of the world had turn into a disaster. An army of sound-made creatures known as NOISE were released into the cities of Japan, wreaking havoc and killing thousands of people. These creatures, made up of tangible self-regenerating sound particles could not be killed by conventional means. Left to fend for themselves, the citizens tried to escape from certain death. And as quickly as they appeared, the monsters known as NOISE disappeared.

A month after the NOISE outbreak, the Japanese government launched Project MUSE along with the agency known as ANALOG, with the knowledge to combat the NOISE threat. Even though most of the experiments that escape from the laboratories were curiously gone, some would suddenly reappear in random locations around the city, stopping rehabilitation efforts and sending the mass in panic. Despite the hatred and distrust shown by the denizens, this certain Project was able to uphold its objectives.

Japan had faced its biggest tragedy yet, but it seemed the Land of the Rising Sun would rise once more. Technology had been focused on anti-NOISE armaments and protection. MUSE and ANALOG were successful in their efforts and had deleted each and every NOISE that appears. Its people began to forget and trust is given on the new people placed on the pedestal of the government.

Five years later, Japan is once again back in the world's shortlist of top countries. As Prime Minister-

"Yuka, would you please turn off the television?"

"Sure, Obaa-san," said Sorano Yuka. She found the remote control on the small desk near the couch and the television screen blinked into black nothingness. The show was reviewing the awful tragedy known as the 2015 NOISE Outbreak and how the country was rebuilt after it. But it's not like anyone needs any reminding – after all, everybody lived through that horror.

Yuka went into the dining room, where his grandmother, Sorana Yukari was preparing breakfast. Yukari-obaa-san had graying hair and kind, motherly blue eyes, but she was still walking up straight and with a lot of energy to spare.

"Come on, get started or you'll be late," urged Yukari.

Yuka did as she was told and sat at the dining table. Yukari joined her afterwards and after an "Itadakimasu!", they started eating.

"So…" said Yukari. "You'll be late tonight, right? You're going to the what's it's idol concert-"

"You meant ACE," Yuka told her. "I'm not really much of a fan, but Mio, Saku-chan and Rumi were really persistent."

"Well, I don't see what's wrong about having a little leisure time," said Yukari. "You should go and have some fun. After nine months of peace, we all deserve to relax."

Yuka nodded; she knew what her grandmother was talking about. For nine months now, not a single NOISE had appeared in Tokyo. It had been relatively silent compared to the first four years, when she and her grandmother had to stay in an underground facility for hours or weeks at worst. Nowadays, the NOISE Alarm had been unused and people were getting hopeful. Maybe the worst years of Japan had finally come to a close.

"Just checking, but the concert hall does have an underground evacuation center, right?"

"Of course," said Yuka. "Every place has one right now."

"I said I was just checking, right?" said Yukari with a laugh. "You're just as cheeky as your mother."

Yuka allowed a small smile. "You think so?"

"I know so!" declared Yukari with a big smile of hers.

Every morning, even though she didn't want to, Yuka's eyes would always settle on the small family picture on top of the small fridge in the room. It was an old family portrait, when a twelve-year old Yuka still had a father, a mother and a grandfather. She would always gaze at the long-haired woman with pink hair and blue eyes and the small smiling girl so closely resembling her that they might be mistaken as sisters.

Yuka took off her glasses and wiped it, although she cleaned it just a while ago. It was just a little habit she had every time she felt like a tear would emerge.

Her grandmother seemed not to notice. "You better get going, Yuka. I'll look after the dishes."

"Okay, Obaa-san," said Yuka, standing up. "I'll see you later then."

"Yes," said Yukari with a sweet smile. "I'll see you later, Yuka."

Yuka returned her smile and headed for the door. Before she opened it, she looked at the small glass orb in the top, which glowed a bright green color. For nine months now, the NOISE Alarm had been like that.

Yuka hoped they wouldn't need it anymore.

Author's Note: Hum-hum-hum, my first try at a science-fiction-type of story!

This prologue doesn't say much, but this a series packed with action and fantasy. It'll mostly be serious and I'm planning to have some comical characters crack something once in a while. And some romance, because this is still a shoujo manga, like all my other works. Heehee.

Well, I'll be posting the first chapter tomorrow. Please post any comment that you might have! Thanks.