With a group of five individuals in a twilight home

Myself, a father, an organ player, and two older aids

Being there in the Advent tides of winter

I had suffered great stress the day before

wondering how things would handle

Then, the unforeseen had occurred

I was asked to hold the white, soft towel

for the father after preparing the Eucharist

I did so, after his hands had washed, he turned and…

handing it to him on reflex and he dried his hands

After this, from this event as he handed it back

I froze in time unable to move

as tempests of light roared into me

A nuclear blast radiating purity came in

cleansing all my body, mind, and spirit

Unable to comprehend anything for a moment

from the sheer impact and force of the blessed

ripping, tearing, and obliterating myself of shadowy vice

When my mind was able to think, I thought:

"Why me? Why was I picked for this task?

There are others more qualified and worthy than I.

What made me, one who never carried a cross for mass…

something my sibling has done, special enough…

to help in such a way as this?"