The tiny Tumblrweed tumbled it's way to create a text post.

It's like we all sometimes need to show what we think about most.

We look up things on Google, to learn whatever we can,

Wikapedia's our buddy - so don't even try to ban.

Twitter and Youtube should not be forced to be taken down,

Just cause one person wanted to spread somethin' around.

Whether with quotes, or photos,

Audio or video,

Don't need votes, and there are no vetos,

Post what you know, and continue the the flow-

The flow of thought and perspective,

We fought for our objective,

The dream of freedom is still in sight,

Freedom of speech can never die,

It seems we will lead them into the fight,

See them and keep your heads held high.

You can take our money, you can keep on taxing,

You can take the crummy cash with your feet up - relaxin'.

But you can't shake our freedom,

That is ours and only ours,

Take those bills and keep them-

Locked away you cowards.

You can't compensate it, freedom for money,

It's virtue that you lack if you don't understand.

We already demonstrate it - it ain't even funny,

What people do to get stacks of money in their hands.