I'm a Giant Sequoia,

What do I do for ya?

Well, there's the fact that I'm a tree.

From my roots down in the soil,

To my crown rising up before ya-

-Some say that I look royal,

I help you breathe.

I stand hundreds of feet tall,

I'm wondrous, yet lethal-

-If you try climbing up me.

I'm so massive, I see all,

Passive, yet I'm free, small-

-Is the world I see, crawl-

-Beneath me and love me.

I've been around a long time,

Seen a lot of wrong crime,

Done to my relatives, so I'm well-hurt.

Maybe there's a future for my kind,

Don't lose us, we're so sublime,

Take care of us, and you'll be fine-

-Respect your elders.