Have you ever had that seamingly uncontrollable urge

To slap someone across the face

To tell them to shut up and go away

But first you try to be civil

And try to walk away

But they follow you

And weaken your resolve

You scream inside your brain

You clearly don't want to listen

To the gossip

The rumors

You state your opinion

That it's none of their business

That they shouldn't spread such drivel

Who cares who did what?

They look at you with such disdain

And the next day it's you

The topic of the day

Behind your back

Then in your face

You don't really care

"Ignore it" parents say

You do

Soon you're on your last legs

Your not depressed or anything

Just tired

You still want to slap them

But you refuse to break

They're not worth it

Besides, your awesomeness is spread by physical contact

But, just because I'm a pacifist doesn't mean I won't risk it.

AN:/ This was supposed to be a humorus poem, oh well