When push came to shove

I took your hand and twisted it

I had friendship and stomped on it

With a tear in my eye

A needle in my arm

I dated hell and licked my lips

Darkness rose and I fell

Down the rabbit hole I sank

Down down down

And I laughed

From hate to love

From love to hate

When shove came to hate

I sliced my wrists and went under

I had love, I had care and I spat

With a wound in my heart

Two needles in my foot

I've courted death and ran with it

Entropy rose and I drowned

Round and round the will of fate

Round round round

And I cried

When hate came to halt

I overdosed on life and took a turn

I had death, I had life and I lived

With a cast a my soul

Two pennies in my hand

I saw the end and I came back

Back into life I made it

Back back back

And I smiled