Humanity will always hold to the truth it has come to know so well;

Each day, humanity houses the arrogance of man.

Superiors flaunt their dogmatism, ignoring the cries from below

Inviting the petulant nature in the elders.

That infectious nature becomes inexorable

While money grows fleeting and their cries go ignored.

The frustration turns to blame, but never on themselves.

Who else to blame but the younger, those below?

Some of the young will try the sycophant route

Staying loving, serving and even silencing their own cries.

They will let themselves become obsequious servants

Always denying their sad, paltry existences.

The rest of the young will sink into nihilism

Accepting their meaningless lives.

They will hate the world for its cruelty

And the world will hate them for their coldness.

Enmity will settle into their barely started lives

Yet in each other they will find inchoate friends,

Develop and intimate way of showing that together in enmity they stand

And together in enmity they refuse to fall.