I never found that I felt too consumed in myself,
Consumed between others,
Under covers,
Like the book on that shelf.
So crowded,
Wouldn't doubt it if I would never sell,
I'm not a bestseller, baby, but I'm proud of myself.

What's wrong with liking me?
I know this may come out so conceited,
But read it-
-Between the lines and you'll know just how I feel it,
Feel it too, like I do, you just gotta believe it.
Because if there's no love for self, forever you're gonna grieve it.

I'm breathing-
And walking with confidence everyday,
Keep believing...
Just 'cause I know I can do better, doesn't mean that now I can't do great.
I'm just teething,
Like a baby, my bite may be small, but still is strong.
Sure, nobody's a perfect being,
But that's what makes us belong.

One loves others that love them, but doesn't have love for just One,
That kinda love is within - it's you that needs to be won.
Won over with all of the great things that you do.
The little things that also make you to be you.
Don't think too hard about it, shouldn't be a hunt,
If I'm sounding too confusing then, here look, I'll be more blunt:

I said love you.
I do. I think you should, too.
Because you know there ain't no way to spell US without U.
Because when WE are WE, it can't be - unless YOU shine through.
I feel so selfish, you thinking of me and neglecting yourself, too.

I love me!
So funny,
How that can sound so narcissistic.
But it all depends,
To what extent,
And exactly how you depict it.
Our deepest fears kept pent,
But let your own light shine.
When you do, I feel alright to let me shine mine.
But you don't wanna be a show-off, lemme tell you what the trick is:
You can stop yourself from being hurtful if you actually do believe this.

Self-hatred is one of humanity's biggest downfalls.
Why is it that we cannot make ourselves feel tall?
Or have the gall to recall all the wonderful things that we strangely appall?
Fictions of hate with such withdrawal.

It's a parasite growing bigger and bigger in our heads,
These terrible, leeching, wretched feelings of dread.
I try to learn from what those before me have said,
Love for me is the greatest of all.
So love yourself, even when it's hard to love at all.