The writer of this scroll has awakened.

They glare at the figure staring at this screen, and inquire,

"...There is something you require?"

They mentally facepalm at the unintentional rhyming they just committed. They shove that unfortunate moment into a pit of nothingness, and focus back on their guest.

"Ah, right. I was informed of this. An introduction."

"So, my real name is unknown, but I mostly go by 'Mella' in the digital world," they raise an eyebrow, practically reading the guest's mind. "Judging by that name, I should be female. Am I? Probably."

"My age? 17. Hobbies include reading, watching anime, playing otomes, attempting to draw and write... mostly slacking off. The expected behavior of a teenager, I presume."

"What exactly am I doing here? I'm here to support my friend, the owner of this community. She has cute ideas and characters. I'd like to help her progress with her stories."

"...I suppose that is it. If you have more questions, or wish to converse with me, feel free to PM me. You won't annoy me at all."