Ay my name is Yung Rizzle, you can say I'm off the hizzle, but I know that I got more swaaaaag.

My hair ain't all a-frizzle, but I do predict a drizzle, but you know I got this in the baaaag.

Now tag you're it, honey, no I'm not tryna be funny, if you think my jokes are crummy - just sit back.

I'll take you where it's sunny, so you can just blow some money, if you think that I'm a dummy - no, I'm on track.

My tracks are so persuasive, but you seem so dang evasive, you think that I'm so tasteless - forget that.

Sooner or later you gotta face it, my love you can't replace it, I'm just so damn amazing - regret that.

Why do you seem so damn unsure, thinkin' that I can't procure what I need and so much more - but I manage it.

Whether I'm filthy rich or dirt-poor, no I ain't gonna be sore, haha that's for sure - I'm plannin' it.

Now let me drop you a little hint, no you neva gotta squint, it ain't in fine print - it's all red.

You should know what I represent, see my color and my tint, my condition ain't mint - I am dead.

So if you wanna pick a fight, put 'em up with no fright, I can see you turnin' white - you are toast.

Awake in the middle of the night, but can't evade my sight, can't run away from your plight - cause I am a ghost.

So never forget my name, ya'll should be ashamed, that you think I haven't maintained - my sizzle.

Lemme tell it to ya plain, don't make me come back again, and have to repeat the same - Yung Rizzle.