The Unknown You

If I close my eyes it's like noting has change but
you shrug your shoulders, looking at me with eyes filled to the brink
Let me think
of lies unheard
Your blushful gaze falters in the wake of my silence
the magnitude of it all barely sinking in

But let me think
Years of listening to you painting the sky with false words
comming forth as something else
How does it feel to play a game of chess with me?
to move me from square to square
to be the one to pick
how it is I should be tricked

But let me think
as slowly but surely I watch your pedestal crumble, and endure
the pain you cause
as I stumble
and help but not wonder how long you would have kept it hidden-
had I not spoken about it to this extend

I resent myself for being weak
allowing myself to be fooled in being used as your tool

If I close my eyes it's like nothing has change
but then I open them
and silently plead

Please don't let me think...